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  1. I've decided I'm not spending my Forma Soul just for a merge on Brunnya. I could try for some good skills on Fae, like some Save build, but I think saving it is wise if I happen to want a unit on a future HoF more.
  2. @XRay sent you a friend request. I'll see what I can do about your defense. I'll probably update mine this weekend, I don't think it's optimal the way it is, but feel free to check it out and send some feedback.
  3. Yep. Rally Up will buff the ranged cavs, so she takes the jump before combat to get the rally going on them. The other Nott being the 7th unit makes the AI prioritize rallying her (if I'm not mistaken, rally priority goes from the unit in the higher numbered slot to the lower numbered slot)
  4. Pathfinder on a defensive mythic was a good idea, sure.
  5. So far I've avoided Nott in VoH, but only played 2 matches. I can already see one of those cancer maps taking me out of VoH on the last days
  6. Got a Palla while going for Nott and I'm REALLY tempted to sac her for Aversa (Duel and Rein). I don't think I'll use Palla that much, so that's probably happening. Maybe I'll just wait for her bonus season on arena to end because she scores ok.
  7. What to expect on Light Season from now on:
  8. Update is live. Sothe won this refine batch by a landslide
  9. You can see her stats in the video when they're showing her cantoing after combat.
  10. I'm hoping I can get 2 Notts (summoning and spark). I can already think of so many disgusting things I'd be able to do with double Nott on a def comp.
  11. Welcome to Dark/Light season, where obnoxious setups awaits you for nothing but rage.
  12. IMHO, B!Hector is better for Near Save while B!Edelgard is better for Far Save. The case for Hector with Near Save is on AR-O for those annoying L!Sigurd turn1 traps
  13. Isn't sunday night when the update comes out? If that's the case, trailer should be up one day before that
  14. Well, it's not like Noire has anything useful for SI... If she's a merge project, ok. But otherwise, I don't see why not picking her manual would be a big deal. And I say that as someone who loved Noire in Awakening.
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