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  1. This is the first year I'm not exactly sure if I should spark or just do free summons and save orbs. I could go for one spark here or I could spend the orbs on the legendary banner to fish some merges on some legendary/mythic units I'm building (L!Corrin specially, as she is my only core Wind Legendary for the moment and only at +4). Ash and Thorr are also merge projects. If I decide to spark, I'm not sure who I should go for. Everyone seems a little bit interesting on their own merits, and that would also depend on who I can pull before the spark, but right now I think I'd go with Chrom. If I'm not decided till the banner is up, I'll farm the tickets and do a coin flip.
  2. I wonder if they'll give us a Close Counter seal. It is a little bit weird to separate CC by class, but maybe they just give us full CC, since it is less powerful than DC.
  3. We should just call them Moomoo
  4. Does the datamine say when those will be up?
  5. Damn, Dimitri is returning in January and I couldn't get my last copy here. This is bad
  6. Maybe Veronica's didn't have an upgrade because she is going to have an Ascended version. He could die, sure, but I think this update to his tome is more of an indication that he's not getting an Ascended version.
  7. Is Dragon Wall on her better than Savvy Fighter? One thing I forgot to mention is that her support partner (and usually the one who baits attacks for her to save) is Ashnard, who debuffs the enemy's attack a little bit more (his weapon and Rein on his C slot) and also provides Tiki with +2 all stats. The unit I remember giving trouble on the last couple times I run my Earth team was N!Corrin mainly. I learned to not tank her and kill her on EP with either Ashnard or L!Claude. D!Chrom also present some problem, but I don't know why I run into him more on seasons I'm not using my Earth team. On another note, was Walhart already in a Hall of Forms or is he elligible for the next Awakening HoF? EDIT: Ignore the last question. Already seen he was on the first Awakening HoF.
  8. Got lucky in the remix banner. 250 orbs, 3 copies of L!Tiki, 2 of L!Lucina, 1 4*Special B!Hector (that is a merge project, currently at +8) and sparked for the last copy I needed to +10 Tiki.
  9. So, I finally got my L!Tiki to +10. I know I want her at +Spd/+(Atk or Res). I don't know which to pick between Atk or Res and I have my base Tiki with +Res at +9 and the last copy is +Atk. Which should work best for Arena? She's running: Aether (I'll probably give her Blue Flame to test it out) Kestrel Stance 3 The B skill she got in her remix (I'm also tempted to giver her Savvy Fighter) Prf C skill Darting Stance seal
  10. Now that I'm thinking about it, I would probably use Walhart most in Pawns of Loki. So, with that his B skill would be better as a Lull instead of Trace. Right now I don't have any Atk/Spd Catch fodder (and since L!Claude is a merge project of mine, I'm not sure when I'll have it). Would he work with Unity or Solo? Maybe even Form for Pawns of Loki... Eventually I could build him up for other game modes, but for now the goal is Pawns.
  11. I'm thinking about building Walhart and Panne as I have a ton of grails to spend. For Walhart, I was thinking something like Bonfire (or should I go Galeforce?) A: Atk/Def Catch (I have the fodder and it works well with his weapon) B: Lull Atk/Def (Don't have Trace for him yet, but that will be the goal if I get my hands on fodder for it) 😄 Something on C? The Only Menace I have avaliable is Def/Res and I don't think it helps him that much. I think I have one Pulse Smoke fodder, which could be useful. S: Solo? For Panne: Galeforce A: Atk/Spd Solo 4 B: Spd/Def Trace (Will get on the Codes path) 😄 Atk Smoke 3? (Don't have smoke 4 fodder) S: Heavy Blade (for Galeforce)
  12. I was wondering if it is worth giving L!Tiki Blue Flame for Arena. Right now I have Aether on her and run her as one of my core Earth Legendaries. Since she's mostly Saving, Blue Flame would have the full effect and I'd be able to trigger it easier than Aether (With a Breath seal, once per combat usually, considering Tiki doubles). Do you guys think it's worth it or should I stick with Aether? Dragons need better options on high scoring specials.
  13. Hoping Panne gets a good refine. Her stats are not that good, she really needs something amazing to make me build her
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