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  1. Chrom until the midterms, then I'll decide who to go with for the last votes.
  2. Yeah, that one! I knew it was a seasonal Catria, but I always mix units I don't have lol. Thorr could also be a good fit for a full green banner, and maybe the new Mythic is green as the newer units always have a good shot at those kind of events.
  3. I'm dreaming of an insane AHR banner with Desert Azura, Spring Catria, NY!Dagr and Ninjorrin. That would be so much value.
  4. In the past years, did we get FehChannels for the anniversary? I'm bad at keeping track of it. If so, when did it usually happen?
  5. L!Lucina's and H!Myrrh's refines just... wow. Insane.
  6. I'm going with Chrom until mid results. Then I'll see how things are going and make a choice
  7. I was really tempted to get FEHPass and spark on this banner for Duo with Pathfinder, but now seeing the units I'm not so tempted anymore. That's also good because I can stick to my plans with no remorse.
  8. About the FehPass Sparks: I think it would have been better if they let anyone spark on every banner, but FehPassers get a 2nd spark avaliable on every banner. That would be good for F2P, having access to spark if/when they wanted to spark, and also for ppl who spend on the game (who possibly also pay the FehPass) for sparking multiple times.
  9. Breaths are always nice as Seals. Hope we get the other 2 soon. I'll think about using Darting Breath on L!Tiki.
  10. Rinco

    Summoner Duels

    Best way for that team comp (and this maps specifically, this will probably change when we have other maps). What I try to do is get at least 4 units on the center zone. If I see that my opponent isn't moving more than 3 units in, I can fit my 5th unit there to score points on the first turn. The way I do that also lets my B!Ike threaten some tiles and make my opponent think more carefully and that allows me to position my Lynja in ways to exploit mistakes. It can also create stalemates, but since I use the captain skill that moves the pointing zone towards my team, if the opponent has another skill, that will eventually lead me to controlling that zone and scoring points while forcing my opponent to be aggressive. I don't know if I explained it well, but if I have some free time later I can record a match and post it here. Tl;dr: Everything depends on your team composition. You have to play with it and find what suits it best.
  11. Rinco

    Summoner Duels

    I have not played that much yet, but the team I'm liking to use right now is Lynja (leader), B!Ike, B!Lucina, Flayn and Veld. After I found the best way to move my units on the first turn, things have been going well.
  12. All those puns and no one wondered why Ash doesn't have Sacred Cowl as her special yet. I'm disappointed.
  13. From what I understood from the dialogues on Chapter 2, Letizia's family some time ago tried a coup against the ruling familiy (it was not Veronica's family ruling at the time) that didn't succed. Then Veronica's father took the oportunity and seized the power to himself, exiling Letizia's family for the failed coup. From that point on, Letizia and Veronica couldn't see each other anymore, as the former grew on a distant part of the kingdom. That's why Veronica is now ruling and that's probably why Letizia will try to depose Veronica (to avenge her family and the shame of being exiled). Letizia and Veronica are not blood related. They just grew togheter and Veronica saw Letizia as an older sister.
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