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  1. They could also mix some of those with the DLC characters from the other house that I always mix up the name, the something Wolves.
  2. @vikingsfan92 Akariss on youtube has some videos on the math behind summoning on different kinds of banners. Could be useful to check it out. He event links a summoning simulator, so you'd be able to crunch the numbers there to check everything out.
  3. @Hasechi you usually don't need your dancers to recieve the Tactic buffs, you just need to watch out the move types to guarantee that your nuker will recieve the buffs. You can easily play 3 flying dancers if your nuker is not a flying unit.
  4. Yeah, just saw it in the spreadsheet. Team Corrin needs to spend some flags and try to trigger a multiplier earlier for Seiros, that's what I'll be doing even if its not the best for scoring. I really don't want Seiros to win, since I already have one and I'll possibily pull more in the banner going for Dimitri merges and redundant Seiros aren't that great. Her fodder isn't that great and merges on defensive Mythics like Seiros (combat units) are also not something good on the long run.
  5. So, it's looking like finals will be between the two colorless units. That's great for me, as I want merges for Corrin and I don't have Lynja.
  6. Seasonal units getting refines are not pushing any unit further. We usually had 4 units getting refines, being 1 Grail unit and 3 main pool units. Now we're getting 1 Grail unit, 3 main pool units and the seasonal. It's just a bonus refine and, if we were not getting it, we would probably only be getting the usual 4 refines like in the past.
  7. I guess Nowi will show up in the New Power banner then? It makes sense, at least.
  8. Oh right, I scrambled things in my mind lol. So, 7 days banner. Guess it can go either way then. But my guess is that they should overlap, extrapolating from the Find and Vote banner's period.
  9. I really hope the Hero Rises banner overlaps with March's Mythic banner (since it says AHR will happen in the 2nd half of March, it's very likely) so I can make a better use of my orbs in those banners. Last year's AHR banner lasted for how many days?
  10. When I was typing that I remembered that it still counted for our personal scores and that I wasn't using Corrin as lead in my battles. Gotta change that when I start using flags lol
  11. This voting gauntlet doesn't have the same-character bonus for overall scores. It only counts for personal scoring, but not for the final results itself.
  12. Oh, right. Forgot those lol. That means she'd be around January next year.
  13. I was taking a look at the GHB sequence to remember the order and see who will be getting refines next and, after Lyon, taking out units that already have refines like Linus and Valter, Aversa is the 7th one on the line. That's... faster than I thought before looking. A refine in her weapon could be really amazing if it goes on the same vibe as her natural effect. Maybe taking a page from Iago's tome (pun intended) it could give Guard or another debuff (Isolation? Gravity? Fatal Smoke?) under certain conditions. It's still early to speculate, as she's probably not getting it before October, but I'm looking forward to it. There's also some interesting units getting close to get prfs/refines. The next months should be fun.
  14. Flying Rokkrs are a joke when using B!Lyn with Brave Bow and 3 dancers.
  15. My hopes for the top4 are: Seiros vs Micaiah: Anyone Corrin vs Freyja: Corrin Lyn vs Byleth: Lyn Dimitri vs Edel: Dimitri Any of the first matchup would make the banner really good, but I'd like the overall winner to be from one of the other marchups. Lyn, Corrin or Dimitri would be more desirable to me.
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