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  1. It would be strange if Thrasir is a Mythic and Lif is not. Lif as a Mythic would also keep the balance of the book 3 OCs in blessings. Thrasir and Lif would be a pair in the same season (Lif as Astra) and Eir with Hel (Hel as Dark). I don't see a reason to have Lif as Legendary instead of Mythic.
  2. TTs are easy now. Just throw B!Ike at enemies with B!Lucina on Drive range and he kills everything while healing himself with Aether
  3. Waiting for Mythic Duo Lif + Sharena's coffin
  4. For a Counter-Vantage Ares, which asset is better? +Atk, +Def? And for a special, Bonfire or Draconic Aura?
  5. I think I'm gonna start working on Ares. Give him DC from Hrid. Kronya is waiting for CC to start getting merges. Also, got a spare Nah in Hector's banner, so now I have Infantry Breath or Bonus Doubler fodder, which one is better to give off?
  6. That's what I expect. They come togheter when their role on the story is kinda finished, or at least more developed than it is now. And I think this will probably involve Bruno getting rid of his curse and Verinica developing in some way, maybe less crazy? And that could mean that they get some kind of power up that makes sense with it on their summonable selves
  7. I'm tempted to fodder my Hrid for DC. Don't want to part ways with L!Hector and LA!Hector. I'd probably give it to Ares, who is a merge project that I'm not going all in for now because he lacks the DC that would make the build better. I could give to OG Camilla, Caeda or Est, that are already +10. The Fliers I use as units in my Def team of Dark season and Ares could be used as offensive unit in Astra or Light. Decisions, decisions.
  8. I don't really use her that much. I think it was only when she was a bonus in Arena/AR I just like to keep a copy of 5* exclusive heroes that I get, but recently I've been more open to foddering them, like I did with my only Nailah to give B!Ike DC and Null C Disrupt
  9. Both are -Def, one being +Hp and the other +Atk I guess I'll save them both for now
  10. Got an extra Yune that became a merge. Now I don't know if I should try some more for Thrasir/another Yune or start saving for next month...
  11. I think they'll break the pattern and have Lif as a Mythic. His arc should end in the next chapter, since it seems he killed himself trying to kill the Askr group, and that makes it possible to have him following Thrasir. Then a Legendary in November and Hel as Mythic in December, as Book 3 ends.
  12. So, I got a spare Fallen Corrin. I don't think merging her is my best option, since it would be hard to +10 her as a F2P. Which of her skills is the better one to fodder? Her A skill could be pretty good on a Galeforce unit, like OG!Eliwood with his Blazing Durandal refine, while her B skill could be used as support, but I think Aversa covers that niche really well
  13. I just threw B!Ike with B!Lucina support, with a little help from B!Lyn clearing some random units on the sides. B!Ike is a monster
  14. Got Cordelia. Only missed Gunnthra, sadly. Hoping for a tome Rokkr next time so I can get the thing.
  15. That worked out for me. Couldn't trap him on turn 1, but still worked.
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