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  1. No Peony in the tickets summons. Waiting for the Legendary Banner at the end of the month, since she shares with Naga.
  2. I always try to go for max rewards, so I'm always using a bonus unit. It also helps that my teams are usually 2 Mythics, 1 carry unit, 1 support, 1 bonus. The carry being a super tank or Counter-Vantage unit.
  3. That also leaves no space for the bonus unit, unless one of the core member happen to be a bonus.
  4. I could only get to 740 points. I'll try to change some stuff later. I'm using my 2 arena armors (Gwendy and W!Cecilia), Aversa and Eirika. All +10 and with arena skills
  5. I was using double Naga for W!Cecilia, but I think she could work with Naga + Altina. Ares likes Naga + Altina (since I only got 1 Altina) and he is my other carry unit on Astra. This also makes Naga a little better to enter combat if needed. I think I'll hold on to Eir for a while.
  6. So, I think I'm merging my 2 Eirs and go with Eir + Flower Girl on Light seasons. Ike would lose 5 Res, but the Dancer can make up for that. Someone talk me out of it lol Also, thinking abour merging my 2 Nagas and go with Naga + Altina for Astra.
  7. I have a question for you guys. Right now there's 4 L!Tiki Manuals in my barracks with my L!Tiki at +1. I was holding it for fodder, but she only has Bold Fighter and Fierce Breath. Bold Fighter I could fodder off from B!Hector Manuals that I have 2 of. Fierce Breath I don't know if it is that useful or not. Should I merge the Tikis so she gets to +5, should I let the manuals awaiting for someone? She could potentially be a +10 someday, since she's always coming back on Legendary/Mythic banners and I usually save orbs for those. Not that I would pull for her, but she may be sharing color with my snipe target(s) someday, as was the case when I got those extra copies.
  8. Update should be in the next reset, right? Usually happens 1 day before the new banner...
  9. I'm playing bad this week. Probably won't rank high
  10. Lost 3 ladders trying to make Vantage Ares work. I'm dumb
  11. Safely in tier 27 and only lost 19 lift on defense. This week was insanely good.
  12. L!Reinhardt will dual wield his Master Sword and Dire Thunder for a dual phase quad red AND blue weapon that hits the lowest defensive stat and attacks from 1 and 2 range. I can see that happening.
  13. Got one Altina (-HP/+Def), wish I got another one, instead got 2 Sothis, 2 Marths and S!Gunnthra. Don't know what to do with Sothis, since I have a flyier ball for Dark defense and Yunes are better there than Sothis. Marth will probably be merged since I don't know what to fodder him for and who to fodder it. Maybe I can still pull another Altina with TT orbs and December orbs.
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