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  1. Spent 180 orbs and got Micaiah almost at the end of the stash. She's -Atk but +Res, so that works out. Used free summon on Camilla then, and I'll try a little bit with the orbs I can get for Eliwood. Don't care about Alm.
  2. Micaiah and Camilla looking really good. I don't have a flying healer, but Micaiah's B skill could make me pick her. I'll try some summons on green and blue before the free pull, since I could get Micaiah that way (trying for her and not Camilla because green is a little better for fodder and odds than colorless). Eliwood is not bad either, so that's why I'll pull some blues. Now I just need to hoard some orbs.
  3. I don't even know why I tried to go with Lyn this season. She had trouble killing every red that showed up and needed other units to soften for her first. That led me to tricky situations where I lost units or failed to get the kill with her. I'll just go with Sharena that's a lot easier to use.
  4. My Aversa is patiently waiting for her last merge. Now I need to figure my next grail project. Probably W!Cecilia.
  5. Got a pity break Keaton on a circle with no colorless. -Hp/+Spd. My old one was -Atk/+Res, so I just merged the new one into the old one keeping +Res and getting rid of the -Atk. Don't need Special Spiral for now (still have 2 Lewyns from the last Mythic Banner), so it works out.
  6. Posting my def setup here for comments Olivia has Guidance on C-Slot and Aerobatics Seal. Lewyn has Dragon Fang, Rally Atk, L&D and Flashing Blade Seal. Lucina is basic kit with Darting Blow Seal and Moonbow. Dumas have base kits and random seals.
  7. I always spend only 70 or so Aether each day and go all out with ~3 hours left on the season. I also try to hold my matches for later in the day, so that way I can rematch someone that attacked me earlier, so they can't rematch me. That, in theory, lowers the number of ppl that can attack you, since you can't be rematched by whoever you rematch. That leaves only the random chances of someone being paired with you.
  8. Two more defs where I killed 2 units. Starting good this week. 2 rally traps + L!Lucina is funny.
  9. Which color are you considering for when there's no colorless orbs? I'm thinking of going with red first and green second.
  10. I'm on this plan as well. Maybe I'll spend orbs on possible 2nd colorless orbs on the circles where I use the tickets, but I don't know yet. I'll go with my feeling tomorrow.
  11. Lost my first defense of the season but killed 2 units, so 0 lift lost. I like how easy it gets to mitigate lift loss with Duma/Yune.
  12. I think the trailer is going live this night/tomorrow morning (depending on the time zone. 2 days before the banner). They're always doing the update 1 day before the first banner of the month, so that would mean the trailer gets too close to the datamining of the units if they hold it longer.
  13. I didn't have that much trouble with them. For the first one, I used Fjorm to lure/tank/kill the ranged units while Nino and Tharja took out the cavs that got near. The third one I remembered from CC and I used Alphonse to tank Titania on a choke point while the other units took care of what could get close. If you stop Titania from getting to other units while a Red tanks her, that map is not so hard. Just keep away from Bruno.
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