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  1. I recommend that you make a priority list for what you want/need and try to aim for the best spot to get those units. In your case, with L!Sigurd you should check who he's sharing with in his next appearance and see if any of the other heroes are units you could make use of, since you never know what your luck will bring in legendary banners. If there's good value on pulling, go for it. If not, check when he's coming back next and see if you can wait while you save more orbs. In banners where you can spark that decision is a little bit easier. You get what you want guaranteed and that's good value. You usually need to go with lots of orbs on banners where you don't have the spark system, so saving them up to spend when it is best is the best course of action. Hero Fest banners and the weekly revival banner with the older units have the best rates to pull. Legendary/Mythic banners are too random if you don't go with enough orbs. To sum it up, make plans and stick to them as much as you can. I decided that, for my goals, I'd only spend about 100 orbs trying to get new Mythics for AR when they debut (Missing only Ullr right now). If they don't come in 100 orbs, I'll try to get them next time. Aside from that, I'm sparking on the usual first banner of the new book, which had a Mythic in the past years, if the trend continues. I may spark for a skill I really need, but as of today that would only be some form of Save skill. And I'll try to +10 B!Hector when he comes back on the weekly revivals next time. Apart from that, I only do free summons and hoard my orbs.
  2. The best part of this announcement was L!Hector getting Crafty Fighter. Now I can build my Far Save Cecilia without having to go down a path in the Codes2 that I didn't want to go.
  3. Poor Reinhardt and Olwen. Hector at least has access to another weapon refine, but those two are paying for Rein's dominance in the early days.
  4. She's probably appearing as an enemy unit, but I think she'll be like Freyr and not be summonable ever.
  5. I'd say it's Green for sure. Either Otr or they throw a curve ball and have another hero as Green Mythic and Otr + Fafnir is the combo for November like Freyja and Triandra. I can totally see Eitri not being playable.
  6. Altina is the worst mythic on Astra season, tho. I only use her when it's her bonus week and she usually never even see any combat. She's just bad.
  7. So, I'm still searching for option on the Far Save Tank aside from what is currently the unit I'm probably going with (W!Cecilia) and I remembered that W!Felix has a high BST and is in a good color. He also can inherit Spendthrift Bow, which seems good for a Save Tank to use. And I can probably get him to +8 or +9 right now. How does both of them compare to each other considering high merges in AR-O meta? Felix has higher Spd, but I think Cecilia has a little more bulk despite the lower BST.
  8. I think the update drops on the 5th at night (in my timezone, at least).
  9. Is this the first time the update notification is taking too long to show up? We're less than a week away from the update, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. She probably has a pretty low Spd and wouldn't benefit that much from Spd boosts.
  11. Yuri will also probably have a Legendary as he can kinda be put on the same level as the three House Leaders from the main game
  12. @XRay @Othin is OG Marth too outdated? His Falchion is kinda supportive and he could carry some other skills to pair with it. I don't really see myself spending grails on Solon or Veld. Maybe on Iago, but not that sure either.
  13. So... What are the best F2P units to fodder R Duel Infantry 4 to? Got lucky on my free summon today.
  14. @XRay @Ice Dragon yeah, I thought exactly that, by not boosting her Atk, it would be ok to keep it as it helps in the event that she ends up attacking by preventing doubles and helping her double by boosting her Spd. I'll check if I have Steady Impact avaliable, anyways. But maybe that would be more useful going on another unit that doesn't already have an Impact skill
  15. So, I got a Plegian Dorothea on today's banner and I want to use her in AR-D. Is her base A skill ok or is there a better option for her to run?
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