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  1. Astra dancer would be sooo good. I'd be able to run triple mythic, bonus, Brunnya. Even better if her bonus stat is Spd.
  2. Perfect week on offense and only 34 lift loss on defense. That team I posted above did better than expected. Selena is not pulling much weight, I'll think of other options on her place, but I don't think I'll need to rush the decision if I take this week in account.
  3. I think I'm going to give my fruits to Brunnya first. She probably wants +Spd, right?
  4. Well, I could give her DC. I have some fodder piling up. And she's easy to merge down the line also...
  5. Selena is an anti-armor option and also an Infantry to get the mages specials ready on T1 with IP. I could use Eliwood instead, but maybe he works better on the spot below Ninian, to overlap range with Brammy? I would also lose one IP and would need to change specials
  6. Hey guys. I'm changing my Dark Def setup, need some ideas/advices. This is where I'm at right now: Skills I'll be using: Yune: Default kit with no assist and Phantom Res Seal Brammy: Default kit with no assist and Hardy Bearing Seal Ninian: Water Breath(?), Dance, Moonbow, HP+5, Sudden Panic (or WoM), Infantry Pulse, HP+5 Lilina+10 (+Atk): Forblaze (unique), 3cd special (Dragon Fang or something like that), DB3, Special Spiral (?), C(?), DB3 Seal Selena: Refined Prf, Moonbow, Fury, B(?), Infantry Pulse, Seal(?) Legion: Refined Prf, Galeforce, Fury/L&D, Lunge, Infantry Pulse, Atk or Def Smoke Seal I'm still not sure about some skills on the units, if you could help me out.
  7. L!Corrin+1 making it pretty easy to go up to Tier 21
  8. Does Brammy make more use of Moonbow than his default Luna?
  9. We still don't have a Green Mythic on the offensive blessings, I guess it could be a reason to go there.
  10. 530 orbs 2 Corrin 2 Mila 1 Naga 1 Hrid 1 Brammy I really wanted 2 Brammys, but it is what it is.
  11. I have close to 550 orbs. I'll go for 2 copies of Brammy, and save the rest for next month's mythic. Picking up a Corrin or Mila on the way wouldn't be bad tho. Backup color should be blue, since Naga merges are ok, Julia can be merge or fodder if I need Impact. Other colors don't interest me at all.
  12. T27 with Ladders to spare. Def only lost 108 lift this season, but I hope I can get it better after I go for Brammy next week.
  13. Alfonse Gatekeeper (3H) Sharena Anna (Heroes) Gotta have the Brave OCs. And Gatekeeper just for fun
  14. I'll probably do Brunnya first (+Spd?). B!Ike I'm considering switching to +Spd from +Res. I'll only do something with Aversa, W!Cecilia and Flame Emperor if the currency is not that hard to get.
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