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  1. Lol, got a free Surtr. Stance fodder for someone, since I don't think I'll merge him
  2. It would be cool for a Legendary Healer to have a personal B skill that's Wrathful/Dazzling Staff + some other effect.
  3. Got a B!Ike with my last ticket. Now mine is +5, still +Def since I can't pull a +Res.
  4. Damn, I'm at 814 and demoting. 2 points is a huge gap at this lvl.
  5. I'll wait to see the brackets before I choose whom to support.
  6. Probably scores rise because of Askr's lvl
  7. I have my Eliwood with Galeforce. Using B!Roy's weapon and refine, he can proc Galeforce if you double and the enemy counters you in between. I don't think that's too hard to get, unless you throw him at Abyssal stuff, and maybe some Infernal. He's been pretty useful as the hero on top on Mjollnir Strike for me. edit: Nevermind, I missread the question lol A slot can be Swift Sparrow (right now I don't remember if it is at 4* on a grail unit) and B slot Chill Spd can be useful
  8. Yeah, I'll vote for them wishing they take Edelgard down and some other useful hero take her from 8th also
  9. Edelgard? Really? A unit in the regular pool? People are going mad
  10. I'm worried that we'll see something like the event from last year, where a lot of ppl vote for those units that appear on top, thinking that's the actual ranking of votes.
  11. I don't think I have a green unit with DC weapon (well, I have M!Grima, but he's +0 and I don't have any plans to get him higher than that.) My L!Tiki is at +5 and, since she's usually coming back on Legendary banners and once in a while she's also a bonus unit in arena, that can work well. I got 2 spare Lion Kings on this banner, but I don't think it's wise to merge him since he will be harder to get than L!Tiki. I also already have a colorless tank in W!Cecilia (and B!Ike for green)
  12. So... Who would want to inherit DD4? I guess units with DC built in the weapon. Would it be useful for L!Tiki?
  13. The only Hrid I got died to give Ares DC. Ares is just a better unit.
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