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  1. Atk/Spd Menace unfortunatelly is a skill I don't have the fodder right now. I could get Atk/Def Menace from the codes 3 path, tho. It should work, right?! I'm still waiting anyway, as I'll only need to give it to him when we hit a Fire/Wind season on Arena. Maybe I get my hands on a copy of Nott or something else till then.
  2. I'm building L!Xander for Arena and I'm thinking of giving him Atk Smoke 4 form a spare copy of F!Gustav that I have. I know he's more player phase oriented than mixed phase, so maybe a Menace skill would fit better, right?!
  3. I got lucky in an unlucky way. Hunting for 4 copies of M!Byleth with 300ish orbs, I got: 1 Mila (Merge project for light season) 1 A!Florina (First copy, so 1 Floret) 3 L!Ninians (Can't complain, she's a nice unit and could become a future merge project) 6, SIX L!Xanders (Didn't have any copy of him, so now I have him siting at +5 and I guess he's a merge project for Fire season, which I had none, and he's probably better than my Wind season project (L!Corrin), as he scores better and seems to be a better unit than her) 1 M!Byleth (spark) Now I still need 3 copies of him and he's coming back a long time in the future. I should probably invest on merging L!Ninian till then, maybe she surpasses him on merges and goes to my Arena core on Water seasons.
  4. I'll be pulling for M!Byleth, trying to get the last four merges. Either Xander or Ninian would be welcome pulls. Every color has one hero I'd be glad to pull, either for merges or to have one copy of them. But I guess I'll start by sniping green since I want to +10 Byleth on this banner. If I get lucky early, I can switch to full pulls
  5. Ascended Veronica could also be the new companion for book 7
  6. Now that the CYL units are out for a while, what do you guys think about them? I'm still holding my free pick for a while and for now I'm between Tiki and Byleth, but I haven't played with either one yet.
  7. The C skills my Ashnard has right now are Atk/Def Rein and Joint Drive Attack 😂 Since he doesn't need a 300Sp C skill (unless I get a 300Sp B skill fodder), I was running him with Rein in the arena and L!Tiki S Supported him. The second part of the skill is follow-up prevention, yeah. That should be useful. I'll probably fodder the other F!Gustav in the future for Smoke 4, but I don't have anyone in mind yet.
  8. So, I got 2 F!Gustav from the legendary banner and I was thinking of foddering one to my Ashnard for his Trace skill. I'm not remembering the exact effect of Atk Smoke 4, but Ashnard would make good use of it, right? I think I'll give him those to play in the Arena.
  9. This is the first year I'm not exactly sure if I should spark or just do free summons and save orbs. I could go for one spark here or I could spend the orbs on the legendary banner to fish some merges on some legendary/mythic units I'm building (L!Corrin specially, as she is my only core Wind Legendary for the moment and only at +4). Ash and Thorr are also merge projects. If I decide to spark, I'm not sure who I should go for. Everyone seems a little bit interesting on their own merits, and that would also depend on who I can pull before the spark, but right now I think I'd go with Chrom. If I'm not decided till the banner is up, I'll farm the tickets and do a coin flip.
  10. I wonder if they'll give us a Close Counter seal. It is a little bit weird to separate CC by class, but maybe they just give us full CC, since it is less powerful than DC.
  11. We should just call them Moomoo
  12. Does the datamine say when those will be up?
  13. Damn, Dimitri is returning in January and I couldn't get my last copy here. This is bad
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