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  1. Merlinus is going to be a godly bonus unit for AR, ideal spread for grabbing aether pots without dying/killing the last enemy, and will be immune to the 70 hp Tactics Room gravity effect.
  2. I switched to it last night, ironically I had to temporarily delete some other files to barely have enough room for the new FEH update first before the downsizing could occur. I haven't noticed any obvious changes from the High Quality version. It still looks crisp, unlike the obvious fuzziness of the Lite one. No clear sound deformities either, so I have no idea what it doesn't do that HQ did.
  3. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they only do refines for the 5* exclusive healers and skip the pileup of low rarity ones. Ninian and Rein are the only early units I care about refines for at this point. Semi-excited for Micaiah's refine, I gave her CC ages ago for Aether Raids and then she fell off in usage since +1 was too weak to keep up.
  4. Did you mean Flame Emperor having 180? They were around 178 pre-merge, which was normal for Gen 4 armors. A Gen 5 Melee Armor GHB/TT would probably have 182, so 185 bin after merges (unless its 181 with no superboon ala Nemesis situation). I'd guess we'll get a Gen 5 Ranged armor for the new Christmas TT, so a melee one is probably not soon.
  5. He was a major letdown to me as well, although that's mostly my fault for making big assumptions. -assuming he'd be able to reach 180 bst -assuming his weapon would be at least half decent for AR-O tank (any 2 of dc, slaying, debuff null, reduction like close call Bs, nfu, or null guard would have sufficed) -not thinking that he could be the awful slow-bulky infantry stat spread I detest Essentially he needed to at least be 180 bst (with IV fruit if needed) for me to grail him up, but I was more looking forward to finally building a merged unit that could use Spurn for AR-O. He failed both points, so guess it's back to hoarding excessive grails.
  6. My guesses would be Male top options: Marth/Chrom/Robin/Sigurd/Seliph Female top options: FByleth/Eirika/Plumeria/Freyja As long as Hapi or w/e other 3H units aren't added to the game before the voting, maybe their total votes will be boosted like Bernie and Lysithea.
  7. Just curious, what made you think this? In my experience, the old combo of LynHardt+2 dancers still crushes most Abyssal maps to this very day, 2+ years later. Admittedly some maps might take tinkering on what support seals to use, but the base builds of the clearing cavalry usually don't change much. If you meant only the lesser used cavalry units and not cavalry as a whole, then I see your point.
  8. Handful of options for me: +Atk Kronya +Atk -Spd the free neutral Altina +Hp BFjorm +Atk or +Def WCecilia +Spd BIke +Atk -Spd Ophelia
  9. Has to be T21. I've even heard reports of the cutoff being down as far as 3810s, which I guess makes sense with Wind week dragging the score down on top of the awful bonus unit set. Guess I way overshot with a 3854, but it didn't take many crests anyways.
  10. The cutoff to stay in T21 the last two weeks was 3860, due to earth seasons lining up with bonus LAlm, on top of 2 commonly +10'd f2p units Sheena/FCorrin. It's expected to drop to somewhere in 3820s-40s since this week doesn't have any outrageous factors like the above. Cutoff for promoting to T21 this week is predicted to be back down to 3790s, but I could be wrong. Merged legends aren't mandatory for T20.5, a core of 170s-185 should be sufficient. I used a mix of Nino/Effie/Surtr before Flame Emperor came out and it's always overkill for T20.5, and can even stay in T21 when a good bonus permits. The bigger issue is making a core that can handle all the ranged units in arena, which are the true threat (Alm/Chrom/Leif/Julia/Ranged Duos/Dancers). Armors outside of Surtr and LEdelgard stopped being big threats ages ago when Duel skills came out.
  11. Ceci's refine is exactly what I wanted (second realistic pick after lull Atk/Res for special refine), the anti-flier is an amazing cherry on top. Legion's seems cool, but Shiro is laughable and Setsuna was hopeless barring some super insane effects baked in. I'll still keep bladetome on my 5+10 +spd Ceci so she can counter LChroms, but my baby 5+3 one can upgrade from generic TA raven to having a real A slot for one shotting +10 LAlms more easily.
  12. I'd definitely recommend spiral over nullc for the current situation then. She seriously needs the punching power of a special to cut through a lot of stuff, even a partially healed Thrasir/Mira after your Bolt Tower+Savage Blow splashes and the enemy Heal Tower activates. Most firesweeps I tend to successfully snipe on the initiation turn, but the few that I haven't I could safely ignore (ex: letting a Brave Camilla slap Kronya since I knew the Mira behind her would be forced to attack and not dance, which also allowed me to grab the last aether pot). At least next update we're getting access to Bolt Tower O lv7, so defenses that don't have a Heal Tower D lv7 will become easier.
  13. Tbh sounds like they just had really bad luck. I also use Kronya as my main Astra carry (granted, I only own the free Altina so I have a spare support spot for an extra dancer or Bride Fjorm/something else). I use the standard CC/spiral/savage6 with moonbow. I had to ladder twice due to annoyingly chunky defense maps, each had an AR-D Atk/Def unit (Rein and Duofonse respectively) that I couldn't cut through safely, but the rest was smooth sailing. I admit 2 ladders is more than I usually spend though. Ended at a perfect 13240 for 140 per match and -0 on defense. Sneaked into top3k total surprisingly.
  14. This is a 3 week bonus set if I read the data correctly isn't it? So we should get one more Light Eir bonus before this set leaves.
  15. Biggest joke of an Abyssal map in quite some time. Just like shooting fish in a barrel with old fashion lynhardt+2 dancers. Guess it fits since Seliph himself is such a joke of a unit that Reinhardt could quad him without swordbreaker.
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