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  1. Brunnya, LChrom, Shannan, Idunn, and Spring Idunn all are under the " MASKS STAT REDUCTION AND STATUS EFFECT" category listed. Luckily there isn't a single unit (so far) that outright negates nasty statuses like Panic, so even the above 5 insane prfs get their field bonuses dropped to 0 by Panic. I can't test this myself, but in a previous discussion with other people, Matthew's prf is assumed to be in the same category as Broadleaf/Blizzard, which ignores Bond4 neutralization. I don't have a 5* one myself so I'd need someone else to show some visual proof that it doesn't work like those weapons (I apologize if someone did actually post proof in some earlier threads).
  2. Pretty rough start getting used to the confined areas, but the classic Lynhardt team pulled through. Much closer kills than usual though, what with needing my Olivia's drive atk4 and Peony's cardinal drives to secure some kills for both horses. The key to winning was picking off a few units, then retreating to the right and picking off more. When Bram got close enough, I started picking off more units with Lyn, splashing him with savage blow to get his hp low enough for her to quad ORKO him. Witnessed this glorious True 1-Turn (autobattle) clear, was amazing seeing Bram get destroyed on that def tile.
  3. The first semi-tempting banner for me in a while, specifically Green and Colorless. Green -A spare CYL Miccy would be nice for emergency ground orders fodder -A Thrasir or two for panic smoke fodder or to use on Anime def -Mamori is hot garbage to me though unfortunately, what with Sheena/Surtr/Flame Emperor being a +10 project Colorless -Bramimond would be insane for my Dark def -Bravemilla is nice Atk/Spd Push fodder -Don't own FGrima yet so that's not the worst thing in the world to pull Probably will resist and only take the first circle, since I've slowly climbed to above 1200 orbs saved so far, and I'd like to hit 2000+ for the June mythic banner in an attempt to +10 LAzura and LChrom (or get trolled by IS and get tempted by a 3 unit FByleth banner, who is another unit I have my eye on for +10ing).
  4. Pressing 'Current Details' in MS opens the browser page for it
  5. I fully expect og Eliwood, Hector, Roy, Eirika, and maybe Chrom/Lucina/mRobin to get one eventually. Only one I care about is Eliwood, and I'd favor Muspell for him for sure.
  6. @eclipse The notable difference found was the ones that block Broadleaf-esque boosts (Idunn/Idunn2/Brunnya/Shannan/LChrom) all have 無効化する, which according to person who checked the jp text, said it's roughly "completely made invalid." On the other hand, the Spring Est/Narcian/Bartre weapons that neutralize debuffs say 無効 instead, which is apparently just "negate." This set of characters also appears in Bond4 debuff neutralizing text, and we already knew from 6 months ago that Bond4s don't stop Broadleaf/Blizzard. https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/cyk7d6/inconsistent_behavior_of_atkres_bond_4_vs_demonic/ The strange part is that Idunn2 is the only one of the top set of five that uses 戦闘中 (during combat) instead of 戦闘開始時 (start of combat), which would indicate that Idunn2's effect shouldn't block Broadleaf. This is just a guess from the translator, but he believes that they hired a different writer for Idunn2, otherwise her text would be identical to the top set of units.
  7. Double checked and can confirm Diovani's evidence. This has been a known thing for a while. The debuff neutralization from Bond4 (and now for these new weapons) removes the debuffs after those "Grants bonus to unit's Atk = total penalties on foe during combat" type effects add their values to the appropriate stats. The bizarre part is Est2/Bartre2/Narcian2 and Idunn2's (Idunn/Idunn2/Brunnya/Shannan/LChrom) weapons are coded differently, since Est's debuff neutralizer allows Blizzard effects to gain damage via a chill/etc, while Idunn's does not. Checked with some other people and even the Japanese text has differences. I guess we can treat these new weapons (Est2/Narcian2/Bartre2) as an improvement over the Bond4s, since their condition is far more lenient.
  8. Fir looks very dangerous with that axe. Idunn looks super nice whilst a bonus unit for AR Offense, but I don't see how I'd fit her in with Surtr+WCecilia when she isn't a bonus anymore. Rest of the banner looks incredibly mediocre. Pulling Red orbs from the free pull circle I guess.
  9. Perfect defense this week Perfect offense this week with the new free Altina for 140 teams (100 on the first day since we didn't receive her yet) at 13160, not bad for my first real Astra season with mythic-based teams. Before Altina I hovered at 12400s-12600 so I appreciate the grail boost. Surprisingly even distribution for the teams I used, with 3 Kronya, 3 Ophelia, and 2 Eliwood-Velouria galeforce team usages.
  10. Finally get to run 140 teams in Astra instead of 100, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Only downside is now I have to deal with updating my Anima def (done) and still choosing a carry unit(s) to merge up, most likely Kronya to begin with.
  11. Taking Reds>Green/Colorless>>>>Blue for free pull/tickets. Most likely going to +10 Flame Emperor for a new statstick, even if it means my arena core becoming triple green.
  12. Much closer surprisingly, the tracker says 68.6m vs 50.8m for first hour scores
  13. All 4 of the Round1 winners would be new units to me, so I win no matter what. Altina would still be the best outcome for me if I want to boost my grail income a little (currently reach 12500s or so with no Astra mythic), and also the worst outcome if I want to remain lazy and not have to build new units/teams to go with her.
  14. Both WoT!Olwen and Tobin are already budget AA stars for me, so this is quite welcome. I also hope Jagen gets something like Titania/Seth, which would be a good enough reason for me to 5* him for AA use. Gray is likely to remain as a Sword Valor support.
  15. Azuni

    LHB: Chrom

    It was such an easy and generous map (since nothing spawned behind you), it was possible to just turtle the Abyssal map with Bikecina combo, with Rein sniping a few units here and there.
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