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  1. What kind of meme is this serious discussion? xD
  2. Don't worry, brainstorming is always necessary before starting a project. Maybe I could invest a few more feathers and give her Slaying + Aether. For A/S skills, maybe I could work with Sturdy Stance + Darting Stance (or Steady Posture + Fierce Stance, but this seal seems to be glued to WOT!Rein, and I'm not going to merge H!Dorcas, tbh). Or even Steady Posture + Darting Stance. Bonds are a great idea too, but I have some of them glued to Sharena and Minizura for their sets (I try to build as few units as I can repeating seals)
  3. And what about something like this? Slaying Lance/Slaying Spear (not sure about her default weapon) Reposition Ignis/Bonfire Steady Stance/Sturdy Stance Renewall Atk Smoke Renwall SS
  4. You can give Eliwood Def/Res Link and Smite. You can replace Sudden Panic for Atk/Spe Link in Corrin (or any else combination of links) to make the party even better. (Matbe Atk/Res and Spe/Def are F2P?)
  5. So, since I got Summer Laevatin and got a few orbs left, I decided to go for a Summer Robin (I missed her year 1 and year 2 I wanted Tana and Cordelia so I couldn't pull for her) and got a +HP/-Res copy. I don't know how to build her, any idea? I don't have many premium fodder so I have been thinking about maybe a stance, guard/renewall (she seems speedy, so no QR, although maybe she isn't fast enough idk) and maybe an smoke, but I'd like to see your opinions (also, I'd like to know which lance give to her)
  6. Feather merc here! Since we don’t get anything based on who wins the VG (not even a single accesory or a miserable 1* copy), I don’t care in the slightest who wins a VG, as long as I get a nice bunch of feathers. So I decide my team considering who’s the least popular 5* exclusive from the poll that I have for each round.
  7. So, after having some premium manuals getting dust in my barracks and 40K feathers, I’ve done some things that previously I couldn’t (since I was merging Effie and Aversa): Lachesis: +Atk, Absorb+ [Dazzling], Physic+, Windfire Balm, Atk/Res Bond 3, Wrathful Staff 3, Even Atk Wave Selena: Armorsmasher+ [Def], Reposition, Bonfire, Close Defense 3, Wrath 3, Threaten Spd 3 Also given Swift Sparrow 2 to Louise
  8. About the topic of AA, I’m also another one that actually don’t care it enough to do more than 1 battle per week. Now that AR and Alligerance Battle are a thing, AA shows how boring it is. I guess I wouldn’t even realize if one day the mode is not longer there
  9. Yay...I’ve a 5.00% in this year’s bridal banner...not a single 5* T^T
  10. Well, it depends on the iPhone you have. I have the iPhone X (don’t remember if +, max or what, the biggest one) and is like in the Android phones, volume + power
  11. @mampfoid, next +10 unit finished, Aversa. This means that I have 3 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue and 1 Colorless unit at +10. Now I’m considering if merging the Hardt is still worth ?
  12. Sure, all you say is true, my question was more about if the stat spread of Seth in the SS was similar to what we can find in his Heroes self, or if at least there was an explication about him being so mediocre if both stat spreads are similar
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