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  1. @Tybrosion @Humanoid thx! To be honest I never cared about Julian, so I simply thought he had a pfr and never checked that his weapon has a + at the end...hahahaha
  2. Wait, have we ever seen the Dagger from the Red Dagger unit in Claude’s LHB before as a non-seasonal weapon? (I think it’s the same effect as Dancer Xander’s). If that’s the case, I can’t remember which unit has brought it to the summoning pool 🤔
  3. I’ll be going with Team Dimitri, since Edelgard has the worst fodder and she is the only unit of the VG that I already have.
  4. So the banner will be 2 blue 2 grey orbs most probably...nice. I would like to get Freya, but Corrin isn’t a bad option either
  5. I find it amazing (even more when you realize that weekly revival banners are still a thing), I’ve got Julia, Lene, Luke and Hardin (this one I handn’t before) considering that I can’t constantly pull since I’m F2P.
  6. Sir Mycen pls. If only he was so broken as Duessel when/if he’s added to the game...
  7. Or just make ultra OP units / cute artworks from those unpopular characters and you’ll get lot’s of people interested in them
  8. Please guys, remember that casual players exist (and usually, they are the bigger part of the playerbase) and that they probably don’t care how good a unit is if they don’t like that unit, so they’ll vote for their favourites. Don’t get mad, just do what you can during the VG to keep those units out of the banner
  9. So we have to wait until tomorrow for summoning on a banner with the new 4* Extra mechanic...why couldn’t they just release the Hero Fest banner or the Special Heroes banner today? 😕
  10. I still don’t know how I want to build him, so I did this first sketch: - Dire Breidablick - Draw Back - Sol - Def/Res Stance 3 (the one with guard) - Special Spiral - Def/Res Rouse - Atk/Spd Solo
  11. IIRC, Panic Ploy is yet available in the grail pool in the form of 4* Garon, but I may be wrong
  12. I was hoping for anyone except Dorothea or Xane, since I have them at 5*... but as every year, I got one of the few units I already had: Dorothea 😞
  13. So @Diovani Bressan @XRay, with no more torches left, my Fjorma is currently like this: - Grandscratcher+ [Wrathful] (Since she comes with Dazzling in her base kit) - Rescue+ - Firewindbalm+ (not sure it’s the correct name, Atk/Spe) - Atk/Spe Solo 4 - Wrathful Staff - Atk/Res Rein I’ll try to re-roll her B & C skills, for C I’d thought about Spd/Res Rein, though idk what else could I put in her B slot.
  14. I’m fine with whatever we get for the top 8, I don’t even know who to vote anyway
  15. Could this be the best FEH Channel in the history of the game?
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