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  1. Ahh Mercedes. I'll tip my hat in here because I feel she can be a bit divisive in terms of how people rank her performance. Whenever I play through 3H I limit myself to 2 recruits per house. Mercedes is one of the two every time from Blue Lions. Her healing and magic ability is just that good. Sure she's not the overwhelming powerhouse that Lysithea is, but she has far more bulk in order to make up for it. Also, unlike Lysithea, her good magic and access to physic means that her movement isn't really an issue. Lysithea has to rely on Thyrsus if she wants to keep up (or some other movement booster). She makes a wonderful res tank to boot, which is something I've noticed my standard team builds... kinda need. So yeah. I rate Mercedes an 8/10 with a +1 for bias because I love her character lol.
  2. Huh. Hard to believe I haven't posted here. I'll do my top 5. First three in no particular order, then the last two in order. Tales of Berseria Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Okami Breath of the Wild Fallout 4 I love the Zelda franchise overall more than any as it has the highest concentration of games I love but so far only BotW has broken top 5. We'll see if that changes going forward. As for the others, RD has a story and characters I still love, Berseria stole my heart right from the word go, Okami is so charming I've probably played it over 20 times, and what can I say about Fallout 4? I get to shoot people I don't like. More games need that option lol.
  3. Re fighting Sephiran: My last playthrough I could not engage him at close range because he managed to proc Corona every single time I tried. I had to reset three times! Three!
  4. I've never understood how people hate Mercedes's voice. It doesn't bother me at all, but perhaps that's because I actually know people irl that have voices like that.
  5. I'm with everyone else. It really depends on the character for me and honestly a lot of the time I'm not sure why certain ones rub me wrong while others don't. I love Shinon but Takumi can kiss my tail. I'd never use him if he weren't such a fantastic unit. I'm not a fan of tsunderes for the most part (like Severa) but I love Felix, perhaps because he comes across less as a tsundere to me and more of a well meaning jerk. Hubert, while funny, immediately hit my "Nope" button when he threatens Byleth in their support. This one is less to do with Hubert and more of a personal pet peeve I've found throughout video games though lol.
  6. *points at Felix* *points at Felix again* *gestures wildly at Felix!* Okay but other than Felix, there's also of course Lysithea for nuking potential, Mercedes for healing potential, and Petra for competing with Felix potential (more speed, less strength).
  7. ... Ike moves. Right into Micaiah's range. Now admittedly Laura should be the one using the sleep staff (so you can put him to sleep and attack in the same turn) but that's not difficult.
  8. It is actually, I've seen it done. The most surefire way is to take advantage of his crappy res, sleep staff him, then Purge him. Or if you're feeling really brave, Jill does a pretty good job of whittling him down. But the sleep staff is rather crucial to this.
  9. This isn't controversial, it's evil! How dare you make me read this with my own eyes! xD
  10. They certainly seem to like humans for the most part and even understand that humans are a necessary part of the order of the world. If being among humans, beings that at least look like them, is easy enough thanks to their more human forms I don't see why they wouldn't at least for the companionship angle. Your idea is interesting though. In that case you'd think it would be like exercising a muscle, that if you don't use it you lose it, but if that were the case it would suggest that they'd eventually be able to regain that power. They never seem to, not in either direction when it would absolutely be beneficial. Now one could argue that the Immovable and the Windcaller had no desire to change back but it certainly would've made their lives easier and Flayn and Seteth have no such excuse when those forms would be massively beneficial in battle. The transformation seems to be magical in nature so one would think it has to do with Sothis, but the other two Saints were still in their human forms back then not their Nabatean ones. So honestly I'm just not sure.
  11. At the same time, being able to live with humans isn't the same thing as being a human. When you can live for millennia and transform into a dragon (speaking of do we ever learn why only Rhea retains that ability?) I don't know that I consider you human no matter your ability to live among them. They don't seem to consider themselves human and I can't think of a time where any dragon species has in Fire Emblem.. At the same time the Nabateans display more differences in their individual forms than just about any dragon species through FE. I don't really know why that would be? An example of sub species among the overarching Nabatean species?
  12. Oh yeah just like you did to others in this thread! Doesn't feel good does it? I'm calling you out on being a jerk to people in almost every thread I see your name pop up in. You can never let things go and you always resort to insulting people and their intelligence as though you're some canon god who is always right and other viewpoints don't matter. Like I said before. Stop being a condescending jerk. Edit to stay on topic: I don't care for the Agarthans in this story as they feel like bad caricatures of people and they're really the only group that I can say that for. The others (namely the Duscans? Duscurians? and the Almyrans) are handled a bit better I feel. The Nabateans could've stood some more exploration as well. After all they're basically dragon people and at what point does their biological differences stop making them a race and actually make them an entirely different species?
  13. Dude when you're being called out for being a condescending jerk the thing to do isn't double down on being a condescending jerk. A lot of the point of these games is that no one here is a reliable narrator. To be sure you've heard of the unreliable narrator trope before. Edelgard is parroting what she's been led to believe, Thales is spinning what he's been led to believe, and Rhea is giving her account. All of them are biased and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of the three narratives though personally I'm more inclined to believe the person who was actually there witness to the events I.E. Rhea, though I admit that even she is not reliable as her perception of events were absolutely colored by the tragedy that happened. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Not that I think this is necessarily a bad thing, I'd rather they try and whiff on the execution a bit than never try anything risky at all.
  14. Priest EXP abuse is how I trained up several members of the DB my last playthrough. The Jarod thing could also work out quite well though I didn't do that myself. Remember you get Nailah in this chapter, if you can get a glare off on a priest it makes this strategy even better as you can do chip damage longer.
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