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  1. Oh I can't believe I missed this when you posted it! I've always really liked Pelleas as a character. He's different from most in FE, especially the leaders of countries even when compared to the leaders in Tellius. So I'm glad you did one of him! He deserves more appreciation.
  2. If you don't pick Midna you're wrong. Joking, but really, as much as I love all the companions Midna is by far my favorite, especially as a character. If Zelda is a companion (or playable, even better) in BotW 2 we'll see if my opinion changes.
  3. After some serious consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite gen is gen 2. Not for any specific reason, more because I genuinely enjoy most of the pokemon from gen 2. This may also be slight bias as I started with gen 2. My least favorite is gen 5. I played Black, disliked most of the pokemon's designs, and the story in Black wasn't enough to save the game to me. It was the first and only time I didn't buy the different games of the new gen (B2W2) because I disliked the base game so much.
  4. I heard the news as soon as it was announced and honestly? Don't care. I never transferred pokemon into other gens anyway because I prefer trying out the new ones. I'll still be getting Sword as my biggest issue right now is Dynamaxing and raid battles and those are little issues in the long run.
  5. I was going to start this myself but I'm glad someone else did 🙂 So first, I am SO EXCITED! It looks like its using the same engine and models so it's likely that this game will be released far faster than other titles in the franchise which is a big plus for me because YES. It looks like even if Zelda isn't playable that she'll at least be there with you through the game and helping out so that's wonderful and hey, if she's playable that's a huge dream of mine from Zelda accomplished! Now! What on earth were they riding in the trailers? Those were obviously not horses. Malice is making a return I see, though that strange green energy was odd and looked an awful lot like necromancy which makes sense considering the MUMMY GANONDORF. There are people out there theorizing that Link might lose his arm in this game due to that scene in the trailer as well as some concept art from BotW where Link didn't have an arm. Also it looks to me like they might be under Hyrule castle or at least somewhere that's connected to it thanks to that last shot and it makes sense as Calamity Ganon rose from under the castle, but what got them to go down there in the first place? Are we going to be able to explore a restored or rebuilding Hyrule? So many questions and absolutely no answers! (Honestly so long as the story's good I'm a happy camper).
  6. Excuse me just a moment while I SCREAM ABOUT THE BOTW SEQUEL! WTF! NINTENDO! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME I AM BROKE! Zelda has SHORT HAIR SHE'S SO CUTE AND JUST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *cough* Anyway this year is going to bankrupt me, it's official. Between Tales, Pokemon, FE, FF, and now THIS? I'm dead.
  7. I was looking forward to this right up until the announcement that they'll be breaking the game up into parts. The game looks gorgeous and I'd love to experience FF7 but not if I'm going to be ripped off. I want to know what they'll be doing with the whole release in parts thing before I put any money toward this game and if they think I'm gonna spend more than 60 bucks for the whole game they're not getting my money.
  8. Ahhhh YES, a skippable banner! My orbs are finally getting saved! XD Really though I'm glad these characters are coming in, they needed to be here and their art is pretty.
  9. Altina is female. Just wanted to get that out there. Not sure if you're talking about in like a fanfic or something but in the games Altina is a woman.
  10. ... I was very excited xD I love the Tales series so if it's true and they've really bumped the graphics that much I'll be insanely happy (so long as they maintain good story telling and characters that is).
  11. This banner was kind to me, especially since I was saving. 3 5*s in 30 orbs. No Naga, but 2 L!Tiki and a Hrid and I had neither and wanted both! I'd happily trade a Tiki for a Naga if anyone got extra though xD
  12. CRAP MORE TELLIUS. Oh well, I can wait on them since my orbs are currently in severe pain. I love all the artwork though, it's gorgeous and the characters are mostly new!
  13. Micaiah and Ike crunched this map. Crunched it. Brave Lyn was just the overkill icing on the cake. That was fun! 10/10 would slaughter again.
  14. CRAP!! I was REALLY hoping for no Tellius units for a while, my orbs are suffering! :( Oh well. I'll wait and do free pulls and see what I can get.
  15. Personally I went with Idunn. If anyone is on her team and hasn't added me feel free to, my code is 9925235353 and my lead is Micaiah though I can change her out if needed. Just let me know if you add me so I know it's someone from here :) Someone who actually agrees with me on disliking Joker! I thought I was alone!!
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