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  1. My top 3 are basically interchangeable. I adore all 3, I have played each one at least 10 times through, they are all wonderful games. Before you ask, you are correct, I have no life. 1-3: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Okami, Tales of Berseria See a theme there? Yeah. Radiant Dawn was my introduction to Fire Emblem and man what an introduction it was. I fell head over heels for the difficulty, the magic, the world building, and the sheer scale of the war. It felt like I was genuinely fighting a war. Okami is just a gorgeous game and a super chill and fun experience. I go back to it if I ever want to just have fun in a mystical and pretty world and beat up monsters while I'm at it. Tales of Berseria is the first RPG I fell in love with in a while, I loved the environments, I thought the battle system was intuitive and fun, and the story and world building aren't that bad either. Where Berseria shines though is definitely in it's characters. I adore all of them and the game does a great job with it's main cast. You fall hard for Velvet's story right from the start. 4: Tomb Raider (2013) - The first of the new TR games and, in my opinion, the best of them. I love the shipwrecked survival story, I love the combat, this game does bows the best of any game I've played to memory, and it's just a good game. It's the one I reach for if I want to get some aggression out and kill stuff while experiencing a fun story on top of it. 5: The Last of Us - Does this really need an explanation? I don't think it does. Shame the next installment has had so many issues though.
  2. Bridal Micaiah came home in about 20 orbs, alongside a Dream M Corrin. +Attack to boot. The universe is trying to make up for my absolutely shitty day.
  3. Favorite character-wise: Micaiah beats out Dimitri by a very slim margin and I do mean slim. Dimitri is far and away my favorite of the male lords though. Gameplay wise: Dimitri. I enjoy powerhouse units and it's really fun getting that almost guaranteed vantage crit for over 150 damage regularly.
  4. I think the basic point is that they're just video game characters. Not anything worth wasting your time, effort, and breath trying to convince someone otherwise on when their minds won't be changed. Serenes is great in that it fosters pretty healthy discussion, but sometimes you have to stop and think if your defense of a character has gone too far. You don't have to try and explain away or justify every decision a character makes, you don't have to defend them from every person who doesn't like them as much as you do or even just straight up dislikes them. That sort of fanatical defense is actually more likely to cause people to start to dislike a character they otherwise would have liked or been neutral on. Edelgard is a well written character, but not everyone's views will align with your own and that's something you're just going to have to learn to accept and move on with. It doesn't make either of you wrong, it just means you view things differently.
  5. Hoooold up, that is not how that works. Look at any case where someone hires someone to kidnap or kill someone else: both parties are equally culpable. Jeritza is never shown to be an "obedient minion" in the first place, he will directly defy orders if he well feels like it (Holy Tomb) and even attacks Edelgard knowing who she is (any BE chapter where you face him).
  6. ...... oh I am in trouble..... I have almost no orbs and I must have that Micaiah duo unit. Also Nailah and Rafiel too?? Someone save me 😢
  7. The best advice I can tell you is to play on a casual mode so that you can experiment with strategies without worrying about unit deaths. It'll help you figure out different things that work and also figure out the different mechanics of the battalions and such with a safety net of sorts. For more specific recommendations, I'd say to plan out the paths your units are going down from the beginning so that you can plan what skills and builds to go with. Like if you know you want Felix to end as an assassin, I'd say definitely get him Hit+20 and while he can do alright without death blow thanks to his crest, I'd still recommend mastering the class to get it too. Or do like I did and jump into Radiant Dawn at 12 years old as your first FE game and let it beat you over the head with a stick until you figure out how to keep all those assholes alive lol.
  8. That may be the case, but I noticed her popularity rising once she was in Heroes as such a good unit. So it was probably a combination of the two. Though I personally find the comparisons of Micaiah to Corrin to be offensive, Micaiah was never that bad >.> As for Eirika, I noticed a lot of hate for her back in the day. I was never a fan of her game so it kind of stuck out to me just how much she got comparatively to everyone else, at least from a somewhat outsider's perspective.
  9. Frankly, she isn't. Divisive doesn't equal hated, she even won CYL her first year being out. You want to see hated female characters? I point you to Micaiah after Radiant Dawn came out. Or Eirika. While the hate for these two has calmed down significantly the past several years (with Heroes playing a large part in Micaiah's) those two had so much vitriol spat at them that it makes Edelgard discourse look downright tame by comparison.
  10. I've been over this several times, but what could one more time hurt? This is not everything, just to keep it from getting too long. General fixes: Nerf enemy resistance stats to actually make mages worthwhile, fix balancing, add a way for the DB to catch up to the GMs, be it either through auto leveling or through my proposed idea for a Part 2 rewrite in other threads, add support chains to certain character pairs (eg. all the GMs should support, all the DB should support, all the Crimean army should support, and then add other ones that make sense and leave the other characters that don't without support chains), fix Part 4 to add more development to the enemies and Ashera and wtf is going on. Part 3 could stand to be multi-routed like others have mentioned with an option to pick which group you want to follow with the other units auto leveling so they won't be under-leveled come Part 4. Stop with the second playthrough restrictions. Fix Micaiah. She's a main lord, she needs to be better. Bump her speed, give her better magic that isn't just Thani, possibly give her access to dark magic so that a grand total of 3 characters in the game can use it. She should have support chains with all the DB, Sanaki, Pelleas, Nailah, Ike, Elincia, Soren, and Tibarn at the very least. Sothe could stand a better promotion and better capped stats to make him actually useful come later game. Also maybe give him access to bows upon promotion, that would be cool. He needs a bigger part in the story and supports with all the DB plus some of the previous support partners to see how they've changed and developed over the years. Pelleas needs to not be a second playthrough character. The rest of the DB needs a slight buff and they definitely need supports to fill their characters out. Elincia needs a bigger part in the story (ergo Part 2 rewrite and more presence in Part 3) and of course supports. The Greil Mercs are mostly fine, just add supports and for the love of everything good in this world fix Mist. I'd like to actually be able to use her, thank you very much.
  11. .... I don't think I have ever had this much good luck from a banner. In 160 orbs I got: Fallen Ike Nah Fallen Lyon Fallen Lyon Fallen M!Corrin Fallen Julia Fallen Ike That means I got all 4 focus heroes in their debut banner and got multiples of 2 of them. I have never had that happen before.
  12. You get someone with an Ike profile pic immediately followed by someone with a Micaiah one, so it's safe to say I'm biased as well lol. Radiant Dawn is personally my favorite FE I've played, including FE3H. It has a sense of scale and world building that is frankly unmatched by any other FE game I've played, the characters are great, the difficulty is there (anyone saying RD is too easy is... strange. It's been considered one of the more difficult classic FE games for a while but I personally find it to be a comfortable challenge), the maps are well designed for the most part and quite thematic. Also I like the animations but I get they're not everyone's cup of tea. PoR wasn't quite as stand out to me. Not only was it more basic without quite the same sense of scale as RD, I also found the maps to be a bit lackluster, especially around mid game. The character supports are where PoR really shines, it gives the characters a grounded, realistic feel that makes them still some of the best in the franchise. All in all, I'd definitely recommend playing them. Like any games they can be a bit divisive, so really it'll be down to your personal preference.
  13. It's a pretty big what-if scenario, but how about Micaiah or Sanaki who were indoctrinated by the Senate? Or taken over by Ashera instead of being an avatar of Yune like Micaiah ends up being.
  14. It is established that the Agarthans can make artificial crest stones. They're mostly used to create demonic beasts so it's not surprising that they might have advanced enough to make an artificial crest of the beast. Besides, it's incredibly unlikely that the Nabateans were walking around with two or more hearts, that would've been stated and they would've made multiple weapons out of each in that case.
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