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  1. The only issue I actually had with the BL route is that TWSITD wasn't clearly dealt with and how quickly Dimitri turned around. They could have stood to have another chapter where he was processing things and in the middle of being conflicted. I quickly got over the Dimitri thing though because quite frankly, he's precious and I was just relieved to have him back lol.
  2. I've been wrecking his crap since the first chapter that he showed up as I had Lysithea specifically trained for it. But before I got her, I tended to send in my stupid fast units like Petra or Ingrid so he'd be less likely to hit and more likely to get crit. Gambits are also always a good idea as they're free hits.
  3. I've played BL, GD, and most of BE, leaving the Church route as the only one I haven't gotten to yet and honestly, while I can get where you're coming from, I think it's because she's meant to be at the very best an anti-villain. In most other routes you're directly opposing her because, let's face it, her methods are atrocious so there's no wonder she's cast in a bad light there. In her own route it's because while they try to portray her as sympathetic, she's still doing all these horrible things. I think it's kinda deserved personally and if I had to pick a lord that the game continually messed over it would be Dimitri. Poor guy doesn't get any help except in his own route and unlike Edelgard they don't even have the decency to give his deaths a scene. Claude doesn't have to die at all. He's the true favorite lol.
  4. I love Dimitri too much not to pick his route. Poor guy was done dirty in the other ones and he deserves better.
  5. Well we know Dimitri lost an eye and has a collection of scars on his back from his conversations with Dedue. He also has a major scar on his shoulder in his own route and numbness left in his hand from it though it's not clear if that ever goes away. I'm pretty sure they're all littered with scars, especially front liners like Byleth, because no matter how good you are you don't make it through Wars like that unscathed.
  6. I'm a fairly experienced FE player but a friend of mine just got into the series with 3H and is having... some difficulties. He started with the Black Eagles and is having trouble in terms of his characters not doing much damage and taking a lot of damage with the obvious exceptions of Edelgard and Byleth. He's only on Chapter 2 (and I've told him to be patient) but... well yeah. Anyway, I was wondering if the people here could help me with some tips I can tell him to help him out? While I'm good at the game myself, I'm not the best at explaining how things work. Thanks!
  7. So when I first saw the lords I was expecting to like Dimitri the least... Then he spoke and it was that "Oh crap he's hot" meme and so yeah, he was the first S support for me lol. I'm gonna go through and get the S rank with all the lords eventually but outside of them I'd really like to see Sylvain, Petra, and Lysithea.
  8. I was going to pick Micaiah anyway but yay! She looks so good! I'm really interested to see everyone's full skill sets 🙂
  9. Oh I can't believe I missed this when you posted it! I've always really liked Pelleas as a character. He's different from most in FE, especially the leaders of countries even when compared to the leaders in Tellius. So I'm glad you did one of him! He deserves more appreciation.
  10. If you don't pick Midna you're wrong. Joking, but really, as much as I love all the companions Midna is by far my favorite, especially as a character. If Zelda is a companion (or playable, even better) in BotW 2 we'll see if my opinion changes.
  11. After some serious consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite gen is gen 2. Not for any specific reason, more because I genuinely enjoy most of the pokemon from gen 2. This may also be slight bias as I started with gen 2. My least favorite is gen 5. I played Black, disliked most of the pokemon's designs, and the story in Black wasn't enough to save the game to me. It was the first and only time I didn't buy the different games of the new gen (B2W2) because I disliked the base game so much.
  12. I heard the news as soon as it was announced and honestly? Don't care. I never transferred pokemon into other gens anyway because I prefer trying out the new ones. I'll still be getting Sword as my biggest issue right now is Dynamaxing and raid battles and those are little issues in the long run.
  13. I was going to start this myself but I'm glad someone else did 🙂 So first, I am SO EXCITED! It looks like its using the same engine and models so it's likely that this game will be released far faster than other titles in the franchise which is a big plus for me because YES. It looks like even if Zelda isn't playable that she'll at least be there with you through the game and helping out so that's wonderful and hey, if she's playable that's a huge dream of mine from Zelda accomplished! Now! What on earth were they riding in the trailers? Those were obviously not horses. Malice is making a return I see, though that strange green energy was odd and looked an awful lot like necromancy which makes sense considering the MUMMY GANONDORF. There are people out there theorizing that Link might lose his arm in this game due to that scene in the trailer as well as some concept art from BotW where Link didn't have an arm. Also it looks to me like they might be under Hyrule castle or at least somewhere that's connected to it thanks to that last shot and it makes sense as Calamity Ganon rose from under the castle, but what got them to go down there in the first place? Are we going to be able to explore a restored or rebuilding Hyrule? So many questions and absolutely no answers! (Honestly so long as the story's good I'm a happy camper).
  14. Excuse me just a moment while I SCREAM ABOUT THE BOTW SEQUEL! WTF! NINTENDO! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME I AM BROKE! Zelda has SHORT HAIR SHE'S SO CUTE AND JUST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *cough* Anyway this year is going to bankrupt me, it's official. Between Tales, Pokemon, FE, FF, and now THIS? I'm dead.
  15. I was looking forward to this right up until the announcement that they'll be breaking the game up into parts. The game looks gorgeous and I'd love to experience FF7 but not if I'm going to be ripped off. I want to know what they'll be doing with the whole release in parts thing before I put any money toward this game and if they think I'm gonna spend more than 60 bucks for the whole game they're not getting my money.
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