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  1. Enlightened one is fine on Byleth. Dimitri is weak in axes and his canon class is pretty good so I'd keep him with lances as the main and swords or bows as the backup. Annette looks good though don't forget she also gets a relic. Mercedes usually wants to stick to bishop or gremory and she has a fairly decent reason list with good damage output so I don't personally feel that Holy Knight is the best option for her. Felix is wonderful as a War Master. While Ingrid can work great in Falcon bear in mind that her strength can be middling, so it might be worth it to take her wyvern to help patch that if you see her falling off. Dorothea learns physic so I'd at least take her down Faith enough to get that, but she's a wonderful dancer so that looks good. Flayn needs reason so focusing on that would probably be a good idea. As Mir mentioned, Catherine cannot be a War Master as it's gender locked - she works great as a swordmaster or a falcon knight if you feel like investing in her that heavily. Ashe looks good, just remember that Bow Knights require lance ranks. Everyone else looks good. It is, imo, worth remembering that your native class units will be the only options you have for chapter 13 so it's very important to keep Sylvain up and he learns Swift Strikes so his lances are probably what you want to focus on more than anything else if you end up using him (say if someone else falls off). Also forged silver weapons are great as you get later into the game! Don't discount their use 🙂
  2. We talked about my opinions over Skype, but I wanted to leave a comment and commend you for how much work and time this must have taken. Seriously, yikes! Props to you! I hope Eirika manages to snag a spot on the female side of things but if she doesn't I'll throw some votes her way next year.
  3. *insert why not both meme here* While I'd love Sinnoh remakes, a sequel could be really interesting. I loved the Sinnoh games and while I feel that a remake with some QOL improvements would be perfectly fun I hadn't given much thought to a sequel. I agree with above that a game focusing more on the other legendaries (Darkrai especially, I love Darkrai) would be super cool. Instead of going into the reverse world you could go into a a couple of different dreamscapes shaped by Cresselia and Darkrai. Bonus points for including Oracion somewhere in there as it's one of my favorite pokemon songs ever made.
  4. I'm not one to get involved with politics because frankly, I hear so much about it that it's made me sick of it. However reading this thread has made me a bit concerned. Please be careful not to alienate the other side too much. You run a high risk of running away people you might have otherwise convinced. Also, you end up just giving them more ammunition to fire back by saying "See? Everyone who thinks like this hates you and everything you believe in!" You're more than entitled to your beliefs, but digging your heels in too hard discourages discussion, and from that discourages answers and compromise that might actually end up being effective for both sides. Of course you can argue that others do the same thing, but them doing it doesn't make you doing it any better. In fact them doing it might even help you.
  5. Shhh they might hear you! Personally I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of 3H representation this year, just because of how mainstream it got. We'll see just how much rep it gets soon enough though.
  6. Well that's one vote cast for War Phase Dimitri. I'll send 2 votes Nealuchi's way as I promised, then after that all in for Dimitri. Speaking of, if anyone has any spare votes, please consider sending one to Nealuchi? He's a sweet old raven and deserves some kindness from the fans! 🙂
  7. Hi, yes, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life, thank you for gracing me with it. Just asking, is there a female version? On topic, while most of my votes are going to Dimitri, I will say that his sudden appearance put a major wrench in my plans. After Micaiah won CYL3 I was intending on spending all of my votes on Haar or Tibarn. So..... plans changed drastically xD
  8. If you intend to get the DLC, she'd make a wonderful dark flier I'm guessing. Barring that she'd make a great bishop as backup, more healers are great. Honestly though, I usualy bench her in favor of Mercedes, Annette, and Lysithea. I intend to do a playthrough soon where I use her though, to see how I think she does after getting some growth behind her.
  9. I will be sending most of my votes Dimitri's way, but I'm gonna save a few to throw toward Nealuchi after the whole discussion involving him.
  10. Ahhh this is exactly why I said she probably didn't want to bring up this argument. This means literally nothing. It is not a point against or for Dimitri or Byleth and outside of their S support, everything I listed happens directly in the story, regardless of Byleth's gender. It can be your personal preference but in the grand scheme of things, it generally being the female has no bearing on this story. Ahh this tired old argument. As I'm sure you can tell, I am a fan of Micaiah. From that I'm certain you can understand just how much this made me roll my eyes. Gary Stu/Mary Sue is no longer an argument, it's simply a label applied to a character someone doesn't like in order to stop discussions and try to make people feel bad for liking said character. But since you brought it up, I'll bite. In the story, Dimitri never once bends the rules of the universe around him in order to make his story work. Not once. That automatically disqualifies him but let's go deeper. Dimitri is the only lord character to die off screen. Twice. Dimitri is called out on being a monster/beast/animal several times, by more people than just Felix, on every route. Dimitri does not get all of the answers he seeks, unlike Edelgard or Claude. Dimitri does not just get over his mental illness. He still very much suffers from it, whether you get the S support with f!Byleth or not. Dimitri actually suffers from his loss, arguably more than anyone not named Edelgard or Rhea. Him handling it differently does not make him a bad character or a Gary Stu. Dimitri regularly fails in his goals. Be they bringing the perpetrators of Duscur to justice or the several times he attempted to kill Edelgard and failed. Dimitri does not officially get rid of the Agarthans. While I personally find AM to be perfectly fine without a dedicated attack on Shambala, there are those that find this to be a major shortcoming. You want to know who I could actually apply that label to out of the lords? (Byleth) Claude. Claude is not only the only Lord that doesn't have to die on any route, he's also the only one with an out, the only one to fight Nemesis, the only one to get the truth of the Nabateans out of Rhea, the only one that manages to hold his country together when both Edelgard and Dimitri fail, the only one that doesn't suffer from much meddling from TWSITD, the only one with the ability to bring in a whole other army without all of the drawbacks that Edelgard has to go through with the Agarthans, the only one to not suffer from some form of debilitating PTSD, and the only one to not actually experience much loss! This is not to say that I don't like Claude. I very much do. But out of the three of them, he is the one the narrative bows to the most. As for your last paragraph, that's not really an argument either way so I'll just say this. My original post was to explain to someone who asked what those who like Dimitri see in him. @Hilda While I am sorry for the long rant, I do hope my original post was able to bring you some understanding about what people see in Dimitri.
  11. I'll throw a few votes his way, sure. He's sweet and deserves it.
  12. If anyone dislikes Nealuchi they can straight up meet me out back so I can throw hands. He may not be my favorite but you do not diss kind old Nealuchi like that. He does not deserve that kind of disrespect! (Not talking about you, you seem to like him as he deserves) *Ahem* On topic, I do tend to vote for lords but that's mostly because my two favorites are lords and Micaiah only just got in so now my vote goes to Dimitri.
  13. This is probably not an argument you want to start xD Emotions run high on all three sides. I'll explain Dimitri as best I can though. This got longer than I intended so I put it under a spoiler.
  14. Okay maybe I should've made this more clear. I'm asking how you would change units. Either buff them or nerf them. This is not entirely about their current roles, but how you would make them more or less effective overall. For example, some would argue that Tibarn and Haar could stand a nerf. And no, Micaiah's speed is not fine. She's doubled by practically everything and her combat utility needs to be more than nuking two unit types that aren't even that prevalent past part 1. Increasing her speed enough so that she can double would give her a leg up in terms of combat efficiency and make it so she's not constantly stuck in the back because she can't take a round of combat since everything and their grandma doubles her. It makes her practically unusable in combat on higher difficulties and she's one of the two lords of the game! In short, she needs to be more effective. Some speed in exchange for some res would accomplish that. My intent wasn't really to justify why their stats are bad lol. Just how you would make them better. Even the small people can gain some strength via training and while it's fine for them to start off with low strength, I still feel their growth should be a bit better to compensate. As it is now they're just far too likely to get strength screwed. (I had to make Ashe my dancer to make him usable. That's awful xD) As for Micaiah, I'm fine with her staying physically frail. Her strength and defense shouldn't be increased. But her learning dark magic makes a lot of sense both in terms of lore (Lehran and Yune) and in gameplay. Otherwise you're completely locked out of using dark magic unless you get Pelleas or Lehran, which won't happen until late or very late. Dark magic would also help give Micaiah a leg up against Anima mages, as light magic is weak to Anima.
  15. Butter and bacon grease is a staple of the south. If it doesn't have one or both, you're not cooking it correctly here. Salt is another one. I love salt. I probably should stop eating so much of it but I digress. Hot sauce. Literally any hot sauce. To the point that half my Christmas presents this year were different types of hot sauces xD
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