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  1. This probably won't work for everyone, but I jumped blind into Radiant Dawn as my first ever FE game at the ripe age of 11 and got my butt kicked until I got good. Of course RD is kinda hard to get your hands on now but admittedly I haven't had a problem with any other FE thanks to that experience. But yeah, some general advice that works for all of them is mind your formations, take advantage of terrain bonuses, and make sure to check enemy stats so you don't land yourself in a bind. Watch your squishies, heal your tanks, and don't mind the random 2% crit chance hitting because that's just bad RNG and has happened to everyone once. I promise.
  2. Well I suppose I'll be the odd one out here xD I thoroughly enjoyed them. Especially the first one, in fact I still return to replay it every so often. The second one was pretty good as well, though the third one felt... less complete than the others. Which is probably what one expects from a trilogy. Anyway, I'd say they're definitely worth a play, especially the first one.
  3. Laguz Sovereigns pick based on strength and they don't seem prejudiced against women at all so I see nothing that would keep them from accepting a female ruler. Look at how they react to Nailah, there's no derision, they respect her for her strength immediately. Well that plus her saving Rafiel. Now for the herons there's really no way to know for sure. Their whole society is set up different and with there only being 5 living herons plus the consolidation of the bird tribes under Tibarn... we'll probably never know for sure. My guess? They're true monarchies. Remember that only the royal line have those snow white wings and they're also the ones with the best ability to sing galdrar barring possibly Lehran.
  4. On the DLC topic, I enjoy reading about them and am fine with you continuing to do them. I just think people don't comment on them as much because... well if they're like me they don't consider it canon and also because it's hard to comment on anything other than the fact that Awakening just does not care about previously established lore or characters and the DLCs so far have just proven that even more.
  5. I've always loved using Felix in a brawling class but then it's Felix. He's good in any physical class you put him in.
  6. While it may not be technically cheating it's very obviously going against the spirit of what your friend dared you to do.
  7. Don't have a "hazubando" but I did play the female Robin and marry Chrom when I played through and it was just as bad to me as it was to you friend. No genuine connection happens, it's ridiculous, and just... bad.
  8. Legendary/mythical split is a matter of contention among the fanbase as mythical is a made up term. However anyone in their right mind should know that showing up to a match with a team including Mew and Arceus is... not exactly fair. I think it was a miscommunication but not worth having a falling out over. It's just pokemon. They need to have a conversation and in the future agree in more specific terms.
  9. Bring the weapon triangle back or replace it with something to make the weapons not so samey. I don't know a good compromise there because every suggestion I've read I've had some sort of issue with so far... but then I'm picky like that lol
  10. Look, you don't even know how bad those quotes pissed me off man! xD I was sitting there going "Bitch try me! I will create a whole ass gun just to shoot you with!" I don't know why that cliche pisses me off so badly but it really does!
  11. It's Byleth's as an employee of Garreg Mach and they follow their instructor. The game proves over and over that they have more loyalty to Byleth than Edelgard or Rhea, be that to the game's detriment.
  12. You might as well give it up. They'll defend Edelgard to their dying breath even when it's pretty obvious she's in the wrong here. And yes, the person bringing an army into a place to rob it is in the wrong. Period. Hard stop. You know what happens to those people if they go around threatening other armies? They get killed. If they take hostages you know what happens to them? They get sniped! There is no realistic situation here where the people guarding a place, whose job it is to guard a place wouldn't or shouldn't step in. And frankly no matter what she says after the fact about not meaning it, the fact that she said it in the first place with the army including demonic beasts to back her up carries a whole hell of a lot more weight.
  13. That character that apparently has to be present in every RPG that wants to threaten you like you can't rip them limb from limb and scatter their remains across town. This is not applicable to big story villains, it's always either an ally or a nobody NPC that's around for like 5 seconds and this is one of the areas where I prefer a game like Fallout because you can shoot these people in the face! Please games follow this example and only include those characters when I can beat the snot out of them, thank you!
  14. If it helps, I'm entirely with you on this one. That whole chapter is a really bad look for Edelgard. Someone says they're gonna kill me while they rob a place if I try to stop them I'm pretty much gonna take them at their word no matter if they try to recant later. Sending an army in is a huge threat, they were all armed (though none of this explains why the students were, that's weird). It's just a huge mess of writing and all of it in disservice to her. She's either cold and doesn't care about the (very real) potential of hurting people that are supposed to be her friends or she's so naïve as to not realize that she could be shooting herself in the damn foot. That was not my most eloquent post but meh, I think it's phrased clearly? XD
  15. This was not a topic I expected to see when I logged in today! XD So here's the thing man, a lot of women aren't really dtf without some sort of... emotional connection. That's of course not all of us but it's a high chunk. If you're not interested in getting offline to go to bars and such to see about hooking up, my best advice to you would be to put that you're only looking for sex in whatever bio on the dating app you've got. That way only women looking for that will message you. It's a long shot though, not gonna lie.
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