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  1. Well I must say, the exclusion of the GTS and the stupid catching restrictions have finally broken me down. I am very sad to say that these will be the first pokemon games I won't be playing since my brother gifted me Pokemon Gold. It's incredibly sad to see these games go downhill so hard, especially since I've always loved pokemon so much... I suppose I'll just have to hope that they end up turning this around so I can get back into the games next gen!
  2. Apparently Appletun is only available in Shield, while the other one (Flapple? I forget it's name) is only available in Sword.
  3. While in retrospect it doesn't bother me, my first time encountering it was odd. I mean with the technologically advanced golems you fight before hand it's not that big of a stretch, but it's still really weird. While personally I don't want much sci-fi in FE, I feel like if they do it they should have it be the theme instead of just one random chapter.
  4. Thank you much! I will mention that on a few of my playthroughs I got time-locked characters to show up in the Tower list by having enough support to unlock their B support even if it wasn't available to view yet.
  5. So I've played all 4 routes and noticed I'm missing two songs in the player. I know one of them requires playing through the game in Japanese, but does the other one too? Also do they require a specific route to get them?
  6. The dex cuts mean absolutely nothing to me as I never use older gen pokemon in new games anyway. I prefer Zacian to Zamazenta and since most are getting Shield, I'll be getting Sword.
  7. I must say the only disappointment to me so far this gen have been the starter evolutions, which is great. Yamper's is adorable, Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash are amazing, and just yeah. The pokemon have mostly been really good so far! I'm kinda excited!
  8. The starters I think have been confirmed as real? Or at least that's what I heard. Anyway they're awful imo, with Scorbunny's being the best of the three. Ikfoxan (? the new fox pokemon) is adorable though and I want it.
  9. I must say I agree with your entire list. Your comment does leave me feeling as though I should clarify. I don't have a problem with any ship anyone ships (for the most part, there are some problematic ships out there - any of the herons x Oliver for example). My problem comes in with toxic shippers who are so vehement about their ships that they resort to derogatory comments about not only other ships, but the people who ship them or don't agree with their own ship. "You don't like my ship so you must be (insert insult here)!" Also the people who go onto shipping threads just to sit there and mock people who like lesser known ships or any ship that isn't their own. Those are the people I was referring to, I don't care about crackships in general. Also Rolf x Mist is adorable and you're very sweet, thank you so much for the compliment!
  10. I would like to echo the elitist fans, though that's a gaming and.... fandom in general issue. "Oh this game mode never should have existed, people aren't getting the true experience!" Like first of all, no one cares about your interpretation of the game's experience. Second of all, you don't have to use that mode and can entirely ignore it, so it hurts you exactly none. I say that as someone who has been playing Fire Emblem for a decently long time and been part of fandoms for longer. On the fandom note! Toxic. Shippers. Yes, they're here in the FE community. Yes, I hate them just as much here as I do in every other fandom where they seed their way in. No your crackship is not canon, stop claiming it is, and stop shoving it down my throat. Conversely, no one cares if this polite person's ship is not canon, stop being a jerk about disagreeing with them!
  11. If you mean can you use renown to purchase previous class masteries, yes you can. You can also purchase weapon ranks that you achieved, though in my NG+ run I noticed that it didn't carry over all previous skills from all my runs, just the most recent that I copied off of. Others might have noticed something different so if it was just a bug in my game I'm certain someone will mention 🙂 I will say I don't think you can apply these retroactively? So if you had another playthrough going before you finished your maddening run, I don't think those bonuses will work on the other save file. Sorry if this didn't answer your question, I can phrase things weird sometimes lol.
  12. I am so very sorry for your friend and his family, and for you. Having been in similar situations before I know simple platitudes don't help and these things are never easy. I will keep all of you in my prayers.
  13. So I just started my Maddening playthrough with the Blue Lions. Any suggestions for paths to take the Lions down that are good for endgame? I know my plan with Byleth, Ingrid, Annette, and Mercedes but the others would be helpful. I know I want to keep Dimitri in his canon endgame class I'm just wondering the right path to take him down and the others are up in the air a bit.
  14. Well first I want a flying class focused on swords and magic. Griffons could be a great choice for this. Pegasus riders need an advanced class (and not to be gender locked, that would be great) and wyverns need an intermediate class if pegasus gets one. I want some more pure weapon type upgrades. Trueblade for swords, a soldier line for lances (Soldier - Halberdier - Sentinel), and an upgrade to the warrior class (Reaver). Bows could get Marksman as an infantry mastery class. They need to straight up get rid of the gender locks on classes, those need to go away, let guys become gremories. Gold Knight could be a straight upgrade to the Paladin without resorting to Great Knight craziness. Basically since they're talking about options in this game, I just want more versatility. Let Edelgard use magic you cowards, lol.
  15. I think a lot of people were surprised at how much depth there was to him after the pre-release trailers showed him as being kind of the "standard FE lord". He does sort of start out that way, a noble character with high ideals of justice, but the direction they took him in was interesting to me. Also people tend to love characters with eyepatches and trauma. That's part of it too. Heheh, don't get me wrong, I adore Micaiah. I must say I like them both about equally, just in different ways. If I had to quantify it, Micaiah is my favorite female and Dimitri is my favorite male and they're tied with each other overall. This is true. A lot of Dimitri's popularity comes from people wanting to help him and protect him, heck I have the same feelings regarding him. I think a big difference is that Bernadetta tends to hit some people really sour in her first supports and first impressions are important you know? She definitely did me, though I found myself liking her later supports a lot more, specifically her A supports. They weren't enough to make her personally my favorite of the girls, the jury is still out about who that might be, but her A supports did move her from rock bottom least favorite character to middle of the pack.
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