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  1. I love the call back to Kiran and Alfonse's escapades as a "Great Hero". Also, gimme those orbs if you're just going to chuck them, Kiran!
  2. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go concerning my AR def. I don't really have any cavalry units built up aside from Reinhardt that would give my team a bit more flexibility when it comes to conducting a defense in depth. The best I could do yesterday was have Raven go on a rampage with Galeforce, but even then I relied upon having HaloMyrrh stall long enough to time my foe out. Team is: Raven +10 (Spd): Basilikos (LaD3 refine), Galeforce, Reposition, Fury 3, Desperation, Drive Spd 2, Heavy Blade 3 Halloween Myrrh +3 (Def): Spirit Breath, Aether, Reposition, Distant Counter, Special Fighter, Atk Smoke 3, Quick Riposte 3 Eir +1 (Atk): Lyfjaberg, Iceberg, Reposition, Swift Sparrow 2, Mystic Boost 3, Sparkling Boost, Atk/Spd 2 Ophelia +1 (Atk): Missiletainn, Blazing Light, Rally Up Atk+, Life and Death 3, Special Spiral 3, Drive Spd 2, Hardy Bearing Festal Micaiah (+atk/-hp): Dawn Suzu, Glimmer, Dance, Death Blow 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Res Ploy 3, Atk +3 Legendary Azura (+spd/-atk): Prayer Wheel, Moonbow, Gray Waves, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Attack Tactics, Guidance Any ideas on how I can refine this defense, or should I just junk the team? Addendum: I'm also aware that the defensive tile on the right exists, I'm having difficulty figuring out how to position units to deny its use.
  3. At long last, he arrives on the field of battle. He knows no fear, no mercy, no pity.
  4. Third iteration, new units in bold. Still no Lucina, but I'm making do with some good units at this point with a +3 Raven and Cordelia alongside a +2 A!Tiki.
  5. Thanks to my luck returning after a fruitless Legendary banner, I now find myself in possession of two Ishtar (+HP/-Def, +Spd/-HP respectively). While I know that the second one is the one I'll keep (sadly I'll lose the blessing I used on the first since I pulled her two days ago unless I merge), I'm in a quandry as to what I should use the first one for. While Swift Sparrow is undoubtedly one of the best PP skills, her unique C skill also has some allure as an inheiritable skill. Would anyone care to make an argument for either (or whether I should simply merge her)?
  6. So after the legendary banner left me at a 10% pity rate, both the distant counter weapon banner and the following gave me 5* on the free summon. While +res/-Atk Ryoma leaves much to be desired, I can live with a +HP/-def Ishtar.
  7. So after about 100 orbs on the Thracia banner hunting for Green!Olwen, I finally get her! Yay! Oh what's her IV? +Def/-Atk. Whelp, guess Cecilia isn't getting benched anytime soon after all.
  8. Second iteration, updates are bolded. Now all I need is another actual Lucina and I'll be somewhat content.
  9. Tybrosion, I find myself in your debt again for your Solei. That girl is terrifying. Hopefully someone on Team Buncina has found my Raven to be of use.
  10. I know that no-one was rooting for me, but I did it! I secured a Hector with 5 hours left on the banner! Now foes of Myrrh will learn the true meaning of fear... ...What? He was +HP/-Def! That's just asking to be shredded for DC if you ask me.
  11. Tybrosion, can I please have your luck in pulling a Hector? Once I get my arena orbs, I guess it's time for one last go.
  12. First Iteration, FTP (for now...) Holy crap, I had no idea I'd reached that many heroes at 5*. Can I get a Hector to fodder now or a Lucina at least?
  13. Enough orbs to get the two greens in my latest draft for Myrrh food. Both turn out to be 3* Bartre, or as I shall now call him, "Feathers".
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