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  1. I don't see that this seems to be on topic, or is all you think that just don't wanna see Caeldori on this banner? It looks more just like a rude try to provoke me. What do you think could be there too as an topic? I hope for an groom banner too, but IS want to see money and with brides they seem to get more of it.
  2. I hope to see Caeldori and Sigurd, but Marth would be good too and more realistic. Likely would be another Tharja or Camilla in this case. What are your hopes and expectations? Is this the banner of the groom, or bride's? Or maybe both? Who will be there? Here is the new picture of the heroes!
  3. Sigurd: He should not fall to fast in love with Deirdre, this is a bit weird. Caeldori: The deeprealm thing is one of the worst things in the franchise, her appearance and name shouldn't be similar to Cordelia. Ike/Micaiah: Ike shouldn't be the lord of FE10, it is Micaiah's game and Micaiah needs her own FE.
  4. Nichol in Fates, he is likely a wasted character during the development.
  5. R.I.P Caeldori, maybe I have in some month's again the chance. I am disappointed, because we got again an alt (Hinoka), or maybe two, if Shigure is counting,but at all, it is better than what happened with Thracia.
  6. It is...accurate for the newer developments, but not for the whole franchise.
  7. My point was that Gangrel was flat in the first plegian war. We knew that he tried to start a war between Plegia and Ylisse, to get the Fire Emblem, but if it was just revenge for the war with Emmeryn's father is unknown. So that in the time of plegian war was Gangrel just a violent and power hungry king.
  8. This is a story, which would be the best one since years, impressive! I really hope that IS would do something good as your did it for Fire Emblem: Dark Souls, with all the possible sacrifices and descisions would it be the FE with the most replayable story, I think it would become a favourite of mine. Thank you very much!
  9. I read an really interesting post by omegaxis1. This made the story of Awakening for me far more interesting and lead me to think about what could have been done with it. I think that the dark future had more potential than the timeline of Chrom, I am interested to hear some thoughts about this timeline and story.
  10. The story of FE4 was my favourite story of the franchise, it shows the dark side of being a lord and war. One of my favourite moments is as Sigurd got the Tyrfing. I didn't like the story of Awakening much, since timetraveling do not fit Fire Emblem in my opinion and as you said the majority of dying people are just no names. Another problem is, Chrom, who is a bad version of Ike, he wasn't really able to be a true lord. But the major problem was the first war with Gangrel, who was in this time just a flat antagonist . The best part of this time was that we met Validar and learned a bit about the Grimleal. The best part of Awakening was at the same time one of my problem's with it, the future. I was really interested to know what happened there, but we didn't get much of it. I think it would be better, if Awakening had more focused on it. I am really interested to know more about your ideas of Lucina's future, therefore I start a new topic about this.
  11. 1.No more child units as they were done in Awakening and Fates. 2.Male playable manaketes. 3.We need a female lord, who has her own game, sorry Micaiah. 4.Shuriken as they were done in Fates. 5.Full voice acting.
  12. In my opinion was the writing of the "New" FE's worse than the old ones, especially Fates was terrible. In the other hand were the game mechanics in general better done than before, but there are some exceptions, like capture, bows or child units. What the 2nd did was not good at all, in Fates and Awakening. I think that just the way of FE4 was right for the story, because timetraveling or deeprealms don't fit Fire Emblen in my opinion, but I have to say that it don't mean that they are bad as a character. The "New" FE's had a huge amount of characters, where some were really well written and many others were really bad(e.g. Peri), but the gameplay become better, which and the characters is the most important point of every FE in my opinion and everyone has another opinion what they think is the most important thing of FE.
  13. I think a number around 40 is the best one, with it we have enough characters and support quality .
  14. SalamenceI trained my first one in Ruby and used in every game later one, if it was possible.
  15. Children of Fates II: I hope that Caeldori gets into the game, as a bow or lance flier. Legendary:Anri (sword) and Greil (axe) GHB: Nergal, maybe as a grey mage
  16. I don't really like them, since they are mostly no new character , but I have to admit they can be funny.
  17. I think it was Conquest chapter 26, it was a nightmare of staffs in lunatic.
  18. Cordelia is the reason why Caeldori exist in Fates. You don't have to recruit Tharja or Rhajat. Camilla is a useful unit in Conquest. Fiona loves her people. Loki is a new character of Heroes. Xander is a loyal prince.
  19. Sigurd becames burned to ash. Caeldori is based on Cordelia. Bantu is not important after rescuing Tiki. Marth is in the higher difficulties to weak to defeat Medeus. Lyn goes lost in the main story. Ike shouldn't be so important in Radiant Dawn. Eirika is too naive. Micaiah has to share her game with Ike. Ephraim don't think enough about his actions. Nergal would kill his own children. Yen'fay just disappears after the war. Hector has low skill and speed. Hardin would sacrifices his own wife.
  20. I fully agree with these. Capture, as it was did in Thracia. Shuriken and daggers as they were in Fates. Critical quotes
  21. It is of course intentional, in the story is Hoshido the peaceful kingdom and Nohr the aggresive kingdom.
  22. -Fog of war -Loli Manaketes -Flat villians -Dragons as the final boss -Weapon weight -Avatars as main characters -It was time, that this becomes metioned.
  23. Areone is really hard to understand, I think he just don't know what he really want. I was a bit salty about his decision, since I was hoping to play him. I thins think that this could be one reason, Thracia was the best reason the fight against her, without Thracia is he unable to fight against Altenna.
  24. My favourite characters of the franchise are Sigurd and Caeldori. Sigurd is for me the ideal lord, he is a realistic lord who is fighting for his country and family. He is a really reliable person and fullfills the last whish of his father. After all is his trust in his friends his end, but he dies as a true hero. Caeldori is in my opinion the pearl of the newer games, she is hard working and has the feeling to be in the shadow of Subaki, she also is realistic and knows that true perfection is just a illusion.Aside of her main trait is Caeldori really kindful and cares a lot about the army and her friends. In this glorious franchise are far more noteworthy characters in my point of view, but I think these both are my top two and it should not become too much.
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