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  1. If you are a programmer, you would know, that you need only for this situation great effort to make this fitting into the story.The effort would become to big, compared to the sense of making a lot of special dialogues just for the situation that the player killed Garon and it would be very bad for the story telling. The second dialogue wouldn't be good for the story too.
  2. Ninja with speed boon and magic bane is a really good choice.
  3. If you like big maps and a really good story, than is Fire Emblem Genealogy (FE4) perfect. Path of Radiance(FE9) is another option, it is all in all a very good game, with interesting story and good characters (You like Ike?). Also recommendable are the games of the GBA, especially Sacred Stones(FE8) and The Binding Blade(FE6). I can't recommend FE7, because I think it is better to have played FE6 before you play this.
  4. Ginnungagap in FE 14, it has a very impressive animation. The attacks of Greatlords and Lodestars are fast and very elegant. Fighting Sigurd in any FE, since it is Sigurd.
  5. I wasted one vote for Sigurd and Gunnthra and thought that Gunnthra could win, but now it seems that V!Ike will win, he had got already the rest of my votes and the next ones are save for him.
  6. I hope that we get valentines kinshi knight Caeldori, new character and flying archer (+my 2nd favourite FE character). I hope that we don't get an only Awakening or Fates banner, maybe we could get Mist, Faye and Deirdre.
  7. True words, it's weird to see little girls fighting, or maybe becoming children. In the game it is mostly said that they are adults, but still looking like kids, so we have to accept this and it is important to accept other ones taste.
  8. Caeldori 91->138 is just terrible for me, after that I don't think that she will become added, but Ephraim and Hector as the winners is fantastic! Veronica was really surprising, I hoped that Erika could strike back, but it's okay.
  9. He knows the John Denver Memorial stone in Colorado.
  10. I think we will get one free CYL unit again, but not in the February. In my opinion it will take again a long time before they release the CYL2 banner, maybe in the summer.
  11. He likes Take me home, country roads of John Denver.
  12. This topic is already existing : Reasons for liking your favourite character?
  13. I think Vanguard Ike is a good choice, he comes with the blessing of earth and is a good unit.
  14. I hope that we get Erika in the top 2 of the female poll and Ephraim as 2nd placed male. The most important thing for me is Caeldori in the top 100.
  15. As I played Shadow Dragon first time, I thought at the begin Jagen is the best unit and decided that Gordin is the wrong Marth. After that I missed Bantu, killed Tiki and didn't get the Falchion.
  16. I decided to save every orb this year, last year it was enough to summon Sigurd, so this year it would be Caeldori, when she becomes added . Another one could be Leif, he is a missing lord in my collection.
  17. Only FE's of the Gameboy Advance? There wasn't such accident, but in one of my FE14 conquest playthroughs, I used every stat boosting item on Ike.
  18. Willkommen im Wald, ich spiele auch besonders gerne Spiele von Nintendo, insbesondere Fire Emblem. I hope you will enjoy your stay!
  19. I loved this maps and I am very happy that you liked them too. The story of FE4 was in my opinion the best of all FE's, I hope that we get one day again such a good story.
  20. Camilla and Tharja, both are poor fanservice and I do not like them as characters.
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