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  1. Gave up trying to solo yet again. Even when I gave them skills to be able to one shot the sword cav it still went after the others. Draw Back used for protection.
  2. Green bladetome with Mystic Boost seemed like it was put there for Nowi, but not enough.
  3. Guess I just forgot to post this one when it happened.
  4. Gave up this solo too and used Witch Nowi for buffs, resplendent and refined Nowi when?
  5. 1 charge Miracle made Null Distrupt pointless, just went for a lull instead and let her sit back healing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JZbpea9wzA
  6. Glad to have another Golden Deer and for free, will raise one Lorenz and feed the other to Witch Nowi for a new tome. Seals are nice, especially getting a solo. That'd be a straight upgrade to the Swift Stance I used here.
  7. Pretty easy since his castle splits his forces and the reinforcements aren't coming from everywhere. https://youtu.be/K89yHALQyQI
  8. Forgot to post it this morning, but it was simple, no real strategy. https://youtu.be/KH-66eX9KhU
  9. Got a Fallen Ike from my last ticket so here's Darting Breath in action.
  10. Green mage and firesweep bow were the key players here, taking them out asap was crucial for Nowi to tank everything else.
  11. Using a double date of Nailah, Groom Rafiel, Micaiah, and Sothe as my autobattle team. Don't usually leave out the TT unit but Hinata would be the odd man out.
  12. I'm a fan of both Tellus pairings. I like how Micaiah raised Sothe so she could groom him to be so loyal to her, being her husband is a much better path for his life than wasting away as a street urchin. And Nailah rescued Rafiel from certain doom in the desert, he'd never want to be apart from her. I'd like to pull for all of them but my orbs aren't too plentiful after the young banner. Only going for Rafiel, he's 4* and the only one I don't have another version of already, I'll just support him to regular Nailah.
  13. Gave up on the solo. Dragonslayer, beefy green Grima, Corrin doubling with precharged special, healer that can stop counters, way too much. Probably the hardest BHB so far, even when I used Witch Nowi (who could be one shotted through TA against Grima).
  14. This one was really easy, since her gimmick involves going solo she wasn't paired with something annoying like a blue res tank to block Witch Nowi.
  15. Can't wait for Minerva, she's going to be my second grail +10 unit joining Smolzura, and then I'll still have enough left over in case Nowi gets a grail alt. Since I pulled little Caeda, Palla, and Marth I can run full bonus this time with little Minerva. Spd Tactics seal at last, could be helpful in Abyssals to set up Witch Nowi's bladetome.
  16. About 450 orbs to get Caeda and the trio, along with a few Marths. Pitybreaker list is Brave Eliwood, Lysithea, Fallen Celica, Adrift Camilla, and Micaiah. Been wanting Micaiah to pitybreak me for a while, a shame she's -atk but with Deathblow she will still take out sword armors I'm sure. Now I look forward to the tempest trial for Minerva. These little fliers are going to be my core for all the "use sword/lance/axe" story quests from here on.
  17. I'm glad Minerva is free, it'll be a miracle if I can get just Caeda and the trio without having to buy orbs. Looking forward to future young banners but hopefully I've saved more orbs by the time they roll around.
  18. Shamefully had to resort to giving Nowi buffs on turn one, couldn't true solo this, even though it's a mere Infernal. Couldn't make her survive the TA tome if the axe guy wasn't taken out turn one, and if I made her skills offensive enough to pull that off she couldn't tank the rest. Not to mention the starting positions left the other Nowi's sitting ducks for the enemies to go past the solo one to hit them if I didn't take out most enemies first round. Maybe if I get a Nowi refine someday I could revisit this and try to beat it legit but for now I admit defeat.
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