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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Also, a worker of Kotaku tweeted the same info:
  3. Lyn/Eliwood Rebecca/Wil Marth/Shiida Mist/Rolf <----- WTF BOYD Zihark/Ilyana Serra/Erk Mia/Myself
  4. Best: FE10 Volke with Ellincia Worst: Oliver
  5. Watching a heck lot of shows this season. Shows from Spring '11: Hanasaku Iroha AnoHana Denpa Onna Beelzebub Ao no Exorcist Deadman Wonderland Nichijou Hoshizora OreTsuba C Hidan no Aria Hen Zemi GOSICK A-Channel Steins;Gate World Only God Knows II Other shows I'm watching: KimiKiss Pure Rouge Ore no Imouto Animated Commentary Specials
  6. AzNK890


    http://myanimelist.net/profile/aznkirby890 Mine and proud of it!!
  7. Looked some up to jog my memory, and these are the ones that I liked the most: [spoiler=FE7]"I am Glass! The gods fear my name!" - Glass Lucius: Lady Priscilla? Are you all right? Priscilla: ...Yes. It's nothing. Please forget about it. But...Lucius? Lucius: Yes? Priscilla: You are--how can I say this?--beautiful. Your face is like a woman's... No... Your face is even more beautiful than that of a woman... ...I'm sure even a few lords must have fallen for you... Lucius: You...must understand. I am...a man. As a child, I was often teased for my appearance, and I have never once profited from it "You kicked me... in the stomach." - Wil "Tell me...are you afraid to die?" - Ursula [spoiler=FE8]"I see. So you're 'Son-of-the-warrior-garcia-ross.'" - Lute "You mean Prince Innes? He's probably 100 percent stress. But I'm sure he's quite the ladies' man. I bet you have a crush on him, too. You're blushing, so I must have hit a nerve! A romance between a prince and his knight? What scandal! What intrigue!" - Forde [to Vanessa] [spoiler=FE9]"You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One... two... four..." - Volke Makalov: What!? You're not!? Phew! Hah...you had me there. I mean...just one nasty look from that face of yours could scare a man to death! Haar: So you're saying I'm ugly, is that it? I look like some kind of thug to you? Makalov: No, no, no! Not at all. You're very...handsome. Ruggedly handsome...yeah... Haar: Hmmm. That was weird. Oh well...back to sleep. "You can be a general, or you can be dinner. I don't really care which... But do try to show a little initiative, would you?" - King Ashnard (to General Petrine) [spoiler=FE10]"Right. Ike, hero of Crimea, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children." - Micaiah
  8. So i gave amelia a speed wing and energy ring and ended up with this: (No save state abuse) Speed training at tower:
  9. I thought Mia fit quite well, though there could have been better ones. Rolf was facepalm Shinon was sick Mist's PoR was so much more fitting. Boyd is firing his lazahs
  10. I see your Nephenee and raise you a Micaiah who capped everything without a booster
  11. Epic Wins: Micaiah caps ALL stats Titania caps ALL stats Eddie dodged a lethal blow that had 70% hit Marcia dodged a xbow shot with 80-85% hit Epic Fails: Mage with 1% critical chance kills ike with a crit in 4-1 I tried using Astrid
  12. Happy Birthday... whoever you are

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