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  1. Hold up, this game has windsweep. How do you get it?
  2. You might want to put this in spoilers for people who haven't come across this information
  3. Gambits and Lysithea is the only way I know of for killing Donkey Kong. I'd recruit her and get her reason to C rank. Shouldn't be too hard as she seems to get skill levels faster - at least in my use of her. I hear Hubert also gets Dark Spikes, but I haven't done a BE playthrough yet to know if he has it early enough or is at par with Lysithea's strength
  4. Quite possibly absolutely nothing. If you have a crest, your child isn't guaranteed to have one. I even remember a mention of a noble that kept on having children until he got one with a crest. With this in mind, I'd say a child with two crests is an unlikely occurance.
  5. Jeralt got a lot more time on screen, this a lot more development. I'm going to have to go with him mainly for that reason
  6. Whenever a unit of mine falls, it's usually to a Pegasus Knight or a Wyvern Rider. I think that speaks volumes. Also, Seteth is pretty tough as one
  7. If I'm reading this correctly, you're locked with whoever you S supported in your preceding save in the new game+? Meaning you can't S support someone different now?
  8. I'm nearing the end of my first run, Golden Deer, and that just sounds really disappointing. They had postgame in the recent previous games: Fates, Shadows of Valentia, and Awakening so it really surprises me that they opted to not include it here. I kind of hoped that there would be things to do post-game: DLC, monastery activities, raising supports, and skirmishes, maybe even a post-game dungeon like SoV had. I hope post-game playability is added in a free update
  9. Mercedes. I'm a sucker for the nice and kind girl who likes to help people when it comes to any game
  10. How do weapons that target the lower of foes def/res behave with AoE specials? Lightning Breath and Felicia’s plate for example
  11. I had a discussion with a friend once who's making his own multiple-ending story, and I really liked his idea of there not being any one canon ending. It leaves it more ambiguous as to which choice was the best one if the story was done well. I think I appreciate that more than one happy and objectively best ending for the sake of having something to discuss and ponder over, even if the ending itself isn't something with a lot of good feels
  12. I absolutely love how Eliwood’s C skill works. Legendary Eliwood has come to teach his son the Royscist a lesson XD Also that weapon, holy shoot I imagine that’s abusable. Do we know if bonus doublers stack by the way?
  13. More classes a la Fates and Echoes I think. And some of the DLC never gets localized. Still salty about what happened with Fates. And of course your typical beach, hotspring, and grind levels that we always have. Maybe some of them can have unique conversations between characters that otherwise can't support a la Fates and Awakening.
  14. This is my favorite part of the FB so far. Kjelle really is picking the wrong person to be concerned about beating her. Black Luna being absolutely broken and all that and BK himself even moreso in his source game.
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