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  1. I think Kiran might be dreaming he’s Alfonse. I feel that’s the link between what Anna was talking about and Alfonse mentioning he could only recall his time with Kiran
  2. This is interesting stuff. I hope someone does a dissection of this stuff and that I don’t miss it. I was disappointed at first when it seemed there wasn’t anything new in the library as I played CS. Are these accessible in the main story after beating CS?
  3. Unfortunately I don’t think Mattpat has ever discussed FE on his channel. I hope that changes in the future
  4. Alfaðör? I was under the impression it was a weird spelling of “Allfather.” Looking that up, it’s an alternate title of Odin the god
  5. I haven’t had much time lately to really do much of Forging bonds, but I did notice that Alfonse references the Dragon Askr in one story-chain. Did I miss any other world building for Zenith in the event?
  6. I got the DLC the same day I got the game. I don’t really remember how much I paid for it, nor am I sure what I’ve gotten that I paid for and what was free. My opinion on the DLC for most things that people are complaining about can be summed up as “nice idea, but shallow implementation.” Obvious standouts being the lack of dialogue for the Sauna, otherwise present for all other monastery activities, and Anna’s lack of supports, again her being the only playable character like this. I really hope some of the DLC additions become more fleshed out in later updates just like the base game gets as updates come in. The monastery/battle appearance options and expansion in the number of available save slots for example were fantastic changes to the base game Edit: Also, what’s with the wording choice of “New Allies” for Crimson Flower. Was someone other than just Jeritza added as playable there?
  7. Between the two routes I have played - Azure Moon and Verdant Wind, I’d have to say without a doubt Azure Moon. The characters if the Blue Lion house are a lot more tied to certain plot developments than most of the Golden Deer House. Also, I felt it was better as a story. I can’t exactly explain why I feel that way. I felt as I was playing the route that the focus was to write a compelling story, much moreso than Verdant wind. It’s not that Verdant wind lacked a compelling story, but when going from VM to AM, there’s a noticeable difference of something as you progress through the story. Some things that I definitely noticed were Dmitri’s character development, and the war being much more personal to him Also there’s the fact that I didn’t notice the absence of TWSITD until an off-hand mention late route.
  8. It just occurred to me. Given the way Beasts work in FEH, this recent comic should have had Leif and Seliph riding on human-form Lethe and Ranulf’s shoulders, and I find that hilarious
  9. One thing I wasn’t clear on reading the chapters earlier today. Was Sovvabreakr (however it’s spelled) a reforged Breadablik or was Líf just carrying Bredablik on his person in addition to his sword? The dialogue made me think the former until I thought about it again later today.
  10. I mean the whole reincarnation theory is just a headcanon that only has a little basis, no? I believe she'd choose Robin
  11. Hmm. If it’s this many people, there’s no way IS won’t notice. I was in the middle of an AA run and planning on testing something with a friend’s AR keep. I wonder what this update entails
  12. I really want a Lysithea that does her 3H self justice. Stupid powerful and either using her effective dark spikes T or her faster miasma/hex spells. And Cyril. Definitely Cyril. I’d just hope writers consciously try to limit bring up Rhea. There’s more to him than her, but it isn’t showcased enough in the game. I blame the scriptwriters rather than Cyril as a character. Maybe he’d be an archer or axe Wyvern rider. Others: Rhea, Bernadetta, Ignatz, Anette, Dedue, Ashe, Shamir, Lorenz, Seiros, and Nemesis Can we just get everyone honestly?
  13. Homophobia is beyond simply acknowledging homosexuality as a sin right? This is something that’s bothered me for some time. Because it’s definitely there in scripture, and I believe it, but I wouldn’t impose it on anyone or treat homosexuals any different from anyone else. Nor would I bring it up anywhere outside this comment because I really want clarification on this. Usually homophobes are the people extremely and needlessly vocal about it and harassing homosexuals, right? I’ve really wanted clarification on this for some time.
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