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  1. I had a discussion with a friend once who's making his own multiple-ending story, and I really liked his idea of there not being any one canon ending. It leaves it more ambiguous as to which choice was the best one if the story was done well. I think I appreciate that more than one happy and objectively best ending for the sake of having something to discuss and ponder over, even if the ending itself isn't something with a lot of good feels
  2. I absolutely love how Eliwood’s C skill works. Legendary Eliwood has come to teach his son the Royscist a lesson XD Also that weapon, holy shoot I imagine that’s abusable. Do we know if bonus doublers stack by the way?
  3. More classes a la Fates and Echoes I think. And some of the DLC never gets localized. Still salty about what happened with Fates. And of course your typical beach, hotspring, and grind levels that we always have. Maybe some of them can have unique conversations between characters that otherwise can't support a la Fates and Awakening.
  4. This is my favorite part of the FB so far. Kjelle really is picking the wrong person to be concerned about beating her. Black Luna being absolutely broken and all that and BK himself even moreso in his source game.
  5. Do we know the lyrics to the in-combat theme of Lif and Thrasir? I think today's the first time I had combat animations on fighting either and just now noticed that they have a unique in-combat theme
  6. I'm now curious how Alfonse would place if his and Lif's votes were combined
  7. Thracia- Reinhardt Blazing Blade - Leila Radiant Dawn - 3-13 Archer Awakening- Cervantes Fates- Lilith (who got treated so poorly), Zola, and Rainbow Sage (why not?)
  8. I’d like to see one of the Elibe games or Tellius I think. Would it work? Maybe. I feel some games would work best in parts and some would be better done over others. I think an adaptation of major off-screen events would work well too as long as it fits the story (a story about Anri or an original story with Elbert as the lord for example). Regardless of how unsure I’d be of the quality, I’d definitely watch it
  9. Saw Detective Pikachu recently, and I await the Sonic film anxiously. We also all know there’s a Mario movie in the future. Waiting on a Smash Cinematic Universe to be confirmed. Anyway, I got to thinking, what if there was a Fire Emblem movie? To give some kindling for discussion, do you think it’d work? Would you like for it to happen regardless? Also who would you trust in making the film and which game or plot, if any, would you like to see adapted? I’m curious as to what you all have to say. Can’t help but add this here as it came to mind when typing this
  10. Granted. The writers also decide to take their writing and character design into better consideration all while integrating all the elements of the game together - the story, the characters, and the gameplay - in an amazing way. Less fanservice pandering happens as a result, and people actually think that the production team is the best in the business. I wish the FEH would stop making higher tiered skills on just the new units and overall placed more importance on balancing new elements with the old whilst avoiding powercreep
  11. Swords are overrated. Also, *glares at Warriors* it's nice to have playable lance units that lack effectiveness against something.
  12. Corrin was a really weird choice for this banner. Kind of makes me wish this issue had been more delved into in Fates. In Heroes, it feels forced given how trivial the matter was in the original game. Kind of makes me wish it had been covered more there as it is actually interesting here, despite Corrin whining the whole Forging Bonds. At least she makes a good conversation partner for the other characters I guess. Glad to see we got the Berkut many people asked for. I really hope all the Rinea teasing from FB actually goes somewhere.
  13. Interesting to see Veronica getting involved. I guess she realized Hel was as much a threat to Embla as it is to Askr/
  14. I really want Geralt to be an Athos-like character this game. Or Karel. Not sure what the exact archetype is, but the sort who joins late and isn't useless at that point. I'm hesitant to say Athos because he's a mystical figure and OP.
  15. Errgh. I don’t have any orbs for Genny. It hurts. Glad to to see SoV getting a seasonal, even if this technically isn’t one. I question why this banner is treated as a special one. There’s nothing that really screams seasonal or holiday about it - more like it waa just done for fun. Maybe there’s something about Japanese culture I don’t know. I feel it would have made more sense as just a themed alt banner like adrift or fallen (though it’s up for debate whether those count or not as alts in some cases). Gosh I hope I get lucky.
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