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  1. I watched a stream of the game for a few minutes on Twitch and Byleth did have the player's self-insert name.
  2. I don't see Fates as being all that different, either. Three Houses, meanwhile, feels a lot like a Tactics Ogre game to me.
  3. How much reclassing is likely to occur to a single character within a single playthrough? How suboptimal are some class choices compared to others when you retain your weapon ranks upon reclass and every class can wield any weapon anyway?
  4. - very high number of exclusive character depending on route/house chosen - way more reclassing than usual, even compared to the Fates games - weapons being usable in any class, meaning you can technically have an axe cleric, a bow dancer, and a limitless combination of all. - weapon skill working differently from before - invaluable lessons learnt from FF Heroes, like giving Close Counter to ranged units. - far more action going on outside of the battlefield; cooking, fishing... What do you think? Is this the most different FE of all? If not, which one is it? Which changes seem the most radical to you?
  5. I love me some Wings, but My Sweet Lord is the best Post-Beatle song imho.
  6. Just gave this a try. I can load my Chapter file there just fine, and click on the Item menu, which I don't need. However, when I click on Units, the webpage is empty and stays empty even if I wait for it to load or something. It says the file needs to be decompressed with FEAST, with a link attached. I tried downloading that, and extracting the archive doesn't seem to give me any .exe files or anything I can use to actually decompress files, no program to open or anything. Help?
  7. Something went wrong on my Awakening 0% growths file - Tiki joined the army with slightly higher (+1) skl and spd stats than she is supposed to have on Hard Mode. It was probably an error when preparing the ROMhack for the challenge. The simple solution is obviously editing her current stats (since she joins post-chapter, luckily) with appropriate software. There's FETwiddler for Fates, whose working I know very well thanks to a random reclass challenge I still need to finish, but is there anything for Awakening that lets you edit your units' stats? I'm look at this page over here - https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-fire-editor-fire-emblem-awakenings-save-editor.397493/ - and it seems to have a website and a downloadable archive version. The website lets you edit your units' class, which is of no use to me (just need to grade two of Tiki's stats down by 1), and the archive I downloaded does not... appear to have any executive file that would launch a program to load your chapter save and get the edits done? I dunno how these things work anymore. Would appreciate any help with this if anyone has some experience editing unit stats.
  8. Houndoom is an Ultra Sun exclusive. I'd use one if I were you; after all, it wasn't there in SM.
  9. Units' capacity to evade attacks could still be a thing, albeit not reflected as a hit rate percentage. I'm not advocating FE Fates' or New Mystery's enemy attack power to be carried over (by the way, Fates has plenty of legitimately tanky characters like Xander and Effie), but Fates did have the defence stance mechanics. I much prefer being guaranteed to withstand an attack to relying on all manner of coin flip scenarios. Swordmasters could have an easier requirement to guarantee a block than classes associated with raw power. Other skills and mechanics outside of skills could be implemented to make classes and units unique amongst each other in addition to base stat and growth discrepancies. I really don't see the random factor as adding any complexity or depth to the games. It seems like it only distracts the game and the player from truly strategic playing.
  10. I'd like to try doing away with the random factors, because FEH makes it look viable enough to appear in a mainline game.
  11. We all know FE Girls introduced a bunch of things that would be added to future FEs, so it's not impossible. In fact, did no fanhack ever come up with the idea of forging in FE before Path of Radiance?
  12. And by that I don't mean the gacha elements and the gambling involved. I'd kinda like a mainline FE where hit rates and crit rates don't exist at all, and an attacker is either always hitting or never is. An FE that emphasises strategy outside the constraints of FEH's limited format with tiny maps. I believe putting more emphasis on units' skills, statistics and synergy could lead to us getting the kind of Fire Emblem that should've happened a long time ago. Would anybody else be happy to see some of the FEH mechanics carry over to FE Switch?
  13. Millions of innocent people lost their lives because of the bigotry and Hitlerism that permeated Germany and other parts of the world. It was an obscene period in our nation’s history. No, not our nation’s. But in World War II, I mean, we all lived in this century. I didn’t live in this century. But in this century’s history. Because we did not have—as a matter of fact we fought—Hitlerism, which was a totalitarian form of government. Seriously though, I've always held the belief that excessive tolerance leads to phenomena like Hitler appearing and going on a rampage. The force was unstoppable and it seems wrong to me whenever I hear too little was done. It was given the exact reaction and treatment it deserved. But for it to appear in the first place, there must have been an environment for going against common sense and twisting everything that'd to do with human nature.
  14. Been thinking a lot about this lately... Is Rescue!Atlas really worth going for? If I can 1-turn Seabound Shrine in Act 3, I can sacrifice 1 turn to possibly get more back. There are two more wells at the end of Act 3, which makes it 4 level-ups Atlas can get from us without fighting. If I'd saved up the 1st Golden Apple, he could've got five. But that's still 11 unpromoted level-ups + 3 promoted levels. We still need to get him 10 levels somehow. If Celica and Mae can't be levelled well when LTCing with mobile units, then what does that make Atlas? I can't imagine him powerlevelling unless this were a draft run with dungeon encounters. And after all that, which turns is Rescue saving in Act 4 once it's learnt? Is it saving any at all? I figure I might just make him a cav or archer instead.
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