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  1. Female!Robin×Tharja and Female!Robin×Flavia needs to be a thing imo. Nevermind. I saw where it was included. My bad.
  2. Looking for an avatar with Lancefaire, Axefaire, and Lethality or Counter.
  3. My DeviantArt My YouTube My Blog My Fanfiction
  4. Unemployed. Going to community college for my associates in programming. I worked in retail for 10 years and just wasnt happy after a while. Not sure if I want to try for a bachelors or not. If I can even afford it. I want to have a decent paying job that I can enjoy or at least not hate going through to support while doing YouTube videos on the side. Ive already gone through college once for my associates in theatre. But sadly there's no real theatre work where I live.
  5. Anyone have a Mitama with Counter, Lifetaker, Lethality, Pavise or otherwise good defensive skills? I also need an avatar with renewal, counter, Lifetaker, aegis, Pavise, or melee breaker skills for my ballistician avatar.
  6. I apologize I've gotten people confused or anything. I got Counter Ophelia from Daisy. I have midori with lethality, profited, spendthrift, duplicate and quick salve. I plan to try to get her with Astra and point blank at some time. I can't pass on DLC skills but if you like ill let you know I have her equipped and allow you to recruit her @daisy jane. I am also trying to get Kiragi and Nina with both Astra and PB.
  7. No more clone characters. Instead of using a popularity contest to determine characters, come up with something original. I like Tharja, but I like her in her game. Not in the next one as a recolor. I would also like more stuff like Dragon Veins in more maps. Or destructible terrain and walls and such, to add another layer of strategy to maps.
  8. I don't mind the kid characters, just make sure that they're not frigging clones like Rhajat and the others. Those slots could be used for new original characters. Let child units inherit DLC skills. S rank support for same sex characters, though I imagine A+ is as good as it's going to get. Let our avatars go back to being able to pick up any skill rather than choosing one to second seal into at start. More Interesting maps, with things like the Dragon Veins we can utilize for a strategic advantage, destructible walls/terrain, etc.
  9. I typically go +Skill/Strength and -Luck/Resistance. Luck is something I rarely use. Not many "top tier" skills (Lethality, Aether, Pavise, Aegis, etc) use Luck or Resistance. The only thing I can think of is Miracle and Armsthrift. I was about weapon durability and Armsthrift wasnt a thing but I was still thinking about Fates. Though I really dont get much use out of either stat in that game either. *Shrug*
  10. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  11. @Sock I meant to say counter or counter magic for Ophelia. I think i formatted that wrong. I also meant to say Pavise or Counter for Velouria. I gave her Aegis from Peri. If you still have the others up Ill try to grab them when I can get online next.
  12. Right now I have Sumia and Lissa as Darkfliers to give Cynthia and Owain Galeforce. Is Chrom a good parent for Inigo or should I set him up with Sumia? What's the best class(skills) to have M!MU pass to Morgan? This really isn't anything special like a challenge run or anything. Just a normal casual playthorugh.
  13. Looking for Nina with Astra and Renewal / Counter, Shigure with Aegis or Renewal, Midori with Astra and/or Pavise, Mitama with Aegis or Counter, Velouria with Aegis or Counter, Soliel with Aegis or Counter, Caeldori with Renewal, Ophelia with Counter(Magic), Shiro with Counter, Astra or Lethality, and Hisame with Counter and Lethality. Castle Address: 00073-34849-33590-44814
  14. Hello everybody! I am a new member to these forums and a somewhat new player to fire emblem. I've only played awakening and fates but ive played the sh** out of both of those. I'm a self admitted casual who spends too much time grinding EXPonenential Growth, Boo Camp, Vanguard Dawn and Ghostly Gold. I am also a genetic engineer and enjoy pairing different characters up to get different combinations of skills on kids and etc. I hope to make a lot of new friends and engage in some good conversation on the game.
  15. How many posts or etc do we need to make in order to get access to the discord server/ or post there. Also I seem to be unable to post new topics on the forum.
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