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  1. Hey guys. Good to see this place still alive and kickin
  2. Aere

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    Why is it when I search my name the top results are concerning how bad of a vigilante I was >.<
  3. GJ BBM, sure, However, WHY THE HELL WAS BALDRIC NOT LYNCHED EARLIER. Probably half of my comments in the master thread were concerning this. Mancer don't try to use meta.
  4. Aere

    Chem help!

    Never mind, I'm retarded. General homework thread go!
  5. Aere

    Chem help!

    I know it is but I can't find the answers lol
  6. Aere

    Chem help!

    Sooo, I'm studying for a test tomorrow and I need to do this old AP question for review Anybody can help? It's Chapter 14 and 19 in the AP Chem textbook...
  7. Votals: Sho (6) Kay, SB, Elieson, eclipse, Mancer, Rapier Mancer (3) JB, Shin, Lucina BBM (1) scorri Baldrick (3) Shinori, BBM, Xinnidy scorri (1) Sho Elieson (1) Baldrick 17 hours, 33 minutes till phase end (I think)
  8. I will try my best to at least check this thread after school/during school/ as often as I can. If I can't, I'm sure my partners will keep this up... Well, I'll try to get votals current enough when the game starts and when it matters.
  9. Aere

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    one of these things is not like the others
  10. Aere

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    Real life is too busy for me to do anything :( -But I can read up/update from school
  11. Aere

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    Posting here to force myself to help Boron mod FR mafia.
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