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  1. thats like fundamentally not that complex. any wolf player who has experience plays like this. just because town gave us a free win means absolutely nothing to the quality of play. in every good, emphasis on good. wolfteam i've witnessed, there are always wolves who powerwolf and try to dominate thread. there are wolves who go deep and try to set up for the f3 scenario. there are wolves who try to hold scum together and keep the focus on townies. there are wolves who act as cheerleaders and keep everyone motivated (though i obviously wouldn't see that behind the scenes), mastermind wolves who coordinate small interactions that play into a larger picture of their goal (another case of the previous example.) there were almost no elements of that here, and just because we weren't punished for it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  2. guys, read this post knowing i like all of you as people, and i really appreciate when you're there for me. i had to replace out because mentally i'm not doing so hot and need to get to a better place. that said, the wolves fucking sucked. consistent attempts at needless bussing, lack of presence and real game thought, and some of us literally lolcatting or slipping should have made this an easy town victory. in no way did wolves play well, and it's incredibly aids that the only wolf town picked up was one that scumslipped. the potential for a high quality of play here is incredible. you're all fantastic players. thats why games like these are so disappointing.
  3. i just can't do this anymore. replace me out
  4. made sense hi, you caught me as i lost all will to do anything
  5. i'll get to your other post later, but that's an incredibly huge leap
  6. so your thought process is since there's nothing on him, why try to solve the game and figure out his alignment? you didn't even bother @ing him, didn't bother asking him a simple question about exactly what he meant. instead, you just stuck a vote on him and watched as the wagon progressed on him slowly. what the fuck kind of townplay is that? i have never, NOT ONCE, seen a town player who saw a post that interested them and decided to just leave it. even in the lurkers, the inactive players, they'll always say something about a post that throws them off, and then they'll disappear again. so you do know how i play, you just decided to say you wanted to lynch me knowing that this is just how i play. looks like you're trying to devalue my opinion by giving me a less than reputable perspective in everyone's eyes, and you sit here and play dumb and say you didn't shade. who do you think you're fooling what the hell are you saying here? it was a pointless train of thought, but there was also a perceived mistake that you say town would never make? you never noticed anything, and you left it alone? you don't ask him about what he meant, but you talk to him about if it's his first game? there's a lot of viewpoint slips in this post. ##vote Mackc2 never rescinding
  7. for the first quote i broke, how does that post correlate with your thoughts on tuvy, and what were you hoping to get from it?
  8. why did you never bring this up or question tuvy on it if you were confused? haven't we played before? and if we haven't, why the fuck are you trying to shade me without being to read me anyways?
  9. scumnori trying to widen the poe, i see.
  10. athena i think you're reading too many of my posts
  11. im honestly a little biased. however, i think nothing hes said has made any sort of sense so far, hes got no genuine feelings of sorting the game in his posts, and i cant tell if hes attacking how i talk or attacking what im talking about. i honestly would probably lynch him after shinori because of the way theyve been handling each other with weird half reads that keep flipping. im pretty sure theres a wolf there. i also want to talk to @Alette and @Mackc2 so hmu when you guys get back
  12. first my lack of capitalization and now my overuse of capitalization? when will it end
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