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  1. I had good luck with the Fire Emblem: 30th Anniversary Special Edition, but for what that was worth, that was in-store and with the $5 down as opposed to the full price. And I did the same with this game. Not sure if that will make a difference. Hopefully, I won't face a cancellation.
  2. Still crazy to see this thing hobble onward though.
  3. What is almost dead may never die. Or some shit.
  4. Much like forums in general, it feels like.
  5. It's not running. It's hobbling.
  6. It is. But it's a shell of the former...glory it once had.
  7. In the context of Three Houses, the lords don't walk into Shez, because they're dead by that point. Keep in mind the lords were in Remire six months after the prologue in Hopes. So if Hopes and Houses were in line with one another up to the point Arval saves Shez, then yeah. Shez would've been long dead by that point.
  8. Good times in this thread.
  9. Never. Pins are for Ultima.
  10. I know, crazy right? We had actual discussion for a moment!
  11. I, for one, welcome the return of the Thread.
  12. I assure you that I meant this as legitimate shock. It's been that long since I recall seeing actual FE4 talk here in any way lol.
  13. Wow. An actual Jugdral inquiry!
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