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  1. Oh. Huh. It came back briefly lol.
  2. I haven't forgotten and I won't, for better or worse.
  3. I suppose. A lot of it was just due to us being younger and stupid but...eh.
  4. Wow indeed. I miss this thread in a lot of ways.
  5. Just have a certain endgame boss from Octopath show up as a superboss here . No explanation. Just "Why the fuck is this thing here?".
  6. I see some familiar faces these past few pages!
  7. She looks like Sharena. IntSys, are we really doing this again...?
  8. This thread has been a ride, to put it plainly.
  9. Hey folks, long time no talk.
  10. I'm reading through Ninji's FE5 log. Ah memories.
  11. Everything points to the Agarthans being the ones to give into their hubris and attempt to attack Sothis. She responded with retribution and then had to spend energy to heal the land that they fucked over. So no, I'm pretty sure the mole people have been in the wrong this whole time.
  12. Byleth just flies into the sunset and he's probably wondering how the hell he's going to explain this shit to Thales. It was glorious.
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