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  1. This thread has been a ride, to put it plainly.
  2. Hey folks, long time no talk.
  3. I'm reading through Ninji's FE5 log. Ah memories.
  4. Everything points to the Agarthans being the ones to give into their hubris and attempt to attack Sothis. She responded with retribution and then had to spend energy to heal the land that they fucked over. So no, I'm pretty sure the mole people have been in the wrong this whole time.
  5. Byleth just flies into the sunset and he's probably wondering how the hell he's going to explain this shit to Thales. It was glorious.
  6. Wow, I wasn't sure how bad I was expecting Book 4 to be, but they managed to surpass my expectations. As if Book 3 being edgy-dark wasn't dumb enough, they go in completely the opposite direction with this. Also I like how Alfonse's dad has the sleeping sickness. Y'know, just to totally ignore what happened in Book 3.
  7. Thank fuck the story ended. I didn't think it was possible that I'd miss Surtr, but holy shit did Hel prove to me that we can make villains even worse, just in different ways. The keywords to Book III were missed potential. It only further showed to me the folly of how FEH's story progress goes, where one or two segments of a chapter (if we're lucky, three or four) tells a story. The crunch involved is so fucking bad. Eir was just as worthless as Fjorm was up until the very, very end, which to her credit is more than Fjorm had. Baby steps to improvement but otherwise? Ugh. I can't wait to see how Book IV disappoints me. Or doesn't. If we're lucky, they'll write worth a damn. Sorry if this seems overly scathing but after Three Houses, I have higher standards for FEH story. I don't care if this is mobile because I've seen mobile games try and succeed with story or at the very least, really try harder even if the end result is baffling (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius season 2 comes to mind...)
  8. I didn't find it boring honestly, but if I were to guess...maybe as early as Erik formally joining? If not at that point, then when you get a full party, which happens fairly quickly actually. When Veronica and Serena join.
  9. So I've been playing Dragon Quest XI S and it's fantastic.
  10. Story still has the same damn problem where most of the chapters are worthless filler that don't do a damn thing except "Hey, look, it's this hero that you can pull!". And "Hurr durr I lost my sanity when they died". Yeah, no shit Lif. Too bad that you're just trying to help eliminate another Askr in the vain hope that Hel would keep her word and exchange their lives for your Askr Even though Hel has literally no reason to do so. She'd have /two/ dead Askrs instead. Awful.
  11. ROMANCING SAGA 3 MOTHER FUCKERS. By far the biggest hype for me considering how much I loved RS2.
  12. Depends on how much of an ass the composer decides to be. As awesome as Dragon Quest is, the composer is a total shitbag.
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