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  1. Tartar sauce, which I can whip my own version up in a few moments by mixing mayo, chopped red onions, sugar and black pepper. Great for chops and fish sticks. Hell, it even goes well with lumpia.
  2. Does making Felix a gauntlet-wielding Assassin count? (props to @eclipse for the idea) Hired him in my Hard GD run, and if he doesn't deal additional damage with his Crest, crits process frequently on him like nobody's business. Eventually carried over Lethality to his endgame class (War Master), and damage-dealing is going to absurd levels oftentimes.
  3. If she Neps, you'd probably have more of a bias tbh
  4. Because the rest of us are technologically challenged. Is it too late to give my car a fresh paint of coat?
  5. Definitely a General. Would start off in an opposing army, but you could eventually recruit him. He'll be one of those characters that you will not bench. Triple H.
  6. A Starbucks coffee tumbler. If I'll be counting the number of times I've lost these, I'd rack up $150 in a span of two years.
  7. Recruited Sylvain on my current (Golden Deer) route, and I'm now torn between shipping him off or Claude with femme Byleth, That the last name was brought up and how it's pronounced is good, but didn't the game botch the way the first name was pronounced, too? I've always imagined it'd be Syl-/von/ (my French is really rusty, but I remember a wrestler from Montreal named Sylvain Grenier who pronounces his name like I did).
  8. A lot of the context is removed. Definitely agree on it being obscured to the point of absurdity. For what purpose, though?
  9. Rock Howard took his Rising Tackle, that's why. XD Not much of a Terry guy in KOF, but I really am looking forward to seeing how he'll perform in Smash.
  10. Ground meat and fabricated statements. Why is bologna spelled the way it is? Did the guy who gave it the word also come up with "colonel?"
  11. He's as insidious as Dick Cheney, so I doubt that he'll be away for long. Either way, good fucking riddance.
  12. First, she says she won't, then she says she will/She keeps you hanging on, and you guys are not moving on. Why was Mello Yello discontinued?
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