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  1. BHB Banner's free summon gave me an Innes (my first). 24/40 in the Church banner, and I got a Flayn and a Julian. Will gun for another one on my road to the spark summon.
  2. looks ready for Nep-low-ween. Dammit. ^ - is a vampire before he is a son or brother.
  3. That is what Republicans have known through the years. Just ask Paul Weyrich, who has since joined co-founder of The Moral Majority Jerry Falwell in an ignominous afterlife. He is well aware of Republicans' clout going down as polling numbers goes up. Side note: Funny that the group he founded with Falwell is called The Moral Majority when nothing they had to say through the years is very moral (see Falwell blaming "the pagans, the gays and lesbians, the ACLU, People for the American Way," to name a few for 9/11), nor do they appear to have a majority of any sort.
  4. If you do Uber or Lyft full-time, you deserve benefits and health coverage. Prop 22 will stifle that, and the big companies are doing their arm-twisting via coordinated campaigns to ensure they make as much money, hand over fist, at the expense of drivers. Screw that.
  5. ^ - To speak nothing about decades of jurisprudence, too. How that can be turned on its head and just be declared unconstitutional one day is just staggering.
  6. Good on him. He'll live long enough to be thrashed by Biden.
  7. I'll keep this simple: Screw Trump, in every way possible. His absolute destruction is very much welcome.
  8. Simply put, Cain's demise didn't mean much because he wasn't Trump. No one among that cabal would give two cross-eyed shits to anyone who isn't registering in the pecking order of things. I still look at the Orange Turd with a mixture of pity and contempt, and root for his destruction.
  9. My first Legendary Leif and a Plumeria in 50 orbs. This is nice.
  10. Despair and Hope was filled with equal amounts of both, on my road to a free Shinon. Ylgr (really, game?) Eyvel (see above comment) Fiora (Free Pegasus Flight! Now who to give this to...) Brave Dimitri (+atk! Great) Averaging to one 5* every 10 summons, this journey isn't half bad.
  11. Oh look, Trump pulling a move out of the Duterte playbook lmfao
  12. In a different time, all this rhetoric about not choosing the lesser of two evils (because it's still evil) would make a lot more sense. Not in the current political climate, though. You have the chance to show your disgust at an administration that has run roughshod over the conventional bipartisan lines of thinking a few of us have (not to mention the other brilliant fuckups they've managed to serve up). Don't squander it. side note: Crysta illustrated the point a lot more succinctly than I'd ever do. Thanks :D
  13. A little over one month in and I haven't had the urge to check out the eShop. Guess Diablo III really is enough to curb my spending habit for now.
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