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  1. Hi guys. Since TMS#FE has officially been released for the Switch, don't you think the forum description should reflect it? 😄 petitioning the change, then..
  2. I would lay off on going for a third-party dock, though. https://www.techradar.com/news/heres-why-nintendo-switch-third-party-docks-could-brick-your-console The following is a snip of the article above, explaining how exactly some third-party docks would render the Nintendo Switch unplayable. So unless that dock you're eyeing sends 6 volts or less, or is not manufactured in such a way that the VBus and CC pins don't cross, you're really better off buying a genuine Switch dock. Oh, and here are a few FAQs on the matter: https://switchchargers.com/nintendo-switch-bricking-faq/
  3. Because you're on vacation at this time of year. What in the world am I doing in the office today?
  4. That's the thing. I've always had this feeling of Douglas' characters as manipulative, devious, and maniacal, and in FEH he's voicing...a humble curate (to be fair, he also voiced Gharnef)?
  5. DC Douglas (Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series) voicing Wrys in FEH. I did not see that one coming. Not at all.
  6. Did you leave the battery without juice in that 10-day timeframe?
  7. I'd appreciated you bursting the bubble on deadweights I've been carrying all my life a whole lot sooner.
  8. Depending on the weapon you choose to main or favor, there might be a learning curve. I found that out the hard way--wanted to main the big Buster Blade, only to find out that I'd need to learn how to do counterattacks, which I suck at. Had better luck with the dual blades (Biting Edge) for my initial run. Now I use Short Blade for its emphasis on doing damage to weak points, and quick repositioning on the field.
  9. I am enjoying the semi-mindless grind on God Eater 3. Finished the MC story arc, and getting gear before going to the other characters'.
  10. I'd like a good lobster bisque. 😉 j/k I'll probably get started on building gunplas again, if I get the space for them. Otherwise, I'll be building a backlog my Switch game library.
  11. One of the tickets gave me a Legendary Celica, which I gladly took.
  12. God Eater 3. Just finished the main story. Now just grinding for better endgame gear to bring over onto a new game+.
  13. The girlfriend and I will be going on a Christmas buffet, but that doesn't stop her mom from prepping stuff for the Eve feast. Morcón, which is a Filipino-style beef roulade (contrary to its Andalusian counterpart, a kind of chorizo) Herb mac n' cheese Ham Buttered shrimp We're dropping the soup, since we got a lot already. XD
  14. Is this a domestic flight (within your country) or an international one?
  15. I'm willing to wager that a screenshot of the tweet Trump the Younger made re the Clintons getting impeached back then came up on your end as well. XD
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