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  1. I normally ask the streamer if he'd want some assistance, and try to keep the tips spoiler-free, but depending on the game, that may be easier said than done.
  2. Played it, and I recall Maiko's weapons looking too long to be considered daggers. They're practically short swords. And Gangrel is listed as a Myrmidon on TMS #FE's entry in FE Fandom although one of his attacks is Axe-type.
  3. You're right. No thieves/dagger-wielders are present in TMS #FE. Not even the villains IIRC. Off the top of my head, these were the weapon types for the heroes. Itsuki/Chrom: Sword Tsubasa/Caeda: Lance Touma/Cain: Lance Kiria/Tharja: Rod Mamori/Draug: Axe Eleanora/Virion: Bow Yashiro/Navarre: Sword
  4. RIP Lars-Göran Petrov (2/17/1972 - 3/7/2021)
  5. Okay, this has the possibility to sound incredibly reductionist, but you did force the hand that is about to be dealt. You're saying that it's not valid to criticize fanservice-y anime/manga because the kinds of thrills they give, however cheap, are viewed as de rigueur for the genre they represent? Do you realize the slope you're casually inviting everyone and his mother to bobsled on, luge in tow, with reckless fuck abandon, is inherently screwed up nine ways to Sunday?
  6. Thanks for saying what was on my mind. I've (successfully up to now, I think?) avoided replying to these kinds of threads for various reasons, chief among them the enormous amount of hair-splitting and delving into minutiae about what makes a game dislikable on objective terms. I'd like to establish that the proposition is impossible to achieve, because gamers are free to like/dislike games/concepts/plots/whatever on whichever terms they see fit. A trivial thing for one is a dealbreaker for another, and that is fine. Unless you're out to convince someone to see merits where they're seeing lemons, that's when disappointment comes. I adopt this credo for any game/anime/book I come across. And I save neurons doing so. *italics mine* If by real discussion you mean looking for imaginary objective criticisms, then let's can all pretense and hop on our individual flights of fancy.
  7. I'll probably go for Seiros, and spark for Legendary Brave Edelgard, given that I don't have the former, and the latter I am working for max merge on at some point (she's now at +5).
  8. The first few questions will have you describe, in 250 characters or less, what you like/don't like about the demo. The remaining questions dealt with whether or not you picked up the new characters and used them in-battle, how long were the battles for you, and if you play other SRPGs/Tactical RPGs. Weird that the survey didn't have anything like a notification that you were done with it, though. It just routed you back to the Nintendo website.
  9. Good: Project Triangle (REALLY expecting a name change somewhere down the line, more so than Octopath, which made more sense in hindsight) Mana/SaGa remakes Pyra and Mythra in Smash Bad: DC Supergirls (really?) Fall Guys (though a great party game, I just don't care for it) The Winner: my wallet (I don't have to spend for much in the coming months!)
  10. *rim shot* Yeah, the French band has an upcoming album in April. Killing time before the Direct by working
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