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  1. I'll probably go for Seiros, and spark for Legendary Brave Edelgard, given that I don't have the former, and the latter I am working for max merge on at some point (she's now at +5).
  2. The first few questions will have you describe, in 250 characters or less, what you like/don't like about the demo. The remaining questions dealt with whether or not you picked up the new characters and used them in-battle, how long were the battles for you, and if you play other SRPGs/Tactical RPGs. Weird that the survey didn't have anything like a notification that you were done with it, though. It just routed you back to the Nintendo website.
  3. Good: Project Triangle (REALLY expecting a name change somewhere down the line, more so than Octopath, which made more sense in hindsight) Mana/SaGa remakes Pyra and Mythra in Smash Bad: DC Supergirls (really?) Fall Guys (though a great party game, I just don't care for it) The Winner: my wallet (I don't have to spend for much in the coming months!)
  4. *rim shot* Yeah, the French band has an upcoming album in April. Killing time before the Direct by working
  5. "Unity" and "moving on" seem to be the buzzwords among the GOP faithful, as evidenced by David Schoen calling the "streamlined" impeachment process that the House put forth as "pure, raw, misguided partisanship." That is fucking rich coming from the idiots.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/02/09/trump-impeachment-live-updates/ Republicans not paying attention while the video of the Capitol siege is being played reminds me of the Nuremberg trials where some of the major war criminals were bored when the documentary videos of what happened in the concentration camps were shown.
  7. No, I don't wear glasses. Do you practice your faith/belief system?
  8. Norwegian Bokmål (lit, "book tongue") would be closer to Old Norse, at least closer to it than modern Norwegian (Nynorsk) would be. Both are officially recognized, but you mostly see and hear everyday people relying on Nynorsk than Bokmål for writing and speaking. And yes, it all goes back to the Edda: Þjálfi is one of Thor's servants.
  9. I'd say it's almost correct. Old Norse and modern Norwegian are funny in that the letter j, more often than not, gets silenced (Hjelvik, for instance, gets pronounced as if the "j" isn't there).
  10. I welcome Gatekeeper as a literal blank slate that IS can work off of. The turn of events is contentious for some, but I don't find anything incidental to a noisy dispute. Loved that vignette, too @Mercakete
  11. I got Dheginsea. Slick Fighter/Sturdy Stance fodder, no complaints.
  12. Not the Emperor I had in mind, but would do in a pinch.
  13. you mean THIS Emperor? Seriously, I hand it to the guy for creativity, but not so much for wearing his musical influences on his sleeve.
  14. I'd say that the Cradle of Filth influence is pretty heavy. In times that I don't hear it, I hear Gothenburg death metal riffs (At the Gates, Haunted, etc), which are okay in their place, but the experience is a bit jarring. Vocals are a bit low in the mix too, which does your female vox a disservice.
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