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  1. *looks at italics* In America! Re villains: I'm of the opinion that if you hate a villain, said character is doing his/her/its job (high five @Stroud for the wrestling metaphor). Denying the existence of a villain like Iago in FEH though by hating him doesn't really make for much--you can always turn him into feathers. Nuanced villains will always have a place in any game, and so will villains that are evil for the sake of being evil. Not every villain will get layers to them, and that's okay.
  2. by the same logic, why not someone like Yashiro lmao
  3. Inb4 someone thirsty votes for Maiko.
  4. No German Suplex = INVALID XD I voted for Vaike.
  5. Compared to the recent Three Houses and Easter banners (I got a Lysithea in the former and jack shit in the latter), the Legendary Banner's been good to me. Mamori, Bramimond and Legendary Alm all came in separate pulls.
  6. God Eater 3's final update has hit us last week, but since I'm playing Final Fantasy 12, I've yet to sink my teeth into the new content. That Square Enix eShop sale could not have come at a better time--when I was busy getting logistics and shit done so I could work from home. On the flip side, I've had to use my smartphone to coordinate with the folks I'm supporting, which is not fun if your phone is even remotely a potato.
  7. IIRC, you get the trigger on a blue treasure box on the second chapter of the EX story.
  8. Fixed it for ya. Enjoyed the game as well, even if it is something that I'm averse to, thematically.
  9. merely corrected an initial post (very creative 😕 ).
  10. It's not a mistranslation. Karimlan can mean either darkness or obscurity, depending on the context it's used. Topic: Brought back the Nep avatars.
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