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  1. This is a constant. Ever since I had Spring Camilla, I've observed that you'd get a net heal (damage subtracted from the HP healed) if you slap Fury on her.
  2. The "moderates" need to realize that they are being played by the nutters, basically, and deplatform them utterly. Some folks are quick to realize the folly of their ways, and some take their time.
  3. Lemme sum it up in a succinct way. The ivory tower you are in is built on a foundation of foot-draggers and fence-sitters who have heard the clarion call and opted to let the chance slip by. You can stay in that tower for as long as you like, but take note: you do not get to disavow the privilege you have by just saying "I don't want it" and stay inside said tower. You can't have it both ways, because those two points are incongruous. You do not get to claim fairness by reaping the benefits of a flawed system, wittingly or unwittingly.
  4. Hey, it works for people with sainted memories too. You know, those guys that can remember things that happened when they were seven more vividly than they can remember yesterday before seven.
  5. Gary Larson has officially gotten in on changing times, and has a few new strips. In a few years, he'll be saying Teehee too.
  6. I'm in my late thirties. What're you kids doing up late?
  7. your Christ has betrayed us here and even Death himself has lied and even though eternity betide alas we have again to fear
  8. Even without shipping and handling, 265EUR (PHP14,897 and change, call it PHP15,000) is relatively cheaper than the secondhand Switches being sold here (with S&H, might come to par with them but anyway).
  9. When I'm in your house and they find my hard drive full (750GB) of music/audiobooks/live gigs, they'll probably look at me with disdain.
  10. If I had 265 Euro lying around, I'd buy it for the girlfriend (which I don't at the moment).
  11. I stand corrected: Riesz is a redhead lmao. The Desperation effect on Duo Byleth's weapon makes her (or is it THEM?) a shoo-in for Galeforce teams.
  12. Is it just me, or does Summer Ingrid give off Riesz (Trials of Mana) vibes? Both have long, blond hair and lances as weapons, and although Ingrid looks like she has more of a tan than Riesz, the similarity is just uncanny. Guard Bearing seems to me a lesser-degree Close Call/Repel, which strikes me as okay that they have some form of damage reduction that Infantry-types are spoiled with.
  13. If the latest new poster has such a hard-on for Law & Order, he ought to look no further than Hong Kong and the Philippines, both of which had recently enacted anti-terror laws that are staggering in ambiguity, leaving people without scruples a wide berth in interpreting provisions as they please. You won't need nacht und nebel if people can be rounded up in broad daylight, you know. In the middle of a fucking pandemic, PH is clamping down on dissenters, red-tagging everyone critical of the government as insurgents, or sympathizers to them (much like the extra-judicial killings that happened a few years ago in the name of, you guessed it, a war on illegal drugs, wherein small fry are summarily executed while meth labs are laid bare--without anyone manning the posts or caught red-handed, but anyway. Why would Duterte's lackeys go on "red-tagging" people when he's buddies with Xi of China, but that's just a minor detail), including: a major TV station (ABS-CBN) a prized foreign news correspondent (Maria Ressa) You want to see how police states function? Look no further. And don't get me started on China's belligerence.
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