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  1. May not be fond of Prinny/ies if his sig is anything to go by.
  2. Yes! I love me some Nürnberger Bratwurst right now. The weisswurst question was actually directed to @DragonFlames. Had eaten them once, with a pretzel and sweet mustard, and they were boiled. **** Ice cubes down the back. Do you ever fall asleep in the afternoon, and you wake up before dusk, and forget what day it is? Do you find yourself thinking, "could this be yesterday?"
  3. You drink a beer, and feel refreshed enough to blabber and ask more stupid questions. Why shouldn't white sausages hear the noon chime of the church bells?
  4. Not playing the game atm. Is not at work, agonizing about his coaching quota.
  5. Has gotten useful tips for RB1's final boss.
  6. Banned for referring to an obscure music act from the late 70s-early 80s doing a ninja on me.
  7. Is not thinking of getting a grilled cheese sandwich rn.
  8. A year? Two? I've been away for a spell, so I didn't know that you had actually moved. Congrats, and hope that adjustment period works out for you.
  9. Hey hey. 😄 I previously haven't asked this question at all since I only knew most of the forum denizens here on a limited capacity (i.e, just here and not also on Discord), but I guess I can make an exception now: First impressions of me? Current impression? How big is your game backlog atm? How long have you and Integrity been married? Strange experience involving a pizza?
  10. You needed to warp out of the final boss battle against Daddy Dearest to boost your clear percentage and get the best ending.
  11. Logged a total of 150 hours of (sporadic) playing on Octopath Traveler. Have beaten the final boss, too. Now playing Ys VIII and Dark Souls while waiting for Bloodstained.
  12. should know that I love things that resemble mac n cheese that aren't really.
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