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  1. promoted kagero and female corrin to 5*. olivia and cordelia are next
  2. It will suck if you're level 40 characters will need sp to learn the skills
  3. i enjoyed por and rd level up system the best
  4. Corrin male camilla lyn hawkeye robin 2 cain 2 marth 2 takumi julia 2 sheena (on the same pull)
  5. Nephenee mia ike rebecca lucia boyd micaiah charlotte orochi
  6. hector, linde, azura, ryoma, erika and ephraim
  7. More stamina easier way to get orbs and feathers dupes clause in arena dupes clause when summoning. In one summoning session I got two pairs of the same character reposition heroes prior to the battle heroes not losing their merged allies when changing rairity being able to buy certain heroes.
  8. Someone created a thread where we can post are level one stats. I posted my Julia's stats there
  9. Name: Julia HP: 16 Atk: 22 Spd:7 Def:5 Res:8 Weapon Skill: naga Assist Skill: Special Skill: dragon gaze
  10. Corrin camilla lyn cain hawkeye 2 takumi 2 marth robin
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