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  1. It worked on Golden Deer, doesn't mean it'll work every time. If you're struggling super hard, just form a protective formation at the top and let the two sides kill each other. Stride is a thing, so is Bernie missing. She had around 27 hit at best on my fliers if I recall. This is why you use wyverns, who have avoid enhancing abilities. Ashe should have it, Alert Stance? Just wait in the trees, should give him enough avoid, and he should be in range to hit her. If he isn't he should at least be out of Ballista range That's how that works? I thought you just waited on it. Learn something new every day.
  2. Without your character stats, there isn't too much I can say about the issues you're going through. I've beat the map on both Hard and Maddening with only a little difficulty, and I generally am pretty rubbish at FE. Sure but she's also pretty dang weak. One or two shots will easily kill her. And she won't do too much back, around 15 damage at most. Also, everything is basically pure luck, it's how you use that luck to your advantage. Divine Pulse doesn't change the RN values used, so you can use that to your advantage. If a character misses, just rewind and have another character with a higher hit chance go, or end turn and have the enemy miss instead. You might've circumvented the exact squares she does it in, I can confirm she does do it on GD route. I mean, no you aren't the only one having a hard time, that's just pure statistics going on. But generally, 3H is an absurdly easy game provided you know what you're doing, or even if you don't. I'm honestly not sure why Divine Pulse can't be used in the enemy phase, other than that it generally increases difficulty. However I do think it's good because then you have to see everything the enemy does, so then you can get more info for one use of Divine Pulse. Not always, sometimes it really only was one small move that you can easily alter, and on the longer maps you really don't want to restart, going back several turns is easily better. First, Sage isn't even a thing in 3H, so rest assured your Annette is a Warlock. Second, those are some, interesting class picks. I notice three of your units had a heavy armor focus, those being Sylvain, Dedue, and Gilbert. Generally, this is bad. You want to focus Sylvain down a more flier/cavalry based route, Dedue down a more fist/axe based route, and Gilbert down to the bench. Felix, eh, not horrible. Mortal Savant is an awful class, but if you want to use it, go ahead. I'd honestly say stick with Assassin, or go down fists for him. Ingrid should be a wyvern lord, not a Falcon Knight, she needs the strength boost to do passable damage. As for the strategy, if you're really struggling then taking it slow is the best option. Divide your force in two, with a light force on the left and your main force on the right. Claude's force is easily the harder of the two, so use those tanky units for tanking and baiting. After you bait out most of Claude's forces, and pick off what you can of Edels, then you move down. If you're confident in your fliers, you could send them to take out whoever holds the center. If you wait long enough, sometimes the forces pick off each other. I've gotten Petra killed by Claude's forces once, which basically neutors the BE side.
  3. Perfection Nah, I'd just hoped you'd hit a few more of the major plot beats. A lot of those chapters are just Job and his friends, and just talking and talking, easily skippable.
  4. Well, I'll try to get to all of y'all, but since I was specifically asked I'll quickly look over yours.
  5. Seems pretty reason-able if you ask me. I'd have some faith in their skills. I'll see myself out
  6. It's possible, just not plausible. Before I delve into that, quick lesson on what Tendons are. They are basically what allows your hand to open and close, or for your fingers to bend and straighten. So there are two types, extensor, and flexor. Extensor allow your fingers to straighten, flexor allow them to bend. Cutting one of them would restrict their respective movement. So Greil couldn't have cut his flexor tendons, since he has to be able to bend his hand to grab them Greil hypothetically could've cut his extensor tendons, which means his hand wouldn't be allowed to straighten out. This means he still could use a sword and an axe, but since you have to be able to adjust your grip on your sword while in battle, it does mean that he'd be less effective with it. Of course, Greil is like, the best swordsman in all of Tellius, so even with this disadvantage, he's still damn good. As for the axe, there shouldn't be much of an issue, since it's only in his hand, not his arm, which would be the thing supporting most of the weight.
  7. Let's see Dark Dragon is basically "Marth solo, the game", and otherwise isn't balanced at all. Your early units are, for the most part, your best units, and Dragons are broken. Gaiden gets less and less balanced as you go through. At the start, each unit and class has a defined purpose. But by endgame, it's just Falco Knight and Dread Fighter party. At least the other classes can somewhat stay up due to warp being broken. Mystery of the Emblem is basically an extension of Dark Dragon, so still pretty unbalanced. Genealogy is comparatively more balanced, mainly since more units are broken. Most Gen 2 units are busted, so if everyone is busted, no one is. Thracia is balanced around being broken. Scrolls make everyone usable, but this also has the effect of making the strongest units even more strong. Dismounting somewhat mitigate cavs, although some unit types get somewhat screwed regardless. Staves being the way they are makes staff units the best in the game. Probably the best of the Kaga era, but still not very good. Binding Blade is a GBA game, these all basically have the same balancing, which is that cavs and fliers are the best. Blazing Sword, see above Sacred Stones, see above Path of Radiance has the foundation for something with good balance, but they don't go all the way, because the one that goes all the way is Radiant Dawn, the best balanced game in the series. Fliers aren't absolutely broken and have proper counters, for the most part, cavs are limited so that they can't bust through everything, mainly on the Greil Mercs path. Granted, many of the Beast units are either limited or the best units in the game, but since most of those units power is limited to like five maps, it doesn't utterly destroy the games balance. By most accounts, I'd say this game is the most balanced, at the very least on principle it is. Shadow Dragon is semi balanced, with the reclassing both adding and destroying the balance. Flier emblem is very real in this game, and good lord is it thriving. I haven't actually played New Mystery, but from what I gathered it's very similar to SD. Awakening is an unbalanced mess, we all know that. I don't need to go into detail. It's so unbalanced that Lunatic + is basically just "Use the unbalanced units to win", the difficulty mode. On paper, Fates is one of the most balanced games in the series. In practice, it is utterly broken by the Royals. SoV is Gaiden without the saving grace of Warp being broken, so by an element being less broken, the game as a whole is more unbalanced. 3H is just generally unbalanced. Nothing outstanding, just general preference of a few classes.
  8. All the parents who die before the stories begin. Like wow, you're so bad you couldn't even bother to die on screen? Terrible. In all seriousness, I'd put Rolf's parents up there.
  9. Ridley is fine, a character people have wanted for a while and worthy to be in. Same applies to the King K., as well as Simon, although personally I would've preferred if they did something similar to Hero and bundled Simon, Richter, Trevor, and Juste Belmont into one fighter with different appearances. While it means fewer skins for each character, it's more representation overall and I like it. Inkling also gets a pass, since come on, it's Inkling. Daisy is eh, I non-ironically would've preferred Waluigi, since his moveset would've been more unique. Just make her one of Peach's skins. Dark Samus, same thing, make her one of Samus's skins. Instead, get the three hunters from Prime 3, and have them do a Pokemon Trainer style switch thing. Incineroar, I care very little for Pokemon, but Mr. Roar is the coolest. That water one looks lame, and the Grass Emo one probably would've had a lame moveset with spam projectiles, so probably the right choice. Isabelle, I would've personally gone for Mr. Resetti, mainly because I'm really curious for his moveset. A lot of people say Chun-Li over Ken, I say M. Bison, since you gotta have that villain representation. Chrom is Chrom. This was mainly Sakurai fulfilling on a meme four years in the making. If I had to replace him, I'd either make the Black Knight a fully fledged character, or do another Pokemon Trainer esc thing with the FE7 lords (I just really want to see Pokemon Trainer's ideas on another character, they're so cool) Piranha Plant is such a meme and I love it, he's perfect, keep as is. Joker is so fun that he has to stay. Dragon Quest, I'm personally not fond, but the series is so important I can't find an equivalent to replace it. Banjo falls under the Ridley/King K. category.
  10. For the FE1 translation, I'd personally recommend the patch by Mega Koopa, which is basically complete, and I personally find it to be slightly better than the one Romhacking.net translation you have listed. Here's the link.
  11. Mainly life being a pain, as well as Three Houses doing it's thing and taking up the tiny amount of free time I had. There's a story there, it's just incomplete and not up to my standards. I won't be posting it as it is right now, and as it is right now is a vague rambling mess of a plot I wrote up one night when I was really tired, without any refinement necessary to make it a decent story. Sorry about that.
  12. What translation are you using? Judging by some of your names you mention, it might be an older translation patch. But yeah, the original game is kinda bland and short text wise, due to limitations of the NES. The same is gonna apply to Gaiden, and FE3, albeit less so for the latter.
  13. Before I answer your question, commas bro. And periods, use them more often. Makes it easier to get a message across. Anyways, your question really depends on which house you go for, since that changes who you can recruit. Black Eagle route makes it so you can't recruit a lot of folks, I forget exactly who but Dimitri, Dedue, Claude, and Hilda are the main folks. Blue Lions route can recruit the most folks, with the only ones you can't get being Edelgard, Hubert, and Claude Golden Deer is a middle ground, where you can't recruit Edelgard, Hubert, Dimitri, and Dedue. As for ranks, I'd say it's more important to focus on supports. You can easily get people up to a B support, then recruit them automatically. To recruit most folks the non-support way, your weapon ranks need to be C in the thing they want, and your stats need to be between 15-20. Certain folks, like Felix and Lysithea want higher ranks, that being the B rank. I believe Dorothea is also like that, but since she wants authority you should naturally get that one up high enough to recruit her. As for skills, reason is a very popular one, as is faith and bow. If you're on the Blue Lions, I also recommend Brawling. I think riding is also one you'd want to work on. As I said before, whatever skills you want changes from house to house, and even from whichever sex you choose.
  14. My take on it is that it is an extremely convenient feature that allows for easier tactical thinking. I can gauge how much damage a unit might potentially take, and then act based on that. Sometimes I might throw my healer in a weird position I might otherwise not because I'm able to see that it's somewhat safe. It's a great quality of life change that allows an action that, while not random in nature, is somewhat random in practice, to be something I can take into account, since you were never quite able to tell who the enemy might target if there were multiple units in said enemy's range. I'd always say giving the player more information, in a very cohesive and understandable manner, is a good thing.
  15. I'm not sure the world could handle two pieces about Thomas and Big Bird performing a heist. That's gotta cause a black hole or something.
  16. What have I gotten myself into I guess I kinda have to at this point
  17. Wait, why wouldn't Batman count? He literally fits the definition of super you've given He is noticeably smarter than most real world humans, and one of the smartest people by the standards of his universe. His memory and logic skills are distinct, and he's superhumanly good at most things mental. You telling me I can have Thomas and Big Bird perform a heist to steal all the money Yoshi saved from evading taxes?
  18. To be absolutely fair, precise close range shots, or just killing whoever is within the tanks with the AR-15 is an effective way to stop tanks. Granted that takes incredible luck or skill, but it's not impossible for someone with just an AR-15 to stop a tank. Regardless, to take care of the epidemic of shootings, it's clear a significant increase in gun control laws is necessary. While I personally am not a fan of out-right banning a certain variety of guns, I'm starting to think that's a boundary we're going to need to pass. Of course, just gun control isn't enough. We need to improve our healthcare, and more specifically the fields that focus on mental health. The willingness to say that it's all due to mental health, but the sheer lack of willingness to fund any kind of improvement in that area is infuriating. We need to start pushing those in power to take actions, and to stick to their words. I also think we need to make our politics in general more moderate. We're shifting into very extreme mindsets as we keep moving on, and often this stops us from cooperating. In order to solve this, action needs to occur, and action will only occur if both sides are calm and understanding enough to allow the changes to occur, even if it's some things they don't like. Our extremist politics are basically the opposite of that.
  19. Most of the ones involving Seteth are pretty great, since they just involve him calling his support partner out on their shit, and tell them that they gotta get it together
  20. To be absolutely fair to IS, the Black Eagles are the most popular house, as shown by the in-game online data being nothing but Black Eagles units for basically every category. With this combined with some developer bias, it does make perfect sense why there are two of them in this banner.
  21. These are permanent, however most of the time it'll account for at most a plus 1 or 2 boost in stats, since base stats are pretty low in most cases. These are temporary. Upon switching to a different class, the class modifiers are changed. For instance, if I have a class A and B, class A giving +3 spd and class B giving +2 res, and I switch from class A to B, I will lose that 3 spd, but get the 2 res. It'll actually show you how your stats will be changed if you go to the other page when reclassing via hitting the R button (I think that's the right button, anyway)
  22. I didn't expect to see Hilda so soon. There go all my orbs.
  23. I mean, it kinda makes sense, since at the beginning
  24. Nope, I believe you should also get Renown if your MVP already has max motivation.
  25. Alright, managed to scrape this together. It actually turned out less disturbing than planned, mainly since I dropped a lot of the other ideas I had, they were a tad nonsensical. Anyways. Title: The Fires of a Loss Word Count: 1931 Universe: Elibe
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