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  1. Phantom Menace: 2/10. It has some fun moments, and a good lightsaber fight, but that's about it Attack of the Clones: 0/10. Literally nothing besides sand memes, which isn't intentionally funny so it doesn't get any points. Revenge of the Sith: 6/10. Hard carried by the lightsaber duels, but at least is an interesting watch. A New Hope: 5/10. I get it's the original, and the camp has its charm but good lord it is such a slog to sit through, at least unless you find an original unedited version. The Empire Strikes Back: 9/10. The best that Star Wars movies ever got, has everything you could ever want. A few small oddities and pacing issues keep it from perfection. Return of the Jedi: 6/10. Anything with Luke is great, anything without him is dull and Han has lost almost all of his charm. The Force Awakens: 7/10. A really charming film that is better than most people give it credit for. It's better in a vacuum than in the context of the entire trilogy. The Last Jedi: 3/10. I get with what they were trying to go with, but unlike The Force Awakens, you can't look at this film in a vacuum, and since the sequel doesn't really work with it, it just leaves it in this awkward place. Also Canto Bite (or however you spell it) fucking sucks and single-handedly brings the movie down by multiple points. Rise of Skywalker: 4/10. I want to like RoS, because it has all the elements there to be a good Star Wars story, but it just doesn't work. The pacing is bugnuts, the writing is sloppy, and any moment that almost has impact is immediately deflated in some way. Rogue One: 5/10. I appreciate what Rogue One stands for and does, but it's just not a very interesting movie. It makes for a pretty good book (which there is a novelization of the movie, I'd recommend reading it), and that novel is why the score is what it is. Also Darth Vader brings this movie up just by being a badass with great puns Solo: 1/10. Again, I see what they were trying to go with here, but the execution fucks it all up. A Star Wars Heist movie is an amazing idea, and said idea has worked amazing before in The Clone Wars, but it just falls on its face with horrible handling of characters, a messy plot, and a disgraceful ending. Star Wars Clone Wars: 9/10. While yeah, it's just a bunch of fights without much narrative through-line, those fights are probably some of the best in all of Star Wars history. The clones assaulting the Separatist headquarters, that massive bounty hunter that turns into a disgusting monstrosity, the awesome fight with Ventris (or however you spell her name), Sha'gi being a real thing, basically the entire second movie. And to top all of that off, Grievous. General Grievous in this cartoon is a fucking badass. This dude is like a Ninja with the power of Hulk. Now I like the General in all Star Wars media, but his sheer presence here is something to behold and frankly it's amazing. If you haven't seen it before, here's the link. Please watch it. Star Wars The Clone Wars: 10/10. It's not perfect, but frankly it might as well be. This is the best Star Wars content we've ever gotten in my eyes. The handling and progression of characters, beautiful fight scenes, amazing plots, it has everything you could want in Star Wars media. I've watched through it more times than I can count. The novels of the movies: 6.5/10. I lump them all together because they're generally of similar quality. They improve on the movie's writing, but lose some fun value since it's a book. Battlefront 2: 6/10. I'm just really bad at this game, so I can't experience a lot of it. It's fun, but kinda clunky. Lego Star Wars: 10/10. Pure nostalgia here, but on top of being one of the best Star Wars games, this is the best Lego game that was ever made. All 6 movies made into awesome and generally fun levels. It made me give a shit about Episode 2, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Republic Commando: 8/10. A bit rushed towards the end, but generally a super fun shooter that incorporates squad mechanics super well. Also genuinely difficult without seeming unfair. Jedi Fallen Order: 7/10. This could've used more time in the oven. Graphics are a little shaky (The humans are just barely out of the uncanny valley), and the pacing is all over the place. But it's also a super fun gameplay experience all around, and it makes you feel like a Jedi apprentice, limited skill and all.
  2. For FE as a whole, I'd watch efficiency playthroughs and try them out for yourself. If you can, find someone doing a live attempt and ask them about it. The thought and strategies they display are generally something that you want to follow to get better. Not saying you have to do a full 3H LTC or anything, but just try to low turn a chapter or two, figure out the necessary strats to pull it off with the team you've built. What I found when I did that is that it was really quite enjoyable, and I discovered many communities around doing that which were super helpful. The strategies you use aren't necessarily bad, if it works it works, that's just how it is with Fire Emblem. But being good entails knowing when and where to use strategies like putting a unit on the edge of an enemy's move range, or when to rescue drop them right in the middle of enemy lines. You aren't gonna learn this overnight, lord knows I didn't, but given time, and a few runs, you'll be a pretty good player. For 3H in specific, don't beat yourself up over not knowing how to fully utilize everything given to you. The game gives you a lot, most of which is best utilized in the early game, where you don't know how to use it. It's fine to not know what to do on a first playthrough. I spent mine just having fun with the game, figuring stuff out in a super optimal way. Like I said, just watch some Youtube videos of people doing runs. I'd recommend people like Dondon151 or Mekkah if you want to get into being better at some of the older games (Older meaning like, before Awakening). For 3H in specific, I don't know anyone in specific but a quick Google search pointed me towards plenty of good looking runs.
  3. Insane? Nay, that is genius. Personally the answer would be Marth, Lucina, Roy, Ike, but from a pure representation standpoint. Marth - classic, technically the series mascot. A smash staple. Ike - Also classic, represents some of the best games in the series, not quite as cemented as Marth but still a staple Robin - Not classic, but is the only character that thoroughly represents the series mechanics and involves magic. I might despise him, but he's probably the best representation of the series, plus Awakening saved the franchise and all Byleth - Is the only character to incorporate all the physical weapons into their play-style. A bit gimmicky, but super unique and one of the most fun characters in the game imo. Represents more of the new series. If I had my dream roster, toss out Robin, give Ike either both the Ragnell and Alondite, or the Ragnell and Urvan. Yeah I know he doesn't actually do that, but it'd be super cool so totally do it. Maybe have it change based on alt, like a psuedo echo fighter. Actually maybe not, that sounds like a bad idea. Anyways, keep Marth the same, and then rework Byleth so that he acts more like Pokemon trainer. Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude will switch out with each other, either in pre or post skip attire depending on the alt. Claude is a combo based projectile character, like a heavier Young Link, who lacks killing power. Dimitri is a zoner, or "distance demon". He's about gimping other characters. Edelgard is just axe wielding Ganondorf. Change Byleth's Down B to her Neutral B and we're good. I can make actual full movesets for them later. The last character I think should be is Celica. I think her dynamic of using hp for magic instead of tome durability is a much more interesting idea. Sort of like Pichu mixed with Hero. This would fill the magic quota much better than Robin, while also representing (hopefully) the trend of remakes of past games.
  4. One of the weakest, sure. The weakest? No, we still have the lemon twins and Itsuki for that. Even if you don't count spin-offs, combat wise Roy still beats him for worse (Sothe is a god early-game, where that strength is important to have, meanwhile Roy is a weakling who does nothing. Sure Roy becomes a late-late-game god, but at that point you're already set). Character-wise, I'd say he has better development and growth than someone like Eirika, and more personality than either of the NES lords, FE3 Marth, Roy, or Corrin. As for my surprise, I wasn't. Since I went straight into RD without playing POR, I was clueless. I liked him quite a bit, even if he did leave a bit to be desired combat-wise. At least he has the beastkiller to keep up with that Laguz enemies, which is pretty useful.
  5. Well I've played Tellius, but since Ike never actually went berserk I never thought of him doing that. Also since you literally state that Ike cannot go berserk if he touches it, that kinda makes the "what-if" scenario impossible. I'm pretty sure they said that Ike couldn't touch it, or maybe he just has Mist keep onto it because it's distracting in battle. You can be stoic and blunt and not sound like Samus from Other M. Also, Ike may be stoic and blunt, but he still has fun. He can be a bit of a sarcastic git. If Greg just emoted a little more, like he does here, I'd have no complaints. But otherwise, it just sounds flat. Ah, that sucks. Thanks for telling me.
  6. Pretty cool banner. I won't put many orbs into it, but still really cool. Fallen Corrin is meh, although their inclusion makes sense. Last year we had female, this year we have male. At least his art looks amazing, absolutely monstrous. Fallen Lyon looks awesome, and also kinda specific. He looks like he absolutely owns his niche, but I'm not sure about elsewhere. That battle animation slaps tho. Fallen Julia is equally as cool. Wonder if that B skill is inheritable. Fallen Ike I'm of two minds with. One hand, I don't understand where it comes from (sure it's a cipher thing but I still don't get it). On the other hand, he looks fucking badass and I actually like Greg Chun as him here. Finally sounds like he's emoting a bit. Ashnard is epic, glad he's the free unit since he's the one I want the most.
  7. Coke has cocaine in it, and I ain't no druggie. Pepsi all the way. (Yes I know that Coke hasn't had cocaine in it for years but that isn't important)
  8. Dude, you gotta shill harder. I don't see the link to go buy the game, that is a clear sign that you haven't shilled hard enough.
  9. Banned for just using way too many word.
  10. No missable chapters based on difficulty, you always go through the paralogues. Pretty sure thieves don't promote. You should be fine going in blind if you played Shadow Dragon. Just look up the Gaiden requirements and you'll be good.
  11. I'm expecting another game either late this year or early next year. It's gonna be a remake, probably of FE6 but I've heard convincing arguments for FE4 and 9. I'm fine with anything. For the next original FE game, probably 2-3 years before we hear anything on that.
  12. No, not really. If you've ever eaten a flaming hot cheeto, it's basically just that. If you haven't eaten a flaming hot cheeto, just imagine a regular cheeto, but covered in annoying red powder that gets everywhere, stains everything red, and is fairly spicy depending on if you get a good bag. Same applies to Takis, but the red powder isn't as bad.
  13. You see when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much then they give birth to the anti-christ and then their bloodline dies. The end.
  14. Oh yeah, I guess that kinda shows my opinion on them then. I had no opinion on any of them at the start, which transitioned into Alois: One of the worst characters in the game Gilbert: Ambivalent about him Jeritza: Haven't actually read his supports, I should do that.
  15. I thought Blue Lions was gonna be my most hated house, with Black Eagles in hard second and Golden Deer running away with first. It turned out to be Black Eagles in dead last with Blue Lions just barely in second compared to Golden Deer. I'll go over every character. Black Eagles: Blue Lions Golden Deer: Church: The villains weren't as good as I hoped they'd be, I'm not gonna go into them individually because I don't remember their names.
  16. Not reclassed, promoted. She becomes a Bow Lord, which is basically what her Legendary was based around. If Muligar was in FE7, she could potentially use it.
  17. Maybe change it to Super Ghosts 'n' Goblins. The original is just irrational, the remake is clearly more sane. Alternatively, if they've completed Revelations (either the Persona game or the Fire Emblem game), then you know they can basically deal with anything, so maybe consider that completion as a circumnavigation of the Ghosts 'n' Goblins
  18. I might really like Thracia, but some of its mechanics are quite annoying and I do see why people don't like them. Heck, I don't like some of their implementations myself. Just because you don't count it as a core mechanic doesn't mean it all of a sudden isn't a core mechanic. The specific way that FoW works in Thracia is unique to it and it alone. All other FEs when implementing it still show you the general shape of the map, meanwhile Thracia is pure black, you have no clue. Thematically, I quite like it. Gameplay-wise it's a pain in the ass and I loathe dealing with it more than any other version of FoW. This is something that only works in Thracia. I'm fine with it (besides trying to draft Thracia with it because it makes drafting a pain), but I couldn't imagine another game in the series using it. Most of Thracia's core mechanics only work when combined, not apart. Sometimes people isolate the mechanics from one another when analyzing, which makes them not work. Think about minimum unit deployment limits in a game like FE7. Since it doesn't have fatigue, you'd just use the same units over again. Plus it actually makes sure that in the examples of maps you've listed that they actually work. Speaking of fatigue, Fatigue needs more ways to work around it. It works, but it's too punishing for certain units while being negligible for others. Either decrease how much staff uses add to the fatigue meter, or increase staff unit hp. I also wish that there were items you could pick up the partially reduced fatigue. S drinks are rare, but if we had those partially reducing items it'd add more strategy. As is now, if you have a unit who's almost fatigued and no S drink, you just use them non-stop for that map because it doesn't matter. If we have like an orange that reduces fatigue by 10, then you have to put more thought into using them if you want to use them for the next map. Again, this is a mechanic that really only works in the system that Thracia has set up. In SoV, the only other game it's featured in, it's so meaningless that I wonder why it was included. The pointless inclusion in SoV has also colored the perception of fatigue into thinking it's not a necessary addition to the games and is overall pointless and lame. Not bringing horses indoors is fine, the issue is them being forced to use other weapons. I'd be fine with not being to use lances if there weren't infantry lance enemies basically every map. This absolutely destroys the idea that "lances are usually a cavalry thing", since even with Thracia that isn't true. Also Fire Emblem is inherently unrealistic. You have magic for Christ's sake. Realism is nice and all, but we're not making a war sim, it's a fantasy TRPG. Realism is going to be broken. Single/Double RNG is just preference. I think if it were double RNG with the 99 hit cap, more people would be fine with it. Or vice versa, single RNG without the 99 hit cap. People just like the assurance that a 100 hit chance gives them, since everyone's got their 99% miss into enemy 1% crit story. It balances Thracia, but they just wouldn't function as well in other games, absent of each other. As I said, most of them are inherently linked in order to work. As for not being able to reposition your troops, it's bad design because it isn't communicated to the player. When we have no clue where are troops are going to be until we deploy, then we can't plan around that. If the game told you where each troop would go, even that would make the game more strategic. Sure, at that point just allow repositioning, but if you want to keep that aspect there, just tell me where my units are going to be. This is why I consider blind Thracia to be one of the worst experiences in the series, while guided Thracia is one of the best.
  19. Males: Ike, Roy, Hector, Ephraim, Alm, Claude Female: Lucina, Miccy, Lysithea. I chose from a combination of gameplay factors and character factors. Roy is kinda a lame unit in Heroes imo, but I like him in Smash enough that I keep him. Ike is Ike, he's been on my team since I've got him and hasn't ever come off. Hector is a chad, Ephraim looks fly and can wreck town. I like Alm from Echoes a lot, although he's also kinda lame in Heroes. Claude is Claude, Fear the Deer. Lucina is a great buffer and also I like her character. Miccy is a guilty pleasure of a character I enjoy, and also pretty good. Lysithea is one of the 3H best girls. As for the other units I didn't pick, Eliwood is boring, decent art, but that's it. Dimitri is gonna be hit or miss, so I'll get back to you once I see his design. Lyn is a character I got over fast. I am still absolutely sick of her. I still have her on my team since she's still absurdly good, but blah. Celica is good fodder, that's really it. Veronica is just a character I find boring. Another good unit, but again, blah. Camilla is a character I am less sick of when compared to Lyn because I have never been pity broken by a Camilla, and she hasn't wasted a spot that should've went to someone else instead of that useless green bow legendary. Edelgard is Edelgard, Black Eagles bad. If I had to pick just one from each CYL, it'd be Ike, Hector, Miccy, and I'll just say Lysithea for 1:1 male and female ratio
  20. Sure, I'll give you three more to that list. The animations in the Tellius games are way too slow. The music of the series is generally very well done. Echoes style remakes are cool and I want more of them
  21. Sorry, but that is never going to happen. The devs themselves say so. https://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-three-houses-devs-on-the-games-difficulty-why-there-wasnt-a-revelation-like-route-cindered-shadows-more/ If you don't want to read through all of that, here's the portion speaking to that. "Kusakihara: If we had created a route for Three Houses like Revelation was to Fates, that route would have definitely ended up being perceived as the “correct” route. In Three Houses, each route is its own history, and we wanted players to be able to decide that for themselves. In this game, the leaders of the three houses have their own unwavering beliefs and worldviews that are unique to themselves. We wanted to model the story and its themes after a dilemma that was grounded in reality, so from the beginning there were never any plans to make something like Revelation." There were never plans, and as far as we know, there won't be any more plans. The DLC is done, they're moving on. If you want to pretend that after Cindered Shadows nothing bad happens and the world is at peace, then you can feel free to do that, but aside from fanfiction that's the best you're gonna get.
  22. I am now stuck with a catgirl. Sounds like a deal to me, lemme call up Elon Musk I could make a killing off of this.
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