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  1. I would like to see more tellius chars but doubt there is a chance any of them could win. Three houses has lots of fans and IS hasn't really milked that theme. I just wonder if all cyl units could be 3h. Would be sort of cool.
  2. We had our last hero fest banner during Sothis banner about 6 months ago. I have a feeling we might get a new one in February during anniversary. Who do you think will be featured? Imo M! Or F!Byleth for red Edelgard for green. However, since Eir was on one hero fest banner in the past Sothis might also be an option. Overall I think Hero fest banners should consist of legendary or mythic units. I have totally no idea who might represent blue or colorless
  3. I tried to solo it with mia and dancers but gave up and used my standard team
  4. Two days ago I summoned for Mia. Blew all my orbs. Got her after about 140 orbs, -atk. Lateron after 60ish orbs got pitybroken by Innes, welp. Yesterday I yoloed with 5 orbs to no avail. With todays tms and login bonus and some stratum quests I had 10 orbs. Ofc the circle had 3 red orbs, does the game know? Lol Anyway, first stone got me a 3* caeda and the 2nd another -atk Mia. Wonder if the third had another Mia, lol. Glad this ended unexpectedly satisfying, sort of.
  5. Quite refreshing new content, albeit I will pass on it.
  6. Got a fallen celica from todays free pull. Guess its chill speed for Naesala. Is it just me or is there a problem with freeing up attachment space?
  7. An option to skip the introductory texts during summoning. At least for units already pulled
  8. Chill, lol I need time to save up orbs 🙂
  9. I upgraded my offense fortress to 4 and had the worst start ever losing all 4 escape ladders. Seriously endangered of being demoted to tier 19
  10. So happy its not jill or a tellius banner
  11. I had to replace Leanne with Reyson to give Naesala more bulk
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