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  1. when you agree with someone until they disagree with what you like
  2. i like the CYL events personally, i just wish the community had better taste. Its always lords or big tits that win.
  3. What the others said honestly. i highly reccommend you go back to it sometime and try again. Don't feel afraid or worried about looking up guides and other helpful hints and stuff, FE6 was i think the only FE i didint play blind.
  4. gotcha Thanks guys, sadly i missed the dagger but i can get the dragon chest still.
  5. So in both these chapters their are some guarded chests. Chapter 3 had 3 Sentinels guarding it and in chapter 4 their is a dragon guarding a chest. Has anyone had any luck figuring out how to beat those guys or get the chests? im just super curious whats in them.
  6. Huh never thought of this before. Pretty unique idea. Definitely wouldn't say no to something like that.
  7. Yeah i would love that as well. im dying for remakes of both as i love the games. i guess if i could change anything in game it would be to implemennt a storage box system and one pool of money for units as well as being able to trade item between units, just kinda basic things we have had for most fire emblem experiences.
  8. I agree with all of this. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  9. I like the siege idea as i love siege maps in general. i am also really hoping for a FE4 remake as i love the Judgral series a lot. I feel like the 3rd generations is really pushing it. maybe like a DLC later on? I'm personally fine with the current marriage setups of FE4 and wouldn't really change much. i agree with the battalions as it would make a lot of sense but i dont like the mechanic personally. One thing i hope they change is the barter system, hope we just get shops and one collective cash pool rather then each unit having seperate cash, this also includes adding a storage box system.
  10. i forgot about Fernands. shanty pete reminded me about it.
  11. i disagree about future past but to each their own. All it says is "Abyss Mode' we dont actually know anything beyond that, i wouldnt assume its a side story. if it is that would be great though. oh yeah i forgot about that one with fernand. DLC that doesnt take place with the current games timeline isnt that interesting to me. If they're making new ideas just make it into a game instead of making a half assed DLC.
  12. because they've already announced the dlc and it doesn't include those ideas. Echoes ones were meh and didint take part during the past or the present so they're not important.
  13. No they will not do that. DLC for fire emblem has always been bad. We hope with the additions of the 4 new characters theres more to it then just their paralogues but i doubt it.
  14. i feel like if they actually put effort into it and made a story and actually good characters. it would be playable.
  15. i need more personally to be entertained. same with tv shows and in general. straight and narrow is boring to me.
  16. best run is VW/SS/CF/AM. Learn about the world before you dive into the characters. better flow and understanding of the game as a whole.
  17. hack and slash games are a thing of the past and shouldnt be in development anymore unless they are truly revamped. i have yet to see any developers undertake this task and thus i believe they shouldnt exist anymore. not sure how one gets satisfaction from endlessly slashing the air.
  18. im on my 5th playthrough and i agree that im burned out as well. I havent even played jeritza yet and i dont plan to until the next DLC wave comes out. ill be really disapointed if the 4 characters are route locked (if they were thatd be a huge mistake by IS) i plan to do my black eagle run with edelgard to get jeritza and the 4 new characters all at once, in one playthrough.
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