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  1. its because she wanted to find someone to live her life with. Her whole thing is that she only has 2 things going for her, her looks and her voice and after that is gone she will end up right back where she started, on the streets of enbarr. her choice to enroll was to find a suitor for herself so that she wouldnt have to go back to the life that scares.
  2. FE9 and FE10 are the best so cant go wrong with those choices. FE8 is really easy so if you want something casual go with that. Conquest i would just not play it lol. Their is a reason you do not remember any of it.
  3. Hey anybody got these cards? Been looking around and would rather not order from across the world. I've got paypal ready at any time
  4. considering all i care about from nintendo is fire emblem, im good.
  5. the best way to do a revelations route is to not. its to messy and they have already attempted to do it and it flopped hard.
  6. it should just get the same treatment as Valentia. Not changing to much and making the game look modern. Maybe change up the combat animations but i dont see much else changing
  7. Zihark Ingrid Felix Annette Dieck Shamir Stefan Edain Rath Shinion Ashnard Vika boyd Lehran Zeke dorothea sylvain Dedue Leonie Volke
  8. i mean we barely know anything about them except their backgrounds so going off design then Balthus. Whos Caspar????????
  9. Most characters fit a role so i just try to keep it traditional. some characters ill play around with but reclassing was a thing i never liked. i rather give a character an identity. Dorothea anything but gremory is weird to me lol.
  10. Hey anybody got these? looking to buy all from one person. paypal ready. 4x caeda love extolling wings 1x camus the sable 2x tharja dark mage of love and obsession x1 Lucina forseer
  11. She is one of the main lords of the newest fire emblem title and not to mention one of the most successful ones. Shouldn't be to surprising. the lords always win first.
  12. Good point. if they polished the game up id be willing to give it another try. Characters was a big thing. the 2 new ones i even forget their names cause they were that forgetful, were bad and it just felt like fates and awakening characters with a couple shadow dragon. Yes i would love a fire emblem spinoff if it stayed more true to what fire emblem is actually like. Like even a modern fire emblem with guns and shit would be interesting. Not like xcom though, same play style as fire emblem.
  13. i see your points but to me the series gets the attention for the wrong reasons and the spinoffs don't help with that. I love fire emblem for its characters, world building and story, but i cant say everyone likes it for those reasons, at least not in 2020. im glad the series is finally getting traction and attention, but hopefully the community will be more united on why the series is good.
  14. Mostly because fire emblems name is associated with it. same with encore, they are not good games and thus people can/will associate fire emblem with them sadly. We have much better things we should be known for.
  15. Want Halberdiers/Sentinels back. As for new classes, Necromancer, Swashbuckler (Basically pirate but fast with low def), Elementalist (controls spirits to fight for him/her), Shapeshifter (like laguz but can turn into any animal).
  16. Nope. i really hope that doesn't ever exist. Warriors is bad enough.
  17. Zihark will be my main vote but i like to throw in some others as well like Shinion, Sigurd, Gerik, Naesala, Joshua and others
  18. yeah it was a joke but the admin has spoken
  19. when you agree with someone until they disagree with what you like
  20. i like the CYL events personally, i just wish the community had better taste. Its always lords or big tits that win.
  21. What the others said honestly. i highly reccommend you go back to it sometime and try again. Don't feel afraid or worried about looking up guides and other helpful hints and stuff, FE6 was i think the only FE i didint play blind.
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