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  1. @Jotari Then, could you add Niime please? I guess the next FE6 banner probably won’t happen until next year but still.
  2. Then as I said at the end, it’s thanks to this website: https://fehstuff.com/unit-builder.
  3. Oh, I should have made it clearer. These are artworks from the Fire Emblem trading card game called Fire Emblem Cipher, though it ended last year as they now focus on Fire Emblem Heroes. Most playable characters have at least one card, even if all of the artworks aren’t available. Here’s a link to see most of them, up to series 18 (there are 21 or 22 series if I remember well): http://fire-emblem-cipher.e-monsite.com/blog/tous-les-artworks-cipher.html. It’s in French but you just have to click on Série 1 for example, to access a Dropbox which contains most artworks. Here’s a link to see all the cards on Serenes Forest: https://wiki.serenesforest.net/index.php/Fire_Emblem_TCG. I also used FEH Stuff, it’s a builder which allows you to, well, build characters. It’s quite useful to visualize the build you want for your units.
  4. Some ideas for a Genealogy banner. Lex Azel Edain Midir Gandolf, or Munnir, would be the GHB Some of them are too unrealistic (well placed superboons on the low rarity units? Scandalous!) or powerful (especially Edain I think, as a mage or dragon could take care of the axe guys without too much trouble) other than that I think they’re fine.
  5. Yeah, I guess I should have expected her to remain popular, despite the constant screaming, as these fragile characters are always very popular. I guess I’m kinda the same with Marianne in that way... I’m allowing myself to change my votes mainly because I’m sure will get in with the next FE4 gen1 banner. And yeah, the absolute freedom IS would have with the Gatekeeper really pushes me to give hil at least one vote. I hope Elena gets in FEH too one day.
  6. So, I gave my first four votes to Lex, but now I’m conflicted. I’m extremely curious to see what they would give to Gatekeeper so I might give him one vote. However, he’s guaranteed to get in FEH somehow now... However, if Marth voters get complacent again, and both Chrom and the nicest (beside Ashe) TH character win this year, that would be kinda sad... I think I’ll vote for GK once, as that’s a once in a lifetime chance to get an unnamed NPC to win such an event, and I’m too curious to see what they’d do with him. Anyway, I’m very surprised Bernadetta’s still that high while she got in and has had an alt recently. My last two votes will go to Marianne, it’d be nice to get her with Blutgang and a cool attire. And I prefer her to Byleth. Other than that, I’m almost shocked Henriette made it to 11th place. I wasn’t expecting here to even get in the top 200 or so, but I guess the last Forging Bond showed us she was nice and makes a lot of efforts to help here subjects, so she’s kinda bland for now. Seeing Yuri and Caspar so high is very nice though.
  7. Thanks! I might be way off even without taking the lords' and Lysithea's votes into account, though it's not meant to be serious. I'll compare it with the actual votes when they'll be out. It might be fun to see how wrong or right that ended up being. Yeah, me too. It would be nice to have some variety this year.
  8. As Lex should likely be on the next FE4 gen1 banner, I'm not sure if I'll vote for him this year. I guess I'll give him my first 4 votes and see if a character I like has a chance to get a Brave alt once the midterm results are out. I expect Marth to get 1st place, but I have no clue about the 2nd. F!Byleth should get 1st place, followed by either Eirika or Marianne. At least I shouldn't have to save orbs this year and just pick the one I prefer for free. I got bored and did an Excel table to see what would happen if all the votes of the CYL 4 winners went exclusively to TH characters, even though it's unlikely. In this scenario, F!Byleth would be pretty much guaranteed to win.
  9. Hi again! This time, that might be a bug. At chapter 15X, there is an axe user with a Devil Axe. When he attacked my Gerwulf, (who had a hand axe) he took the damage that Gerwulf should have taken, witch isn’t odd, however, when Gerwulf counterattacked, Gerwulf’s HP went up to ?? and continued to go up. And as the battle continued as long as the HPs went up and that I didn’t want to know how long it would have taken to stop, I turned off the emulator. Still, this isn’t that big of a problem, as long as it happens on the first turn.
  10. Hi! I’ve downloaded the patch that was on your first post but there is no boss in chapter 11 and I cannot end the map. Did I download the wrong one? I really enjoy the hack, at least the first chapters. The map design, the characters and the story are great so I thank you for all the work you’ve done to make this game!
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