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  1. I'll try to write this time. I'll try to write this time. ffs, I've come up with ressurrected this contest and I haven't participated in any round
  2. Rapier


    I've been playing it for ~6 days and honestly it gives me all the good vibes about Pokémon while still standing out on its own with new or fleshed out mechanics. The monsters' designs, the worldbuilding, the music, animation, dialogue, game design and progression were solid enough for me to consider it on par with Pokémon games, even. The fights are also more tactical about types and skills and each Temtem feels unique, despite there being only ~100 of them yet. While it's still in Early Access, lacking in numbers of capturable Temtem and promising many functionalities that didn't make it yet (as the devs focused on delivering the essential for a good experience), it's big enough and fleshed out on its own, with the promise of more creatures, regions and stuff such as trading/housing/guilds. It's also great to play with friends - you can play through the game in a party of two. I've been doing a run with a friend since I started playing. It's also still on sale at Green Man Gaming, for anyone who's interested on giving it a try.
  3. Games I definitely need this year: Crusader Kings 3 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Rune Factory 5 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remake Nioh 2 Silksong Digimon Survive Trails of Cold Steel 3 (PC) Games I'm curious/interested about: Cyberpunk 2077 Ori (I've played just a bit of the first game) VtM Bloodlines 2 Psychonauts 2 Streets of Rage 4 Persona 5 Royal (I could never get into P3 or P4 but maybe P5 or SMTxFE might work out for me, who knows, it seems interesting) Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ghosts of Tsushima
  4. Judging from how Zero and Ao are going to be released on China by 5/28, CS3's port will be released on March and CS4's port is being worked on, I hope we get all localizations by the end of 2022.
  5. all I remember about Bbbbbbbbbbattle Bbbbbbbbbrothers is that it was fun but also that it gets repetitive very quickly, both in gameplay and tactics. Been months since I haven't played it though and I have no idea how much it changed since I bought it. I wanted to grab the dlcs but for some reason they didn't get a discount in both recent Steam sales.
  6. "Realism", when applied to fantasy settings where we stray from actual realism, means following the set of rules for that universe, expecting that acts have the natural consequences that should follow them. It's about consistency between actions and results. This of course also applies to characters, we obviously expect them to stay in-character and not completely reverse their personalities, goals and motivations without very good reasons for such. There are cases where a writer breaks these self established rules while keeping their spirit (Sanderson did this a few times), but it has a risk of making the audience break their belief in the world's internal consistency.
  7. Very minor, but I'm learning about new bands and songs (and remembering old ones whose names used to escape me). Leaving my comfort zone even if just slightly has been fun. whether lyrics about people in angsty situations is good or not is held up to debate though
  8. The PC ports are great, they add plenty of qualities of life and work well in many different resolutions. I have the Sky trilogy and CS 1 & 2 on Steam and can vouch for their quality.
  9. Not exactly "underrated" but "hey I actually don't find this game that bad and I enjoy playing it". Mega Man BattleChip Challenge: I don't mind that there's no direct control over the combat. It's fun setting up combinations and watching the navis dunking at each other. It *does* require some strategic thinking as certain chips are better against different builds, so it's false that you "simply watch the game". Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories: Very grindy, boils down to "get the right cards for the strongest fusion you can pull", the AI cheats, but I really enjoyed its aesthetic, story, soundtrack and overall the gameplay was fun. I just wish it was less grindy. Digimon Card Battle Arena: It's a very short game whose enemy AI tends to help you a lot, but the gameplay is interesting and the trading card game is even better if you play against a real opponent. Really, I wish people talked more about Digimon TCG, it deserves more love. Dark Souls II: Or, at least, Scholar of the First Sin. It's not underrated, to be honest, but it's one of the worst spoken Dark Souls games and often wrongly compared to Dark Souls 1's standards. Honestly, I prefered Dark Souls II because it wasn't full of gimmick stages, unexplained mechanics, locking you to a 4-directional roll if using lock-on, it had a teleport system to avoid needlessly traveling/backtracking, it felt much more fluid. Overall I found it much more intuitive and better at gameplay.
  10. A new Megaman game, from any of its series. Preferably X or ZX, but I'd be fine with a Megaman 12 or... Legends 3, as unlikely as it is. Bonus points if the Megaman X Corrupted fangame is released by 2020, which it probably won't. Seconding on the PoR/RD bundle remake, although the latter is perfectly playable still, PoR really needs to be improved. I'm also very curious about the cancelled 3DS game - which could be the new entry. If it's a FE4 remake, even better. Expecting news on a Trails game, be it a continuation of the series (including a translation on Cold Steel 4) or a port remake of the Crossbell duology. Whichever new Batman Arkham project they're working on might be good. I'll keep an eye on that. Elden Ring, which probably won't be a thing on 2020, but I really want to see more about it or about anything Souls related. A 'Bloodborne 2' is still my dream game. One can dream that maybe we'll see much more Deltarune content in 2020 too. It'd be a miracle for it to be actually released then, but one can hope. Whatever game 999 and Danganrompa's writers are working on has my interest by default.
  11. My top games of the decade are probably Crusader Kings 2, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.
  12. And every Saber character looks like her.
  13. Gamers Gamers Gamers We're very close to two big game sales.
  14. I can't really remember much about 2019's state of gaming other than "I liked Bloodstained and Three Houses, I guess". It didn't appeal much to me. If there was something that 2019's game industry made me look up to, is to 2020's state of gaming. I expect so many games for 2020 that I already feel even more broke than I am. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (and its many themed games that are due to be released in 2020 and beyond), Crusader Kings 3, Silksong, maybe Death Stranding, Nioh 2 and other games that I'm forgetting right now.
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