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  1. Deltarune, which I doubt would happen but hey. A new Megaman X or Megaman ZX game. We've already shown interest, Capcom. What are you doing? A Sonic Mania-like classic game. I know Iizuka doesn't want a Sonic Mania 2, but hey. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 translated, be it from the fan translation or the official one. Trails to Zero/Azure translated, either fan or official. A Silent Hill remake. I always wanted to get into this series. A new Zero Escape game. Doesn't need to be sequel/prequel to anything and I'd rather it existed on its own universe with just a few similarities between the original games. Persona 3 remake, with all the content they split up through three versions. Fire Emblem 4 remake or another Fire Emblem game, be it original or remake. I'd enjoy playing 6 & 7 or even a remastered compilation of FE9 and FE10. More SD Gundam ports to PC/available to the western public. The PS4 exclusive one comes to mind. A new Yggdra Union-like game. Sonic Maker, please. Persona 5 Scramble translation/localization.
  2. CS4 is out and I've yet to play Ao. I've finished Zero half a year ago. Yes, I know we already have an ok translation for it, but I'm waiting for Geofront's translation. And then I'll play CS2 (I've stopped on CS1 and I'll have to recap some stuff), CS3 and finally CS4. needless to say i wish i could play already but ugh time to wait Also for some reason the swimsuits dlc is paid in my region. What's wrong with you, brazillian playstore?
  3. Maverick Hunter X series: One of the few cancelled video games that actually hurt my conscience. MHX1 had a lot of potential and could've sold well if it wasn't released in the PSP's early life, but terrible platform, timing and market choices led any future projects to be cancelled. Which is a shame, because they'd remaster the graphics and revamp some poorly implemented gameplay ideas from the original X series games. Whenever I see the Megaman X mobile game with its engine, I cry on the inside for what could've been. Golden Axed: One of the next-gen reboots of classic SEGA games that were cancelled. I loved Golden Axe back in the day and I'd love a new, GA3-like game. Mother 3 (Nintendo 64 version): I'd be very curious for a Mother game with a 3D environment. Scalebound: Looked good, at least.
  4. Probably not a trope, and imo it only applies to story heavy games, but... Characters (usually MCs) who are tabula rasas meant to represent whoever is controlling them. That is, characters with no personality or a very generic set of personality traits, who don't seem to develop through the story or have very little development, who exist solely to fulfill the role of representing the player in the game or their desires ("I'm strong/talented/dependable here", "there's this harem after me", "I'm pivotal for this world and for these people"), who are super important despite being incredibly shallow characters. I'll always prefer fleshed out characters to self-inserts.
  5. Definitely. I didn't quite find existential answers yet, such as who I am, what I want for me and what I imagine for the future, so I have a very shallow understanding of myself, my goals and interests. Consequentially, I have no idea what's for me. I've exchanged majors once and put myself in a huge student debt, I still dislike my course and I struggle to see myself working with it (but I'm trying to force myself to learn, make a living off it somehow and then maybe find something I want for myself in the future). Some people take longer than others to find the answer to these questions, I guess.
  6. DJMAX itself has an amazing soundtrack, but this is one of my favorites.
  7. I loved A Storm of Swords (ASOIAF). I'm too much of an ignorant pleb to read more than a few books, though.
  8. Zero Escape. I just think there's too much exposition, but other than that it's one of my favorite mystery VNs. Ace Attorney. One of the most friendly and easy to get into mystery games. It helps that the characters are great and the games are so well written. Project Zomboid looks like the isometric The Sims and deals with survival during a zombie outbreak. It has sneak mechanics, the game forces you to explore the world and find things in order to survive, fighting zombies is seldom ideal and you have to pick your fights. It's great.
  9. Yes, there are 3 OVAs of the original Gundam. The first part of the first OVA is actually good at recapping things without skipping a lot, but by the time the plot picks up, it starts jumping a lot and skips build-ups. I wonder why no one went with the effort of remaking the original Gundam, since it's such a classic but also a very old anime.
  10. Yeah, when I said "after Wing" I meant "after all of Wings' seasons and there's no more Wing related content to watch". Also, if Endless Waltz keeps up with the quality of Wing's OST (and that incredible intro song), I'm sold. I also miss Super Robot Wars, and two are conveniently on Steam (region locked, but nothing I can't get through). Great.
  11. I made a topic about wanting to get into Gundam 4 years ago, actually watched a bit of the original Gundam (the first movie, at least), which unfortunately jumped around the story and skipped a lot of things, then last week I remembered I had an interest in Gundam (because of a game on Steam). Now here I am, after watching 25 episodes of Gundam Wing. And I just want to share my thoughts/understand others' about it. The original thread had people talking about its issues, but honestly I enjoyed the experience. It portrays war in a very mature way, depicts how it is hell for the citizens and soldiers struggling with it, speaks about coups and military factions and gives an interesting portrayal of space colonies and their views of Earth nations/organizations. I also loved Relena, Zechs (and I honestly love how he isn't another Char) and Treize, although Noin (and even Lady Une after a few episodes) deserves a honorable mention. I agree that the characters take some time to get their build-up and that the plot can take loops, though. Sometimes they seem to have sudden derp-esque motivations that I'm willingly suspending my disbelief because I hope they're explained later. Other than that, I see no issue with the animation whatsoever, since it's expected of a 95s anime to reuse animation, especially when the action scenes tend to be hectic and the Mobile Suits are highly detailed. Plus, the MS designs were very cool overall, the OST was amazing, the overall art (if not the animation) is good. I think I'll jump to Iron-Blooded Orphans after that, or 00.
  12. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays (why the fucking long names, dudes?), which is a cool turn-based strategy game not that far [mechanically] from Fire Emblem, and it helped me get into Gundam after ~5 years of being confused by timelines and not being sure which was the best way to get into the series. Now I'm alternating between watching Gundam Wing until I'm far enough to not be spoiled by the game and playing.
  13. Cold Steel spoils a lot of Crossbell, though. 1 spoils important events in Ao right in your face.
  14. Fire Emblem vs Nintendo (featuring Mega Man from the Mega Man series) is a thing though FE & SMT was somehow a good idea, though. Now I want a MMBN-like game except with modern day versions of FE characters as operators and their FE games versions as NAVIs.
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