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  1. A new Megaman game, from any of its series. Preferably X or ZX, but I'd be fine with a Megaman 12 or... Legends 3, as unlikely as it is. Bonus points if the Megaman X Corrupted fangame is released by 2020, which it probably won't. Seconding on the PoR/RD bundle remake, although the latter is perfectly playable still, PoR really needs to be improved. I'm also very curious about the cancelled 3DS game - which could be the new entry. If it's a FE4 remake, even better. Expecting news on a Trails game, be it a continuation of the series (including a translation on Cold Steel 4) or a port remake of the Crossbell duology. Whichever new Batman Arkham project they're working on might be good. I'll keep an eye on that. Elden Ring, which probably won't be a thing on 2020, but I really want to see more about it or about anything Souls related. A 'Bloodborne 2' is still my dream game. One can dream that maybe we'll see much more Deltarune content in 2020 too. It'd be a miracle for it to be actually released then, but one can hope. Whatever game 999 and Danganrompa's writers are working on has my interest by default.
  2. My top games of the decade are probably Crusader Kings 2, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.
  3. And every Saber character looks like her.
  4. Gamers Gamers Gamers We're very close to two big game sales.
  5. I can't really remember much about 2019's state of gaming other than "I liked Bloodstained and Three Houses, I guess". It didn't appeal much to me. If there was something that 2019's game industry made me look up to, is to 2020's state of gaming. I expect so many games for 2020 that I already feel even more broke than I am. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (and its many themed games that are due to be released in 2020 and beyond), Crusader Kings 3, Silksong, maybe Death Stranding, Nioh 2 and other games that I'm forgetting right now.
  6. Many. The latest idea that I had was a mix between robots and arena fights + money/stats management, where the player gets to build their own robot and equip it with new parts as they defeat other robot enemies in the arena. While outside fights, the player would be able to train their robot, pick up new jobs to earn money on the meantime, spend time on repairs etc., although these free time actions would be limited. It'd have a similar aesthetic to Medabots. The combat would be on timed turns, similar to FF, Chrono Trigger etc. but hopefully you'd see the robots trading blows on the meantime, instead of having them look at each other menacingly for half a minute before doing anything interesting. Oh yeah and there'd be different builds/classes for robots and the game should encourage adaptability over a supreme build that conquers all, similar to a rock paper scissors system.
  7. You could start writing all three (or make a very basic draft), play around and see which works best, I guess. I sorta want to go with Bloodborne for this one.
  8. If you are already interested in her, then you're already past the event horizon - ask her out, try your best (I'd recommend to build up a relationship with her before declaring yourself though) and, if things fail, hey, life experience for you. Position doesn't matter that much (in this case, at least), and honestly she'll be the judge of that.
  9. I remember when I was watching Joker and the scene in the train immediately reminded me the scene with Sayaka (which I honestly can't bring myself to watch again due to my current mood and how that shit kicked me hard in the balls the first time I watched it). Weird parallels. Rather like the prompt. Now to encourage myself to write it.
  10. It's funny that there are many types of swords, but fantasy writers tend to use the same sword type when their protagonists use swords. It's like the japanese and katanas.
  11. That. I don't think we should expect a consensus in groups that are so inclusive and broad, and that goes for any movement or ideology, but so long as they keep consistent on the main things they're supposed to advocate for, it's fine to have divergences. If there weren't any, it'd become a stale echo chamber. Expecting people to exactly follow to your standards or "they aren't true X", in cases where their position doesn't directly conflict or contradict what they're supposed to stand for, is cherry picking. Also, I honestly can't understand what the topic is about, even. The LGBT++(TM) Agenda pushing sexuality into children? What? "I remember the times when people pushed TOYS and not SEX"? I honestly don't understand who exactly you're talking about and it feels like you're hitting a strawman without any sources. If you have someone or something in specific you'd like to point at so we can discuss something actually tangible, feel free to. Otherwise, this seems like a generalized rant and I don't see this discussion getting anywhere productive. Oh man, I miss dondon
  12. I think this post is very comprehensive about the other Legend of Heroes games (well, the Gagharv trilogy at least).
  13. Rapier

    Code Vein

    What are your impressions of the game? Did you buy it or play the trial? Personally, I'm really liking it. The gameplay gets some elements from more traditional action games, I think, with its skill and class system, and ties it up nicely with a Souls-like gameplay and game design that I'd argue feels like a less harrowing experience for beginners, as the game allows to bring partner AIs who tend to do their jobs very well, tells you where you should head to and actually gives you a map and allows for other players to help you regardless of where they are in the game. I also really like its aesthetics (the character creator is by itself one of the best things about the game) and its soundtrack is enjoyable. There are some parts of its level design and enemy design that I have issues with, ie. a particular level (the Cathedral) feels like a cramped labyrinth, most enemies have a wide arc attack that can hit the player very easily, there are enemies who are too beefy and hit hard and fast at the same time, enemy positioning and spawn is sometimes questionable (especially during invasions, we can have four enemies ganging at the player at the same time), big enemies screw the camera easily and body block it. Other than that, I have issues with how it doesn't care about invincibility time when you're down or how you're left as an easy prey after exiting the critical hit animation, which leads to some cheap deaths where enemies hit you when you can't do anything about it; and the hitboxes tend to be weird.
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