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  1. Gina and Gregson had accents (Gregson just cut words like in the localization, but Gina actually "ate" them more in the fantranslation). I don't remember the rest from the fan translation and I have no idea what an english/irish/scottish accent should read like. It was these two that read the most distinctively to me. Which reminds me that "Lord Chief Justice Stronghart" sounds like a Yugioh E-Hero card. Also, case 3 was interesting. I expected something super convoluted like AA4-3 with a stupid reason for the defendant to be admitted in court even (I still think it's absurd that they accepted Zieks's theory that teleportation magic is possible, but then again 18th century), but I rather enjoyed the characters and the mystery. Sometimes it just feels like it could've explored more of the introduced characters. Ivy Soul Calibur seemed interesting.
  2. I think he's supposed to simbolize a leprechaun, judging from his clothing and how rich he is, and if I recall correctly this is an irish mythology/stereotype so I think the connection is intentional instead of an addition by the localization. Also, his japanese name was Cosney Megundal. The former is a japanese person trying to guess how an englishman/irishman would be named in the 18th century, like that SNES baseball game where a japanese guy had to name american baseball players and they went with silly ones like "Bob McBurnin", so it is silly. Megundal is a japanese term for greed or greediness as far as I recall. In this, I much prefer the localization's change.
  3. There wouldn't be much of a game if Sholmes was every bit his book counterpart. He's still intelligent, just not smart enough to connect the dots and he suffers a lot from getting distracted by anything that catches his attention (that being almost everything). He's still useful and so are his clues, even though you have to interpret a lot of what's going on because he only perceives what's on face value and correct him.
  4. I think metroidvanias didn't have even half of their current popularity and presence in the game industry back when Mega Man X was relevant. X4 and Symphony of the Night were released for the same console in short timespans from one another, but SOTN was a standalone game of the formula. It was still good enough to inspire new metroidvanias, but you can count on your fingers those who weren't just new Metroid GBA titles. Later on, Metroid went on to focus on a first person shooter game approach and Castlevania had 3 Metroidvanias for the GBA as Megaman Zero's contemporaries, at the time the X series stopped. Then there were the 3 Metroidvanias for the Nintendo DS as ZX & ZXA contemporaries. Not nearly enough games of the metroidvania "genre" to compete that did the same thing. Since 2007, there was a huge boost of metroidvania games, or just quick paced platformer games that play similarly or have similar elements. MMX will need to capitalize on the strengths of its formula to not become "generic" or "aged" compared to everything we've already seen (that was inspired by Mega Man, ironically). The issue is that it was a series left to sleep for too long while other people built over its legacy, so it has a lot to catch up to. Of course, that doesn't mean MMX's formula is bad and needs to be reworked, because Mega Man's formula still works to this day. What I'm saying is that all the innovations from the past don't count nearly as much for a new X series game. They'll need to keep improving the formula and finding elements that fit with the new ages for a franchise that has been sleeping for over a decade. What X4 tried to be compared to the SNES games, what X8 tried to be compared to the PS1 games and what Mega Man 11 tried to be compared to the other tiles. I agree it does, although it could just be a vague hint instead of a blatant answer to what beats what. Imagine there's a boss whose room darkens and they attack while you can't see and one of the navigators comment on how it'd be useful if you had something to light up the room. I honestly prefer weapons to be "effective" on a boss based on what they do rather than giving specific weapons a damage boost and stunning the boss for 3 seconds. Like how using Homing Torpedo was good because it tracked and followed an invisible boss. I also hope boss weapons are more important for passing through stage sections, which is something I only remember the Wily Stages doing (and poorly, imo). ______________ I agree that multiplayer would be a genius move. I'd love to play a MP MMX game and the closest to it is 20XX and 30XX, although the experience is different since exploring the stages was such a big feature in MMX that procedurally generated stages just lack (and of course, the story, the setting, the characters, the OST etc.). __________ Also, I was thinking here, the X series still has a lot to tell despite the forced continuation it had after X5. I think X6 picks off nicely on a post-apocalyptical world of sorts where humans and reploids are trying to rebuild but some people don't let go of their own prejudices (plus the virus making Gate mad) for them to settle disputes. If anything, X7 was the one who started screwing with the plans because suddenly we had the end of the world but now we have futuristic cities back, what a miracle! I think the X series is ultimately about reploids and humans trying to coexist but there are always issues brought either by the former or the latter and the Maverick Hunters, as a policing institution, is hardly the one to gap that bridge (and sometimes they expand the gap, as issues with police brutality from the MHs arose). Sigma's legacy bites more in their asses than Sigma's returns, because he was the first one to object to following human orders and soon others followed by will. I'd like the X series to end with him realizing that, stepping down from the Maverick Hunters (or changing the MHs to something larger, as bad as the implications are) and serving as a figurehead for peace and union between the races.
  5. A man of culture. Honestly, I think a X9 game would be in a tight spot. It's been too long since the series has been touched, and while I imagine they could simply invent another story arc like how Command Mission and X8 tried to be their own thing, the latter with the next generation reploids arc and the like, at some point having Sigma return over and over again is going to get droll. Another issue is that an entire decade has passed since the last Mega Man X game. They'll have to invent new elements to the gameplay that aren't already answered or even improved upon by the many games that came in the past years. We have plenty of decent indie games with a similar touch, the Metroidvania genre made the stage selection, special weapons from defeating bosses and the capsule system + parts system outdated. Those were good, innovative elements, but the formula has grown obsolete and it will need to improve should it try to stand the test of time. Part of me would just enjoy having a side-story or even ZX3/a reboot of ZX as a new game instead of a straight out X9, like something that took place between X4 and X5, or a Megaman Xtreme 3 of sorts (could even recycle XDive's story, but add stages from the games, recycle bosses and add some new ones like in the other Xtreme games). It wouldn't have to answer to nearly half of the expectations for a ressurrection of the franchise, at least. Whatever is the case, and the big budget for the Taisen game for 2022 hints it'll be a more ambitious title, I hope they at least include a few qualities of life, such as Anyone can collect armor parts for X Armor parts can be equipped individually. You don't need the entire set to use the armor. Heart tanks are a thing again and increase the HP bar of every playable character Total lives reset to 2 if they're less than that after the player quits a stage Difficulty modes can be changed on the fly from the stage select screen All navigators are there providing input. You don't need to pick one for stage hints, another for boss hints and another for hidden item hints. To be honest, I'd rather scrap the navigator system outright or switch back to just having Alia. Navigators should also give some input when you have a special weapon that is good against a boss in a stage. Before picking a stage, they could talk about it in the base, giving an overview of who and what they're dealing it, and if the player has a special weapon that's strong they could comment on you having it. Picking weapon recover items will recover the equipped special weapon if it's not full, but otherwise it will recover the lowest special weapon the player has Recover all special weapons to full on character respawn after dying Switch between weapons like in Megaman 11, with the analog stick or by pausing I have some gameplay preferences too although they're probably trash Special weapons give slightly more damage than a charged buster and they're made to counter the boss' moveset rather than just conveniently lockstunning them Special weapons are more important for stages and help you get through parts that are otherwise more difficult with the OG characters' basic set Finishing a stage affects another stage similarly how X1 handled stage gimmicks (as in, the lava freezing over if you beat Chill Penguin before going to Flame Mammoth), usually making them easier. Intermission stages such as the ones in Megaman 7, 8 and X4 after defeating 4 bosses. Dynamo could appear during stages to fight the player and leave, similarly to Vile in X8 A store system where you buy upgrades and items for the playable characters like in X8 Axl actually stores a copy of an enemy he defeats and you can switch to them at any time, like how A-Trans works in ZXA. Axl gets new ranged weapons that are purchaseable in a store (similar to X8's store system), sort of like Vile in Maverick Hunter X Either integrate the boss rematches into the "fortress" stages, like X1 does, or let them have small sections with gameplay associated with the boss in question, like in Megaman 9 Change between the three at any time, but they share a health bar.
  6. They're great games (sorry). I played the first one and I'm halfway through the second one (liked it so far, really liked some parts of case 2 also). First game had overall good, concise cases (I absolutely loved case 3, meanwhile case 4 takes the "obligatory annoying filler with annoying characters" case trophy that's a standard for every AA) that didn't drag too long or introduce a lot of characters for you to remember, but it doesn't feel like it closes in a story arc and you need the second game for that. The new prosecutor Estinien is decent but he feels nowhere as personal or threatening as the others, I think. Sholmes feels like an unique take and I love every interaction with him. Ryu isn't that much different from Phoenix, but Susato stands out instead of feeling like a not!Maya. Unfortunately I did read DGS2 spoilers but they were just related to a single event, at least. also I asked someone for this spoiler free gif
  7. I confess I skipped his quest in Zero because after three games I was already tired of his shit, but don't follow my example guys
  8. I enjoyed Cold Steel, but I was also annoyed by the absurd health bars and the writing suffered a lot. After playing Zero for the first time, it... gave me the same impression that Trails FC had on me when I first played it. Absolutely liked the worldbuilding and detailed writing. I missed it so much. I'm still on the good times because I've yet to play Ao, so...
  9. Deltarune, which I doubt would happen but hey. A new Megaman X or Megaman ZX game. We've already shown interest, Capcom. What are you doing? A Sonic Mania-like classic game. I know Iizuka doesn't want a Sonic Mania 2, but hey. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 translated, be it from the fan translation or the official one. Trails to Zero/Azure translated, either fan or official. A Silent Hill remake. I always wanted to get into this series. A new Zero Escape game. Doesn't need to be sequel/prequel to anything and I'd rather it existed on its own universe with just a few similarities between the original games. Persona 3 remake, with all the content they split up through three versions. Fire Emblem 4 remake or another Fire Emblem game, be it original or remake. I'd enjoy playing 6 & 7 or even a remastered compilation of FE9 and FE10. More SD Gundam ports to PC/available to the western public. The PS4 exclusive one comes to mind. A new Yggdra Union-like game. Sonic Maker, please. Persona 5 Scramble translation/localization.
  10. CS4 is out and I've yet to play Ao. I've finished Zero half a year ago. Yes, I know we already have an ok translation for it, but I'm waiting for Geofront's translation. And then I'll play CS2 (I've stopped on CS1 and I'll have to recap some stuff), CS3 and finally CS4. needless to say i wish i could play already but ugh time to wait Also for some reason the swimsuits dlc is paid in my region. What's wrong with you, brazillian playstore?
  11. Maverick Hunter X series: One of the few cancelled video games that actually hurt my conscience. MHX1 had a lot of potential and could've sold well if it wasn't released in the PSP's early life, but terrible platform, timing and market choices led any future projects to be cancelled. Which is a shame, because they'd remaster the graphics and revamp some poorly implemented gameplay ideas from the original X series games. Whenever I see the Megaman X mobile game with its engine, I cry on the inside for what could've been. Golden Axed: One of the next-gen reboots of classic SEGA games that were cancelled. I loved Golden Axe back in the day and I'd love a new, GA3-like game. Mother 3 (Nintendo 64 version): I'd be very curious for a Mother game with a 3D environment. Scalebound: Looked good, at least.
  12. Probably not a trope, and imo it only applies to story heavy games, but... Characters (usually MCs) who are tabula rasas meant to represent whoever is controlling them. That is, characters with no personality or a very generic set of personality traits, who don't seem to develop through the story or have very little development, who exist solely to fulfill the role of representing the player in the game or their desires ("I'm strong/talented/dependable here", "there's this harem after me", "I'm pivotal for this world and for these people"), who are super important despite being incredibly shallow characters. I'll always prefer fleshed out characters to self-inserts.
  13. Definitely. I didn't quite find existential answers yet, such as who I am, what I want for me and what I imagine for the future, so I have a very shallow understanding of myself, my goals and interests. Consequentially, I have no idea what's for me. I've exchanged majors once and put myself in a huge student debt, I still dislike my course and I struggle to see myself working with it (but I'm trying to force myself to learn, make a living off it somehow and then maybe find something I want for myself in the future). Some people take longer than others to find the answer to these questions, I guess.
  14. DJMAX itself has an amazing soundtrack, but this is one of my favorites.
  15. I loved A Storm of Swords (ASOIAF). I'm too much of an ignorant pleb to read more than a few books, though.
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