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  1. It's ok, I got(???????????) a new job and I'm studying at night and yet I bought Three Houses and a Switch. ... I guess recommending Three Houses is a given. Otherwise, wait for Friends of Mineral Town Remake and Rune Factory 5, if they're your type of games.
  2. My Nintendo account has an e-mail registered to it that I can't access anymore. I wanted to switch to my most recent e-mail, but to do that I need to validate that request through my old e-mail, so... I also bought Three Houses in that Nintendo account, and the code is being sent there instead. I've sent an e-mail to Nintendo's customer support, but I have a question: If I link my nintendo eShop account from a Switch with my Nintendo account, will it be able to download Three Houses even though the game code was sent to my outdated e-mail instead? EDIT: Nevermind. I noticed the 16 digits code does show up when you review your purchase.
  3. Hey, if anyone wants to come up with a setting and host a RP with these ideas, you're welcome~
  4. Sure thing, @Azure in a Roundabout. I'll take some time to come up with a setting, though, since I'll be busy these days (college + job, hooray) so if anyone wants to take the torch and make it a reality, go ahead. I might update this near the weekend. Maybe sooner, if I decide not to delve too much into lore and allow people to come up with their own House stories, info about their lands and such. I'll see what I'll do next - at least this had enough interest!
  5. This is what I'd do, actually. I've yet to play 3H (my Switch might arrive this Friday and I'm almost bursting with anxiety), so I prefer to not use any 3H content beyond parts of its concept that I find interesting. It wouldn't be fair to others who didn't play 3H, either. Part of me is thinking about using a completely new setting where there's only one formal kingdom in the continent, such as Westeros with the Seven Kingdoms, and having the conflict later on be more about a continental scale civil war or pretender war where each character has their own personal stakes in the conflict. That, or we could go with a plot similar to FE9's. A foreign empire attacks the kingdom where the academy is in (maybe the academy works like the Vatican, having its own territory and policies, yet being inside another country and enjoying "diplomatic immunity" for their association with the church or whatever). Going by FE9 terms and names, students from Crimea could feel compelled to intervene and fight for their country, students from Galia could perceive it as a threat to their nation next, students from Daein might feel shunned and conflicted about the situation, (...) while the academy itself tries to maintain their neutrality. But that would only happen later on.
  6. So, I really liked the concept behind Three Houses, where you have an Avatar that is a teacher in a highly prestigious academy interacting with students from higher noble houses as well as with those who do everyday work to maintain the academy (hi, guard dude). Curiously enough, it's also a very interesting setting for a roleplay, because it allows a lot of ground for character development and interactions before the plot builds up. My proposition is to have a RP where the players can create up to two [human] characters, be they teachers, students or workers at the academy. It'd have a somewhat slow, slice-of-life-y start where students are assigned missions and other tasks and get to move around with the teachers, until somewhere along the line the story gets more serious and each of them has to choose where their loyalties lie. We wouldn't use stats or any calculations for the RP, but keeping consistency with your character's skills and with the setting would be enforced. Teachers are supposed to be much more experienced than other characters at first, and specialized in a field of their choice, while students would know the basics and develop from there, yet the formers are far from being invincible, much less the latters. Fighting four people at once would be a daunting task for even the most skilled warriors, for example. Don't expect to have an all-powerful and all-knowing character. And since the academy is a highly prestigious one, there are very tight requisites for having a character be a student there, and yours would need a valid reason for being accepted (maybe they aren't from a noble family but they were rich enough to pay for it; or maybe they're from a lesser noble house with an alliance or bethrotal to a higher noble house, which gives them enough prestige to apply; or maybe they are a member of the church who was appointed for the academy). tl;dr Three Houses but with custom chars in some sort of role in the academy
  7. I downloaded the apk from apkpure as well but MEmu sends me back to the app screen after telling me twice that it requires an updated Google Play. My MEmu settings are untouched from what they were, and I used to play FEH up to.... whichever was the version where Yune or Idoun were released, I think.
  8. Yes but it's perfectly fine for people to fall off a cliff and die in children cartoons if they do the funni scrim first.
  9. You... Really don't know what you're putting yourself into. That, or we'll see you again in at least a year. :V
  10. I think that what a FE game needs is solid worldbuilding, character development and coherent plot and writing. Yes, this isn't really a trivial thing to do, but I believe these are the core values for a FE game (... for pretty much every RPG), what with it being heavily focused on its story and character relationships. Anything else is a [welcome] addition. If it involves Game of Thrones 5d cyvasse politics or if it's about slaying dragons, I'm fine with either option (I prefer a more political story, but that's me). FE7 is a good example of this, imo (sans some plot problems). If anything, what I'd like to see more in FE is how "war is hell", similar to how Gundam treats its mass scale wars and child soldiers.
  11. I think the 3D from-behind perspective would be nice for this sort of game, since it's more immersive, but I'd prefer if we could have a top-down view of the farm, at least.
  12. King Crimson Chrono Trigger is this up to eleven, although the cast doesn't change with the time travel (it's not actually a "time skip", but might interest you just as much). Dragon Quest V has two timeskips.
  13. You know what, I wouldn't mind if we had the stages mashed up for a mobile game, like a Mega Man Xtreme that borrows from X-X8 (be it stages, bosses, enemy rushes etc.). Then enemy weapons and armor upgrades could make each chapter and boss unique after obtaining them. Thing is, this game at least needs to leave Taiwan. I hope it doesn't flop like Mega Man Online (Universe?), which was a cool idea.
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