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  1. On the last Fallen banner, I freepulled Grima. This time I got Berkut. I'm looking forward to next year.
  2. Now I'm sure Loki is indeed male. And a teenager. But a shapeshifter. This art makes me remember all those guys with hot female avatars in online games since they "prefer to look at something nice". Yay for our first male healer on a horse. Still, they always make male bunny characters look gaudy instead of cool...
  3. The left one made me think of Palla or Lachesis, but Im bad at those games. The right one could be Eldigan or Ares. But I hope they are a male healer on a horse, that would be neat.
  4. Even though I love foxes, Kaden just won't come.... 4 % and zero orbs left. I spent them all on Keaton (great!), FKana (nooooees) and Dorcas (uuh... ok?). But I love foxes. Today, my free pull was another Dorcas (uuh... ok?) who isn't a fox and some blue nobody who isn't a fox either. The anniversary banner gave me Duma. Would have preferred a fox. Myrrth would have been better but isn't a fox anyways. Also, I want a fox.
  5. I used Hrid to tank-kill everything on the right, Kaze, Veronica and a dancer did the rest. I'm always happy when I can use favs instead of going with Surtr. I liked this GHB a lot.
  6. I got +atck -def Sakura on my free pull. I'll probably even use her. Wish Elise was the healer, I just like her better. But not complaining at all. Since I won't pull on this banner anymore, I'm giving out my luck to anyone who does. Hope it's not fully spent already.
  7. I'm a rather bad player so feel free to ignore my opinion, but I got a flying Takumi with Firesweep and use him very very often. I usually play him hit and run (Reposition) which is easy with flyers. If that playstyle suits you, I'd go for a full flyer team, since their buffs will make up for the lower attack. You might even consider going for flying Sakura and giving Gravity to her, since that would fit nicely... if you want to and feel lucky.
  8. I'm rather glad. I tought that recently, I had spent too much on the game. But IS makes it easy for me to become f2p. Clearly, they are taking good care of old women like me and don't tempt us. Also, I'm impressed by their creativity in finding a spring theme which asks for half naked people.
  9. While trying for Reyson with my few remaining orbs and the hastily farmed tickets, I got pitybroken by Leanne and then by Nailah. Both of them are +atck -hp. Now I'm hoping Reyson gets demoted.... finally a long haired guy who doesn't sound like a girl and I can't get him!
  10. Took me around 120 orbs to get Tibarn, which isn't very lucky. But he is +atck/-res, which makes him so very beautiful. 58 atck with just his weapon? Okay!
  11. I think they will be breath users. It's too suspicious beasts can change forms when next to manaketes. Though their weapons would have to be non-inheritable I guess. Otherwise, they might be armored beasts. Why not.
  12. So happy for Julia. She kinda was my first mage, now she can finally do her job again, and even better than before.
  13. Actually, I was just shy. Your Kaze is beautiful, congrats on getting him to +10! I'm so happy that he is usable. Mine is only +6 and currently +spd, but I think +res is fine, too. Who will you +10 next?
  14. Before I used my free pull on the new NY banner, I thought that Hrid should just come to me, seeing how nicely I treat his OG form (summoner support, good working environment, merges, health care, etc). He agreed. After that, I put in about 20 orbs to see if I could get Lav... Le... Lae?.. the healer. Instead, I finally got a good Kaze for merging (+spd, he is +6 now) and for some reason FKana. No clue what to do with her. I think I'd have preferred her dad's counterpart, still I can't complain about my luck.
  15. Either they recently lost a lot of whales and are trying to get them back / make them pay for a seemingly good deal before they go.... or they just got too greedy. I wonder about the young people. Spending that much might be hard for them without saving up. Maybe IS assumes everyone wished for app store cards for Christmas. I'll not buy the packs since I feel that they are not interested in keeping women as their customers. But if I wanted to buy one, I'd have bought the orbs anyway, as some people pointed out.
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