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  1. Anyway, here's some THs ones: 1. As pointed out above, the game letting you recruit most opposing House members is a copout. And a sign that IS is still stuck in their "the player is never wrong and can do no wrong" policy. Going in line, there should be situations where members of Houses actively defect without rejoining (depending on route). 2. Byleth is the worst example of a FE protagonist. She's too flat and uncompelling to be a proper protagoinst but at the same time is way too defined and important to just be a player surrogate. We ended up with the worst possible situation, especially since Byleth is no better than Robin or Corrin in that he's treated as some saintly wise figure the 3 House leaders need to not miserable failures and/or butcherers of civies in Edelgard's case. 3. Edelgard is just another Light Yagami where no one sides with her for her ignoring her looks, but from agreeing with her politics. If you're at the point of saying Rhea is Hitler despite Edel's obvious Germanic shtick and mass conquest and her forces using civilians as hostages then you're obviously saying that burning the world down for some nebulous better one is okay as long it's done to end the chains of traditon so the higher man, the more entitled man, the ubermensch (this can be the proletariat under the Soviets, Robespierre's Cult of Supreme Being, etc.) can operate on sheer will-to-power unopposed (or something). Making your admiration for ultraviolence by the "right" men apparent. 4. Once it's 2020, THs will finally lose it's shield from not being Fates be put under far more scrutiny.
  2. Makalov is not much worse than Joshua (ran away from home since he refused his responsibilities) and Dorothea (a proud golddigger who recognizes she'll get too old to pull off the singing waifu act so she needs a rich husband to give her things). He's just not pretty, not a waifu, and doesn't have a tragic past so he gets the heat dropped on him. Mark my words, if Makalov and Marcia's looks (and sexes) were swapped around but their personalities stayed Makalov would suddenly get notably less hostility.
  3. Neither Gotoh or Xane actually digged humans before meeting Marth. Most dragons who aren't feral are seen in Medeus' empire. The humans already had their shot to enforce Human Supremacy and it didn't go well for dragons. Hence Medeus acting against them. Note how we see no signs that the humans living in Dolhr fear the dragons and that the humans who stood with the dragons would've been enslaved or eaten once the war was over with Medeus' side victorious.
  4. One that's as anti-Humanity Fuck Yeah as possible. Like actually having the Naga analogue be pointed out as the Uncle Tom she is for aiding her kind's abusers. Actually having Medeus' analogue succeed and so stop humans from ruining the world/continent with God's wrath. Three Houses really brought out the HFY (or just the craving for man-centered conquerors/dictators) element of the fanbase way out in the open considering Edelgard's and/or Nemesis' apologists.
  5. Medeus is more moral than Naga and Rhea. Unlike them, he didn't choose to ultimately aid his kind's killers and/or slavers instead of forcing them to back off.
  6. I must say, seeing Tia mangle Guen both only for him to plot-cheat his way out of failing/dying there is damn cheap. It's like Kaga wanted Tia to reflect one of the themes this game has (namely that the game's events are bigger than one lord's journey and that there are other heroes than Runan and Holmes) but at the same time didn't want the game's Gharnef to be killed before he succeeded in his dastardly plan. So of course he didn't lose there and his plan carries on anyway.
  7. About the Pegasus Knights, it wasn't until T776 that we heard word on pegasi actively avoiding males as riders. And that was really more of a soft retcon to address how they stopped bothering to design male PKs post-Mystery.
  8. He acted no crueler than how humans acted to dragons/each-other. Note how he has plenty of human allies and humans living within his land (who show no signs of fearing the dragons within their borders). We see no dragons with dialogue opposing him outside of Naga's followers and Tiki.
  9. I shall say here that Medeus indeed did nothing wrong and that you will learn how that is so in Book Two. He's the closest character FE has to Magneto.
  10. Those Who Slither In The Dark overall are weird characters: 1. Kronya kills Byleth's father but she's ended rather underwhelmingly. 2. The few legit interesting characters among them are interesting from their ties outside of the organization. 3. Blue Lions ends with their leader killed off accidentally. I'm sure they were supposed to be the big villain back when the game had just one path (which I'm sure was a composite of Blue Lion and Golden Deer where Byleth's posse take on the Slithers once Edelgard is beaten/dies). Problem was that the game went with the split path angle so there needed to be spreading of content around to fill all the paths. TWSITD suffered from this. Not helping them is how they come off as a way for Edelgard and Co. to be party to atrocities but still have an out so that Byleth can join them. It'd be silly for him to just join them if one of Edelgard's little friends stabbed papa to death.
  11. You haven't given much grounds not to take the info we're told that isn't "meanie dragon." You make a lot of assumptions but with no insight whatsoever on the world before the conflict and that is because the game does not provide much of it. At least from what I could tell. Of course humans aren't denied jobs in the current world as humans is all there is left. I'm not claiming to have insight either but I can raise possibilities that you refuse for some reason to even consider. ´╗┐Please. Rhea had she been more fierce on regulating human depravity and/or putting humans in their place could have just designed the empire to worship the emperor with those sharing his blood as one divinely ordained cast (with scripture outright telling so). She did not. I don't consider that out of the realm of possibilities at all. We're never really made aware of what Agarthans were really like and what were their motives in the war. They also may have little to do with what they've become centuries later as "TWSITD". TWSITD did not show they wish to share a world with dragons or move on from the war which they lost. Yes, I did mean the western church. Outright killed the Bishops she had captured and many before that, like Christophe. Not a single one with the knowledge that she is a dragon. So you're ignoring their ties to the genocidal TWSITD and them waging war.
  12. You're the one who refuses to take what we're told from Rhea and scripture since it doesn't fit your narrative of humans being entitled to commit genocide. You don't know whether humans suffered from racism at the hand of the dragons or not. It may be that dragons intended to keep humans under their rule, confined to their space, and I can see why some would want to rebel against that. Lay off the HFY. We are not shown Rhea properly ruling Fodlan despite plenty of time to do so. No speaking of humans as filth. No barring humans from job. Saying that is like Jews were racist against the Germans, Armenians racist against the Turks, etc. Humans are from all the sources the privileged kind if there is one. They built weapons to wage war as did all in history that have waged war. This seems completely irrelevant to me. What are you even saying. You're spinning a belligerent kingdom as being attacked by meanie dragons from the dragons racist against them. Considering what we know from official history, the word of TWSITD (namely Nemesis being a criminal), and what we learn from Path GD your narrative is just more HFYism. If they were not targeted, I don't see why they'd end up having to live in the shadows. The West's governments strongly crack down on terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Aryan Brotherhood. The latter especially since White Males do not at all suffer from racism in the First World. Plus you've seen what Rhea did to anyone that would oppose the Church. You mean the West Church (ties to the genocidal TWSITD who engaged in war) or Edelgard's empire (which demands to rule the continent unopposed). It's likely she would have destroyed all that is left if given the chance. That too is genocide. I'll wait for you to show Thoese Who Slither In The Dark being willing to share a world with the dragons if ever offered terms for surrendering their weaponry and agreeing the obey the law.
  13. Nemesis was just a human who got a taste for supreme power and acted accordingly. Even if he didn't have much of a problem with dragons, he still carried out TWSITD's instuctions (if only to thank them for their aid).
  14. For revenge on how the war went badly for them. They're more or less Neo-Nazis who say Hitler did nothing wrong or modern apologists for Soviets, Castro, etc.
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