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  1. Yep, I have to agree. More Eliwood fans is always good.
  2. I thought Gary Stu was the male version of the Mary Sue term. Also maybe it is just me but I do say that Ephraim and Alm are Gary Stus. Ephraim takes all the army of Grado takes a castle and survives an impossible situation, being completely surrounded and outgunned, out of his butt and with two cavaliers. And Alm, for all SoV calls that you should always try to take the middle path and how commoners are as worthy as nobles the story always seems to put Alm on the right or at least as better oriented than Celica. "We don't need gods" "We need to fight for Zofia" or how Alm is the prince of half of Valentia, that kind of stuf. Ps: In my honest opinion Celica gets the shaft in SoV.
  3. Awesome I have 10 Eliwood and I need one more to +10 him.
  4. People: We don't want to get pity broken by Mist or Luke. IS: Makes a way to not get pity broken by those and other units when you summon for new units (which is when pity breakers hurt more). People: Screw you IS, you do everything for money! The h*ll people?
  5. Is every JRPG franchise have infighting or what? Fire Emblem has a bad rep but this seems to extent to a lot of fandoms. @Roland Is really the SMT/ Persona fandom THAT bad?
  6. Okay My recommendations: -Fire Emblem (FE7 for the GBA). *This is kinda iffy because the tutorial is handholdy, up to you. -Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones (FE8 for the GBA) -Fire Emblem Awakening (FE13 for the 3ds) -Fire Emblem Fates Birthright (ONLY BIRTHRIGHT, Conquest is not noob friendly and if you want to play Revelations you can, but that path is kinda gimmicky) (FE14 for the 3ds) The last three are easily the best to enter into the franchise and if you need a little help you can grind in them. If you want to play casual (without permadeth of your units) you should play Awakening or Fates: Birthright (there are other games with it but I think they are not good entry points). PS: If you want to play with the basics of Fire Emblem (like the 1-2 of the franchise) you can play Shadow Dragon (FE11 for the DS).
  7. This guy (I love a lot of other characters but Dante deserves his spot.)
  8. U wot mate?! Sam Riegel is better, Liam is trying to mathematize Dungeons and Dragons.
  9. I would love this, but I doubt that Nintendo of all people would do that, but I like to think that nothing is impossible. What I would like is that someone else picked the role of DM and we could see more of Matt as a player (also more possibilities of making a Chrom-esque voice, I love that goofball's voice).
  10. @TheGoodHoms Yeah, it funny because I learned about CR because of Fire Emblem because a lot of the voice actors of Awakening are in members of Vox Machina (formely the S.H.I.T.s)/ Mighty Nein. I was searching about the voice actress for Lucina because the ones in Heroes/ Warriors sounded somewhat different from the one in the game (except heroes OG Lucina). So one thing let to another and here I am now. At the same time I was beginning to learn about D&D (I did play other RPGs like Call of Cthulhu, Numenera, the legend of the five rings, etc) so it was a big coincidence.
  11. Now that is something I didn't know anything about. I did play a Call of Chtulhu game with a lot of conflict for that session, we needed to break up a slavery ring because reaons (it was the climax of a 3/4 year campaign) and it was the finale, so even have non cultist magic (so no loss in sanity) that allow us to heal. The DM put a "dungeon" and said, "you can move 5 squares if you are with 4Hp or less you can move 2". My point is to say that even games that don't encourage fighting if you make a couple of houserules you can do everything. PS: I think there is a Dresden files tabletop rpg which uses the Fate system.
  12. No, a guy with charisma to stop a train is what I want to be. I don't want devil may cry Dante's physical prowess (though it would be neat) I want his ability to put his tone in the most every situation and laugh at the absurdity of the world while having enough empathy and understanding of people to take things seriously when needed.
  13. Have you enough strength over my weight? Most likely yes, I am a twig.
  14. My recomendations (only played RD once {and a half} with a friend and I am no expert so take it with a ton of salt). Nailah (Laguz royal so she is awesome) Haar and Jill (candidates for best unit in the game) Story wise if you have to drop someone drop them even though you are losing valuable units. Elincia (a flying healer is inherently awesome also having the Queen of Crimea fighting along the empress of Begnion all of the laguz royals and Pelleas is even more awesome)
  15. I think this is a subject worth discussing and I think we are mature enough to do it in a educated manner. But in the end you are the mod, so if you think it would be better to close it for good it is up to you.
  16. That is a fair complaint, to be fair I am kinda "meh" (neither like it nor hate it) about the situation so in my opinion I can shrug it off. To be fair I think all of this it could be make with more taste so I can understand that point of view. The inherent sexuality of people and characters is something you can do with certain class and refinement, that tempers the fanservice and even can give characters a little bit of more depth (like Sonia in Echoes or Chrom in Awakening).
  17. This is where I disagree: If you have an opinion as long as all of us can keep the conversation like people and arguing without trying to hurt people in a delivered sense we can (and my opinion must) talk with other people because if not everyone will stay in his/her zone of comfort and we won't make any progress like this. So please if you have an opinion I would love to hear it. My opinion is that both parts (the one who like males and the ones who like females) can enjoy a little of exaggerated sexuality from time to time (if they are mature enough to understand that it is unrealistic and stupid fun, like Michael Bay movies). I mean I have people drooling over Hawkeye and I can't say I blame them because even if any of this is my cup of tea (the ubersexuality) I find that being a little depraved with all those fictional characters is fine.
  18. Why separate them by gender? I don't know (I never played shin megami tensei or similar) but it feels unnecessary, all other classes are floated with even more characters than that.
  19. https://m.imgur.com/a/KCIicnE My Tiki seems to be similar to yours, a tank to take on everything except fast blue units (do you recommend me to put Guard to her?). My team is +6Masked Marth (player phase dragon killer), +10Nino (fury and desperation) and +10Tiki (enemy phase tank). The unofficial 4rth is +10 Selena with Def Fortress, poison strike and Ignis. The last one is mostly fluid (mostly for Arena).
  20. I no fan of her either but this is a bad move. Removing a character of her sexuality if it is part of him/her is bad: the problem is that she is not given enough spotlight and characterization, with that her obviously sexual tone can be avoided or even better make her a lot more interesting for a FE standards villainous character (to be fair we don't know if she is a villan or not but she has her own agenda). Want to do her more interesting? Easy, make her some kind of timeless eldritch abomination like her Paralogue with Young Azura seemed to imply. That will make her flirtatious and unapologetic personality freaking creepy. Also I think fanservice is fine but it should be aimed for both parts of the spectrum (there people who like man and all that), make more units like Summer Frederick (Bruno is totally fine but it is becoming the exception lately).
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