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  1. G'day mate! I also just finished a Blue Lions maddening w/o NG+. I had a similar build to yours, but some notable differences. Here it is: Felix (War Master), Ashe (Wyvern Lord), Sylvain (Great Knight), Ingrid (Holy Knight), Petra (Falcon Knight), Ferdinand (Dancer), Catherine (Mortal Savant), Setheth (Swordmaster), and Cyril (Bow Knight). My Dimitri and Mercedes were the same as yours, for the most part. I found it interesting that your team was highly magical... because mine is highly physical! Thanks for the post!
  2. What do you all think about the ending of Azure Moon?
  3. I just finished Blue Lions on maddening (no new game plus)! I reccommend Sylvain as paladin into great knight! Also, Ingrid > Linhardt, she gets amazing stats if you go priest/cavalier>paladin>holyknight. Take her to choir practice, trust me! Finally, I used Ferdinand dancer, Cyril bow knight, and Catherine mortal savant, but if you use Ignatz, maybe try making him a debuffer with poison strike/seal skills.
  4. Since you have a lot of Dark Fliers, which are weak to bows. You could re-class a few of them into an anti-archer class (such as: paladins or great knights). Good luck!
  5. I tried it about a year ago. I waited for at least 15 minutes. No one...
  6. The way to do that, back in the day, was with a GameCube memory card (with the PoR save file) being put into a Nintendo Wii. I am guessing, that you will have to interact with the "save file" (or something similar) folder inside of RD, in order to be successful!
  7. Abuse the arena, at the start of every chapter (inside the keep). And don't feel guilty about it!
  8. Remember to check enemy inventories before the battle starts! Having your ex-thief with "steal" equipped is great when there are lots of lootables... but, you can replace steal (with another ability) if there is nothing to loot for a map. P.S. Konosuba quote "STEAL!"
  9. Well it's almost Christmas and you could get a switch and 3 houses!
  10. Pairing up Robin increases their experience gain by 50%! Healers can be good for baiting mages. Their high resistance can tank magic hits and bring threats into range. Pair up and the lunge skill, are like 1 square teleports!
  11. In maddening, the AS stat changes lower the frequency of our unit's double attacking. Which would also lower the hit chance by about half. Like, a science experiment changing more than one variable. Or, believing an arm is tied behind your back, when in fact, both are tied. I read that a lot of people found the first timeskip chapter to be the hardest. My theory is that, since maddening is not unlocked from the beginning, most people did not play the house they started with on both HM and MM. This was the case for me, so by the time we reach the timeskip, we are facing not only more difficult enemies, but different map layouts, too!
  12. Azure Moon. You get the most hero's relics for free.
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