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  1. i believe you've corrupted something, then did you use an incompatible patch somewhere
  2. radiant dawn is a god tier game, glad u've joined us!
  3. Shadow Dragon with less warp abuse, more balance (fucking hell Matthis and Vyland), Thracia style Skills and Scrolls, and the artstyle of SNES fire emblem (but since it's on the DS, PoR's artstyle does the job too.) Also, give the akaneian characters RD styled supports and base convos to flesh out their characters (not New Mystery's pathetic excuse of a support system)
  4. wow i'm the first raigh. and adding myself to the short list of shanna and long list of fae. Would like to have my +9 fir finally +10ed and my +7 lewyn +10ed but guess thatll wait huh
  5. Idk I thought chapter 4 was good game design. Escape maps are highkey underrated.
  6. i was playing randomized genealogy and got a forseti dew, married him to brigid, and then patty killed w it julius after being my best non-celice unit in gen 2 also forseti patty in the base game is a massive flex and i hope one day i manage to actually marry lewyn off to brigid
  7. like thats been said in this thread countless times if you want maximum happiness out of 3h, that does not involve playing church i'd argue the blue lions is the best first path because it gives the least information. then CF then GD. if you're only playing the game once though i'd recommend gd for what its worth
  8. this is so underrated. I love fe3 and am so happy something like this exists. is there any plan for randomized recruitment or is that too difficult with fe3's code?
  9. Idk nearly every unit in radiant dawn has doubling issues at some point. This is speaking from not playing the very very difficult modes of fe11 and fe12 yet though lol Thracia's enemies aren't so dangerous as the formations they are in, and the 1 RN system.
  10. Whichever one the last few map themes are (the ashnard and bk maps), one of the better map themes in the series
  11. Blue Lions is prob the best first route but GD is fine, I think that it's the best overall. I'm not the biggest 3h fan but that's just because I'm not really jRPG guy. Anyway, good luck and have fun with the game! I believe DLC drops tonight if you care about that as well
  12. Welll the most fucked up part about Birthright is that Ryoma bitches so hard despite knowing by those god forsaken Mikoto letters that Corrin wasn't even their real sibling. Fates writing lmao Anyway I like the idea of Sigurd and I think he's very good for his game, and his flaws make him a better character. The Deirdre romance is supposed to be stupid, I think
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