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  1. sure thing gotcha. really wanna try him out now that he can side b to upb offstage
  2. Since EVO is a few days away and @Jedi and I and a few others will be there any character you guys want us to try out? I'll try to get as much as i can
  3. ah, nope. got to play right away! i love the new layout.picking stage first then character after is how they should do it from now on imo matches went pretty fast. its too early to say, but like from what anti, zero and others said, 3 stocks sounds fine for ultimate. there were a lot of zelda's, cloud, ike and snake today. no ridley at all which surprised me. i felt so much nostalgia when i was in the store. these are so adorable
  4. alright now that im back home it took a little to adjust to the game since there was input lag on the setup i played, but i love this game already. the new parry is also amazing. makes me feel like im playing 3rd strike again. being able to punish your opponent, but it also being risky makes it that you better be sure you do it right. dthrow utilt still works for mario too.
  5. Played smash ultimate! Game felt smooth. I’ll summerize my thoughts when i get back home!
  6. i'll message you in the discord any difference in gameplay for ike and sonic!
  7. gonna be playing the game in a few hours since its in the nintendo store in new york. can't wait to try snake again
  8. so happy snake is back. going to be playing this alot like smash 4.
  9. we'd be down to play like around 5-6 pm est since we're gonna be pretty busy until then
  10. Thank you @Snike for taking over for me. didn't have enough time these past days. I don't feel likke a good job trying to convince you guys i was town, but i was glas i was able to save shinori N2
  11. Your case is good. I haven't seen him push much, if at all. He was arguing against you about the evan wagon, but it looked like he was pretty adamant on voting randa/rad so i don't know why he was going in like that to you. You were defending yourself good. yes, you were demotivated at first, so not seeing you post much at the beginning of D2 had me a little suspicious, but that cleared away once you started explaining against Conqueror. you have your own reasons for switching your randa vote to evan. and it wouldn't change much since we were all scumreading him. Haven't seen the other games, but i don't think Scum!you would be doing this. I don't think scum!refa would be going this far on defending himself. like before he wasn't posting much, but seeing all this I think he's town. I also think now that RAD was found town, I can see why he is going far to not get mislynched. Thoughts for now I'm with Athena on bart's case, and think Refa is town. I have been playing nervously yeah. at least for the other days I didn't know if i was making the right moves on finding scum reads. I think that's all. if i missed any other questions towards me please tell me.
  12. Sorry RL has been taking up a lot of my time. I'll get back asap
  13. I'm fine with Refa after looking back at his posts. I was always unsure, but at least for now his explaining makes me feel comfortable on not lynching. When it comes to mack/elemina now I think i got it wrong. I'm really not sure anymore. i need to look at more info. Now that Rad was also town I honestly don't know on reads. I'm going back to reread. Wasn't around much yeah.
  14. Refa yes. I think Refa is fine now. Elemina I'm still weary though because of the flip. I think its scummy Didn't send a vote via role pm. i made a mistake did not vote in pm
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