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  1. I guess she could have planned to target the Church first, and simply have the molemen lingering on the peripheral instead of actively working alongside her. The larger point may be that she didn't consider them a threat nor absolutely necessary to do her thing, it just strategically made more sense to ally with them if they were working towards the same goal anyway.
  2. I'm not sure how much of a 'stranglehold' it really is. It sounds like the initial plan may have been to start the shadow war against them immediately once she got the throne versus after the Church is dealt with, if allying with them wasn't the plan from the start (and the fact that she needed coaxing suggests that this was indeed her plan if not for Hubert's interference). It's clearly not the smarter, more strategic plan, but that's mostly because the Church is the bigger threat. This means a lot less to me than it does to you. She did, ultimately, make that decision. Feeling bad about the consequences doesn't really earn you 'credit'. What 'must' exactly be done is also debateable. What she does in CF versus the other routes suggest she did not have to leverage that much force against her opponents to accomplish her goals, but she decides to do so in the non-CF routes because it's the path of least resistance towards accomplishing her ultimate goal. And, ironically enough, in those routes she loses... though I'd argue that's more because it seems like she just kind of waits there for Byleth to arrive and join the enemy forces instead of just steamrolling everyone while he's gone lol. I don't think she's really 'more heroic' than a pure white knight because she's willing to do 'what must be done'. A lot of awfully bad people can get away with doing cruel things under that justification.
  3. The difference between our viewpoints is that I'm willing to assign responsibility to Edelgard for the choice to ally with the Agarthans and use their resources, even if they're doing things she does not personally approve of. I don't think being distressed that Agarthans are doing Agarthan things is enough to absolve her of that responsibility; she knows better than anyone what they are and what they're capable of and willing to do. It's a strategic choice, but it comes with consequences and definitely puts her more in the morally gray column than you seem comfortable with.
  4. She does alright according to the ending. But the game is more about her waging war than actually ruling, and presumably so is this thread. I have a feeling Thales didn't give a copy of the magic nuke remote to Myson in AM just so the route could finally end on a positive note instead of turning the castle into a crater and everyone dying.
  5. Yeeeah really not going to get into a philosophical debate on whether or not choice is an "illusion". I'll just hold her to the same tenets of responsibility as I would towards anyone and everyone else, as a member of a functional society.
  6. This happens in AM, only Thales randomly dies, too. But Hapi comes and saves the day!
  7. Yeah but her fans do. And I think it does her a disservice. Sure. They both think they're using each other and have the upperhand. But that's very different than one party clearly controlling the other.
  8. Sort of? It's being a victim versus being an arbiter. Hubert makes it pretty clear that she was initially adamantly against the idea, but he coaxed her into seeing the strategic value in leaving them intact and working with them versus fighting them right off the bat. She still outright threatens them even so. She's not a pawn lol.
  9. No, because the idea that she's not in charge of her own decisions annoys me to no end and makes her far less compelling as a character, imo. Fortunately I think it's obviously wrong enough that I don't really need to have the same argument again.
  10. See I generally agree with this analysis and have said similar things in other Edelgard-centric threads, but it feels like whenever I point out her clear flaws (which I think are good and make her a great character) as a leader there's always push back about it not really being a flaw, it's actually good, she's a pawn and has no agency, or she's not culpable in whatever it was that she did and shouldn't be blamed for it. Then the thread just further tumbles down that rabbit hole.
  11. Thales follows her orders if they suit his own aims, and they usually do. But they are allies. She is not their pawn, and she certainly doesn't behave as one. She refrains from using the full extent of what she has because of Byleth's influence on her; this is before he returns.
  12. She does. That's why it doesn't happen in the route where she bonds with Byleth, even when she has even more of a reason to use those resources than she does on the other routes (her opposition is in a much better spot in CF). You can choose to consider them entirely separate entities that Edelgard has no responsibility for, but what actually happens (or in this case doesn't happen) doesn't support that.
  13. Not utilizing Cornelia or the crest beasts to nearly the same extent. There is a reason for it.
  14. I think the "darker impulse" is not necessarily enjoying it, but considering inflicting harm a necessary evil to achieve whatever her end goal may be. She refrains from doing this in CF.
  15. Can get behind Edelgard > Dimitri when it comes to actually leading, but the game shows us they both fall to their darker impulses without Byleth being there beside them. That is not a good thing.
  16. Eh, Silver Snow has them all die + Claude go missing if you don't support Rhea. But since you actually have Gronder in VW, Dimitri's pointless death does hit harder there.
  17. Not sure why it's a "almost guarantee" it'd be 100% unique when AM doesn't structurally deviate much from SS, either. It really was just the rough draft the other routes borrowed from - the only exception being CF.
  18. How would you change the SS setup, or what would you put in place of it?
  19. Alright, I think I get you better, and I generally agree. It sounds like the generally agreed sentiment that Seteth/Flayn just can't fill the role of an Edelgard or Claude, and it'd still suck even if you cut out VW and put additional resources into the remaining routes?
  20. With SS, Byleth doesn't need to sacrifice his bonds with the rest of his students. They follow after him either way. That being the case, how is it not about Edelgard? Your bond with the rest of your students may be just as significant, but they aren't the deciding factor.
  21. Shoehorning a player into supporting a character who is clearly doing morally dubious stuff is bad, particularly if you've given them no indication that the character is going to do questionable stuff before they choose to follow them. There is a reason why SS is actually supposed to be the "default" BE route, while CF is the trickier one to get into. Sadly this alone doesn't make it an actually good route to play through.
  22. Better call it Two Houses/War of Houses, then. I don't think "Three Houses But One Is DLC" would a winner, either as a concept or in practice, but that's just going to be a difference of opinion I guess.
  23. Are we proposing allowing the Deer to stay at the monastery but gating their actual route behind DLC, or removing the Deer entirely and gating VW/the Alliance behind DLC instead? Both are awful (I can hear the cries of "this should have been in the base game!" already) but for different reasons.
  24. Eh you likely needed to still steamroll the Slitherers to fit in with the other "finding the truth" theme that's unique to Claude as a foreigner in a foreign land. That's what he focuses on as a personal quest, and it's actually pretty prevalent in White Clouds. Gets sidetracked due to the war, but not entirely. Wouldn't do it via Rhea exposition dump and sudden Nemesis fight, myself, but I find myself less and less bothered by it. Dimitri accidentally killing Thales and being unaware of what's really going on around him fits because his route is all about him getting over his murdercrush and forgiving himself, and defeating Edelgard.
  25. It’d be weird to suddenly have Sreng in VW of all things much in the same way having Nemesis show up felt weird and disconnected. The hostile invader angle is already in there, but Claude is pretty aware and wary of it: in VW it initially feels like he’s going to pull off some risky gambit that may endanger his own forces to make his dress up act more convincing, but it turns out he’s stressing out because it’ll inevitably freak people out (namely Lorenz) and he’ll have to explain himself. In CF it matters less because he’s on the ropes and needs to throw everything at Edelgard, damn the consequences... and if the Almyrans save Fodlan then it’d help his end goal anyway (hence he does it in his Byleth pairing end card). I think you’d have to make him far more willing to be perceived as a foreign invader himself to make this convincing, and in VW I think he has the least need.
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