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  1. So I don’t know if this was ready mentioned by anyone else but anyway. So I was just looking at my Reddit feed, and saw from the Greek Mythology sub a question about a goddess named Adrestia. There is says it’s a minor goddess, child of Ares and Aphrodite, with authority over, and listen here, „ the revolt and equilibrium over good and evil“. Mindblown I tell you the writers had to dig really deep for that one.
  2. It depends on the unit. Right now on my second playthrough and planning on making both Petra and Edelgard into flyers.
  3. I’d say that Edelgard is a very popular character but because of her actions in the story the position on her are quite divided. It’s obvious that she is a very well written character with motive and personality that can’t simply be described as good or evil. But it’s precisely that which divided the community on her. Though over all, those that like her are more than those that hate her.
  4. Interesting idea but the number doesn’t really fit. On the other hand if you take Seiros as the golden dragon of the center (Kouryuu for Persona fans) it’s even better.
  5. By increasing the amount of enemies and improving the ai ie. higher usage of Skills an battalions.
  6. Something that I noticed is with the names of the four routes. The japanese name for three houses is 風花雪月 read as fuukasetsugetsu which literally means wind flower snow moon.
  7. To tell the truth I have done a lot of fishing in the game but so far I have never got even a single rainbow one.
  8. Nice ideas but In Edelgards case rather than a actual child I believe she would rather put a adoptive child or someone she wants to become her successor.
  9. No deaths in my case though There were a few maps were I had to restart.
  10. Martin Luther the founder of today’s Protestantism truly nice comparison. I completely agree with what you said, Reah should have left the stage of history after the founding of the church or at least shouldn’t have kept such a „hands of“ approach. About the rest that you wrote there is nothing I can ad just about Edelgard. Among the discussion about her that I have seen so far she was described with a plethora of word, mostly negative ones, but what I see seldom is revolutionary. That’s exactly what she is, a revolutionary out to break the order of the false goddess that has kept the continent under her fist while building a society whose very core was corrupted. Heck not only the church she even wants to abolish nobility, though in a single reign a bit impossible she lays the groundwork for it by not choosing one of her children but one who she deems as competent as her successor for the throne, thus promoting a meritocratic mindset. And as it’s not rare with revolutionaries she has to combine her strength with those who should normally be destroyed after all revolutions are revolts of the weak versus the strong, and without help they wouldn’t be able to complete their goal.
  11. Has anyone completed maddening without New game+? If so how does the new title screen look?
  12. While letting the stuff about his position out. He is a very pitiful character. He let the majority of his family getting killed in the most gruesome way without being able to do anything. What you see of him during El‘s route makes it quite easy to understand. He is the withered husk of a once great man who has lost everything and the only reason he is alive is for Edelgard.
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