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  1. Story Dimensional Break Between Foldan, Tellius and Elibe. The Main story of Fodlan (Only Academy Phase), Elibe and Tellius will take place. The Other characters from FEW 1 (they failed to return to their homeworld and went to FEW 2 world along with Darios). (Rowen and Lianna didn't appear in the story but they're playable after history mode clear) The game will feature custom avatar character (Male/Female) as MC main villain will be counterpart of the avatar (if male chosen the female one will be evil) someone who want to take the Power of the Gods. He/she also can make Divine Pulse useless. Start of the game we will meet Lyn who found us lying unconscious in the field just like FE 7, then the monsters attack the village but then Jeralt, Byleth and the students come to the rescue (Temporary Allies) 2nd Stage we meet with Eliwood and Hector who was Lyn Comrade, help them tried to rescue Ninian and Nills from the pursuer Jaffar and Kronya. 3rd Stage. Went to Garrec Mach Monastery, Goddess Rite Rebirth Event, Sephiran, Zelgius meet with Rhea. Vs Black Knight and Death Knight, Byleth Obtain Sword of Creator 4th Stage. The Garrec Mach Monastery Attacked by Monsters and the Main Villains. Choose to join between Edelgard, Dimitri or Claude, During the Battle, Rhea and Byleth become missing, Ninian and Nills was abducted and the class was separated. Route Select Edelgard Route - Edelgard- Sylvain - Lyn (NPC: Hubert) Join in Route: - Micaeah - Sothe -Celica - Female Corrin - Azura - Takumi - Leo Dimitri Route - Dimitri, Bernadetta, Eliwood (NPC: Dedue) Join in Route: - Ike - Soren - Chrom - Lisa - Male Robin - Fredrick - Cordelia Claude Route - Claude, Hilda, Hector (NPC: Lorenz) Join in Route: Marth - Caeda - Linde - Minerva - Navarre - Nino - Jaffar Playable: FE Three House Byleth (Sword of Creator) Edelgard (Axe Armored) Bernadetta (Bow Cavalry) Dimitri (Spear Infantry) Sylvain (Spear Cavalry) Claude (Bow Wyvern) Hilda (Axe Infantry) Elibe Hector (Axe Armored) Eliwood (Sword Cavalry) Ninian (Dragon Dancer) Nino (Bladetome Mage) Jaffar (Dagger) Tellius Ike (Ragnel) Soren (Wind Magic) Micaeah (Priestess Mage) Sothe (Dagger) Tybarn (Stone - Flying) Unique Enemies (Playable but not for story mode) Death Knight Kronya Black Knight New Unique Moveset Revamp: Tharja Celica Minerva History Mode Only Character: Roy (Eliwood Clone) Ephraim (Dimitri Clone) Eirika (Marth Clone) Enemy Only: Solon Sonia Nergal Sephiran NPC: Jeralt (Use Fredrick Moveset) Catherine (Use Lyn Moveset) Hubert (Use Tharja Moveset) Dedue (Use Hector Moveset) Lorenz (Use Sylvain Moveset) Llyoid (Use Lyn Moveset) Linus (Use Hilda Moveset) Ursula (Use Leo Moveset) Titania (Use Fredrick Moveset) Mist (Use Leo Moveset) Naesela (Use Tybarn Moveset) Pelleas (Use Robin Moveset) Non-Combatant Rhea Seteth Nills DLC Pack 1 New Story Scenario for unlocking the characters Dorothea Lysithea Felix Pack 2 New Story Scenario for unlocking the characters Elincia Mia Jill Pack 3 New Story Scenario for unlocking the characters Dorcas Lilana Matthew
  2. The True Final Boss probably Sothis Half Soul just like Ashera and Yune in Radiant Dawn Sothis is Yune 2.0 Seteth or someone from the Church maybe Sephiran 2.0
  3. one of these possible scenario probably will happen in the game Scenario 1: The Church is not Corrupt, the true enemy is humanity greed After first main villain defeat, The Church lost its power (Rhea killed?), then the Civil War happen timeskip/not we support one of three house in the war. last boss will the selected emperor/king/alliance leader become monster using crest. Scenario 1.2: The Church is not Corrupt but there's hidden enemy After first main villain defeat, The Church lost its power (Rhea killed?), then the Civil War happen timeskip/not we support one of three house in the war. vs various crest monster from other house noble/leader. its revealed actually someone manipulating the event/traitor. vs the true villain. vs the final boss. Scenario 2: The Church is Corrupt After first main villain defeat, its revealed the Church actually Corrupt, we become heretic after learn the truth, time skip/not civil war probably happen but just background story, the story will be focus Our Party vs the Corrupt Church, Corrupt church will revive Seiros which actually fake prophet, Last boss will be the Goddess.
  4. my usual team +10 Robin, +10 Tharja, +0 Winter Eirika, +3 L.Azura Robin bait kill Delthea and the bow, Tharja kill the rest
  5. If there's FEW2 probably its one year after FE Three House released with Three House , Radiant Dawn, Blazing Blade as focus and Roy, Lilana, Alm, Celica as clone. the roster probably like this: Three House: Unique: Byleth, Edelgard (Infantry Axe), Claude (Horse Archer), Dimitri (Horse Lance) Clone: One student for each House Radiant Dawn: Unique: Ike, Micaeah, Sothe (Dagger), Elincia. Clone: Soren (Micaeah), Mist (Leo), Titania (Frederick), Nephenee (Oboro) Blazing Blade &Binding Blade: Unique: Hector(Armor Axe), Eliwood (Sword Cavalry), Ninian, Nino. Clone: Roy (Eliwood), Lilana (Nino) SoV Clone: Alm (Aytolis Lords or he will use inherit their moveset if they're getting cut in FEW2), Celica (Marth with different C string) Awakening New: Gaius (Dagger - Clone of Sothe) Fates New: Felicia (Dagger - Unique) Shadow Dragon New: Merric (Clone of Linde)
  6. the symbol probably for the faction, in that case its probably for the heretic/rebel faction
  7. custom avatar costume: we can pick desired appearance even when changing class. More playable characters
  8. Do you think there will be playable party member outside the academy characters? if so what kind playable unit archetype do you want? my list:
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