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  1. https://s.famitsu.com/news/201907/18179141.html From twitter, seemingly the review from what i can make out^^;
  2. I am saving best for last-i will go with black eagles,then golden deer,then finally blue lions. I really like what i have seen of dimitri and his house,plus i really want to save the boy;.;
  3. One of the first to come to mind for me is also Lorenz. Right now he is meme-fodder but from what I have seen regarding the supposed leaks, he seems to have a major glow-up. Also of interest would be his potential development-the option where you give advice to students shows his reaction to be a sincere one(was featured in famitsu i believe?), as he most likely actually does not know what he is supposedly "doing wrong" in getting the attention of girls. Would be nice to see him grow to be a kind of mellowed out inigo, regarding the attitude (in terms of "always keep smiling etc.)this is just speculation on my part though. Also of interest are dedue(i just love him already ok) sylvain and the younger ones especially. I could imagine caspar,ignace, bernadetta and the like changing drastically in comparision to more mature students
  4. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but i think i could hear Sam Riegel(?) Voicing Linhardt, though it was hard to hear...
  5. I am actually really happy about the way they implemented romance.also dual audio is always a plus
  6. What seems to make so much more sense now is byleths knowledge of the various characters' weaknesses,strengths and hidden talents.because byleth has actually gotten to know them once before they are able to detain which character excels/lacks in which field. I dont know if this is really that important but it seems like a neat addition in terms of conitinuity,though i could be wrong^^;
  7. "The mysterious flame-emperor is acting in the shadows of the monastery.he seems to harbour resentment towards the church of seiros.his true intentions have yet to be revealed" Thats the german text translated. Whats off about it? From what i have read about him, its seems coherent with the other profiles(on tiwtter etc.),though i could have missed something.
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