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  1. C+ in Gauntlets even though he is on a horse? Haha, maybe he is recruitable!
  2. I preordered the special edition of the game. But if the game doesn't arrive early on the release date, I will probably buy it on the eShop.... I really can't wait for it. And don't worry, your stream will be great.
  3. I do.... Basically nothing. I'm very hyped for this game and don't have anything to do. Which makes my life very hard.... It will be even harder, as soon as the first people get their hands on the game and I have to avoid spoilers by staying away from the internet.
  4. Hello, I'm from Germany and I am pretty sure that "lausig" means "bad". "lausig" might sound a little bit weird, as it is a rather uncommon word, but it definitely fits.
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