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  1. New mode is pretty great. Galeforce L! Edelgard is pretty overpowered and Gatrie is a pain in the ass, still getting the hang of it.
  2. I just finished building my Virion so im very eager to use him here.
  3. Didnt thought we would ever get TMS characters in the game; glad to be wrong. Im actually going to pull for Eleonora. I like her more than Tsubasa and she comes with Virion.
  4. If im not mistaken Nasu didnt write nor did he wanted to include explicit erotic scenes in the work. The only reason they did it being that it was supposedly going to boost the sales. Realta Nua which is kind of the final "canon" version of the story doesnt even have the sex-mana-charging anymore.
  5. Veronica is about to unleash a hell of a final hour with the multiplier. Dont think we'll make it. Rip Team Edelgard.
  6. Chrom is literally the only character from the blue team still standing. Definitely wasnt expecting for an empire sweep.
  7. That they really like Dimitri and dont want him to lose ? I dont think there's much more than that into it.
  8. Very adorable video. Btw i feel like Sharena sounds really good in this video. Im not a huge fan of her voice work in the game but in this video she was great.
  9. I'll go with Edelgard. Going to support the team with Thrasir because the emperor refused to come home.
  10. Ehhh i think Alfonse is considerably more affectionate with Sharena than Gustav was with him. Like, he is pretty serious yeah but it seems kind of a far cry from the jaded attitude that Gustav presented him and the strained relationship they had.
  11. Nah. A straight popularity contest would just make the results boring and incredibly predictable. With the multipliers involved the underdog actually has a chance of winning and it makes things a little bit spicier. If you care about the results, of course.
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