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  1. This weapon ability system doesn't really seem fair at all.
  2. So what about characters like Caeda and Clair who only have effective damage on their weapons and the unique refine?
  3. Wow, effective damage is considered a free effect by IS? How on gods green earth can they even justify that? Now I am really side-eyeing them for not making Durandal effective against dragons.
  4. Rules were made to be broken. Look at L!Tiki, she has a DC weapon with adaptive damage against ranged units and it's also effective against dragons.
  5. Ninian Frost Breath: 16 MT. Unit can counterattack regardless of distance. If foe's range = 2, damage is calculated using lower of foes def or res. Unique refine: If Sing or Dance is used, target and unit are also granted Def/Res+6.
  6. Wow, the disparity in strength between Legendary Tiki and some of the earlier Legendary heroes is really insane.
  7. Riding on team Lyn til' the wheels fall off
  8. Hey TC can you do a mash up of FE6-CH2 and the FE7 FFO (Lloyd) map? I believe those battles are supposed to take place in the same area as well.
  9. I hope Durandal and Naga are next on the list for refine. I have a feeling that Naga might be turned into a tome version of Binding Blade which is quite alright with me. But I am curious to see what they do for Durandal's unique refine.
  10. The Tiki's with Falchion breath = Nice Linus looks hot! And as for Canas? Honestly, his stats look better than I thought they would. He wasn't a statistical powerhouse in FE7.
  11. My body is so ready for Linus. The 4 four fangs need to be completed.
  12. Well now we know that Prf weapons can potentially have other evolutions as opposed to just one.
  13. Wow, love the Excalibur reference for Nino's weapon. I had an Idea for a blazing Excalibur
  14. But Uhh Fae is a divine dragon who is less than 100 years old. The divine dragons went to Arcadia during the scouring. On topic: I've always assumed that Sophia was of divine dragon blood. She bears a striking resemblance to Iddoun who used to be a Divine Dragon.
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