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  1. Quick question. Does anyone know if Ingrid will reclass to paladin in chapter 13 if she is in pegasus knight in chapter 12? I have both classes unlocked right now and have been switching between them. I know characters will automatically reclass in to an advanced class post skip if they haven’t unlocked one but since she has will she stay in pegasus knight if I put her in it in chapter 12?
  2. On an unrelated note, Am I going to regret 1 turning chapter 11? I wanted to make sure I got the best reward since I couldn’t get the knowledge gem in Sothis’ paralouge but I don’t know how badly every ounce of exp is need for chapter 13 on Maddening. I don’t feel under leveled my lowest units are level 20 and everyone else is a few levels higher but I want to make sure.
  3. This isn’t exactly definitive evidence either way but considering Daphnel split off from the kingdom. Riegan being a spilt of Blaiddyd seems plausible at least. Also I would take Claude not mentioning it with a grain of salt considering he doesn’t even know that he’s descended from House Riegan until shortly before coming to the academy.
  4. Wait so doing the sauna multiple times in one explore session doesn’t give both students the instruction buff? I did it twice in one go trying to get the hang of how it worked and I know the first student got the buff but I didn’t check the second. I just assumed that both got it since they were both refreshed.
  5. Does anyone know what I miss out on by 1 turning Felix’s paralougue? The only way I think I can keep Rodrigue alive is to stride dance Ingrid and get a crit with Luin but that means all the villagers will still be on the map. I really wish green unit behavior accounted for stronger enemies on Maddening, it doesn’t seem to.
  6. There are proper maid/butler outfits that beige outfit is called summer wear.
  7. Hello all, I have some questions about the Japanese special edition. I been looking for a special edition for a while since I waited too late to get one on release and I found a good deal on the Japanese one on Amazon so I went ahead and ordered it. I, of course, already have the game at this point so I planned on selling it to a friend, but I wanted to check some things first. I know the Switch is region free but do they need a Japanese profile and another Switch Online membership to connect online? Also, if they end up wanting to buy the DLC, will they need a Japanese profile then? They might not even care about online or DLC but I want to make sure I can walk them through things if need be.
  8. Does anyone know if cooking bonuses stack? Like if I cook 3 plus 1 speed meals does that result in plus 1 speed or plus 3 speed? I tried once but I can't remember and I don't want to waste ingredients and activity points if it doesn't stack. Also does cooking a different type overwrite the other or can you mix types of bonuses?
  9. Yeah, I went with Annette. Unfortunately, I didn't get the knowledge gem because I barely scraped by in Sothis' paralogue trying to get it done in time. It was an all hands on deck situation and I couldn't afford to send anyone to grab it. I'll have to see if I can save all the crest stones in the later mission. It was a reward if I remember correctly.
  10. I was planning on Bow Knight Ashe because the Blue Lions desperately need someone with good movement and range and Annette's rallies are really useful but I guess the Special Dance skill would replace at least rally speed which is the most useful and it would give Ingrid a chance to recover. Thanks! If anyone has any other ideas or advice let me know.
  11. That’s pretty cool! Nice job. Why the Crest of Reigan? Is Claude your favorite or do you just like the crest?
  12. Hello everyone, I’m trying to figure out my dancer for this run. I’m currently using the Lions + Byleth, Lysithea for magic nuke potential, and Lindhart as an extra healer/physic user. I used Flayn in my first run, Golden Deer, but I don’t really have room for her this time around. I was thinking about Ingrid because she’s got enough charm already and at level 14 with 11 strength she is my weakest unit of all the ones I’m actually using but I know she has the potential to become an awesome Falcon Knight and I don’t want to miss out on that or lose my dancer late game. I was also thinking about Slyvain because again more than enough charm and kinda mediocre with 13 strength. I didn’t have much success with him in my Golden Deer run either but he had really nice synergy with Leonie so I still fielded him a fair amount as a paladin. I also really don’t want to drop any of the Lions on account of chapter 13. It gave me enough of a run for my money on hard, having dropped a strength screwed Raphael and mostly phasing out Ignatz in favor of Felix. Thanks for any advice!
  13. I don't know if I'd say this counts as something that had to get past the radar but Claude's line against the final boss which I won't spoil, surprised me considering FE usually opts for dastard.
  14. I can confirm that you can retreat in chapter 13. I did it on my first run. I don't know if you can change the difficulty though, I didn't think to check on my first run since I was only on Hard at the time. Currently, I'm on chapter 6 of a NG+ Maddening Blue Lions run so it will be a long time before I can check.
  15. Potentially helpful tip. While there isn't a preparations menu in the first post timeskip battle, you can retreat, accessing the select battlefield screen. I found out on my first run when I got to the timeskip super late at night and was desperate for a way to save. From the select battlefield screen, you should be able to save, manage inventory, and most importantly access options to turn the difficulty down. I am currently in chapter 6 of my NG+ Blue Lions run so it will be a looong while before I can double check if the same options are available from battlefield select in ch 13 but they are in ch 6 and I know you can retreat in ch 13. If somehow else who is closer / has a save wants to check, it could be helpful for those willing to turn the difficulty down.
  16. I got Lysithea. It's a pretty perfect fit. As a gifted chronically ill/disabled person, I relate to her more than I'd like to admit. Also my sweet tooth is, shall we say, very well developed!
  17. I am currently on the last chapter of Golden Deer and I have some questions for before I beat the game so that I know when/what to save where: Does battle data let you view paired endings or do I need to redo the final map to see them again? If I make a new game plus file from the Golden Deer save do I lose the ability to see paired endings or is that only if I save over the file with the NG+ file?
  18. I'm getting close to finishing Golden Deer as well and I have a similar question. I'll probably be doing Blue Lions next which puts me doing both Black Eagles routes back to back. Should I save before the route split and start both routes from the same point or are the maps/enemies different enough that I might want to class students differently? Also what chapter is the split so I know when to save?
  19. Regarding paired endings, I know it's based on the closest allies thing but: 1. Do both characters need to be in each other's top spot? 2 If Byleth is in person A's top spot but S supports person B, does person A get a paired ending with the person in their second spot or are they alone? Basically does Byleth block other endings even if they don't have an ending with the person?
  20. Oh I know Malig Knight isn't here I just meant in general. Also arcane archer sounds cool! I guess it could promote to arcane sniper and then dark bow knight (a combination of dark and bow knight that trades lances for bows.)
  21. Well she's noble and her father is the minister of religious affairs or whatnot and it's a military academy run by the church so I would guess she's sorta a shoe in regardless of her ability.
  22. I also wish more classes could use magic and that magic + weapon combos weren't always saved for master classes. It's frustrating to have it right at the beginning of the game only for it to disappear for so long. Also I know this is probably technically redundant with the magic bow existing but I'd really like to see some sort of bow mage class. We've got classes that combine magic and swords, magic and lances, and magic and axes, but not magic and bows. I know the other weapons are primarily 1 range hence the added utility of magic but I still want it.
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