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  1. The Princess of Martin, Johanna. She will be a Lord version of the Pegasus Knight class.
  2. Obviously crossbows...in the hands of Shinon.
  3. Could be either. I mean, take a look at FEH (which is DEFINITELY a commercial product) and Judgral or Tellius games (which are arts to me).
  4. Here are some of upcoming updates for version 0.40, which will be released around May - June: Four large chapters that may or may not be the end for the Martin Kingdom arc Second Lord's introduction, along with a small tease to the next arc An intense, defense-focused map More detailed bios of the main characters Darker, desaturated tilesets, changing the atmosphere as close as possible to FE4's (Before & After) --->
  5. SapphireSoft actually released some of them in the Steam Workshop, albeit not as smooth as GBA FE animations.
  6. Dracoseal update v0.30 has finally been released! You can check what’s new on the description above along with the download link!
  7. "Rutger in Binding Blade SUCKS!"
  8. The next update of Dracoseal will be delayed for another week for further playtesting and balancing! It should be out by April 7th.
  9. Pretty sure Oosuki's FE4 manga is 100% josei-oriented. Now, if only they release an official English translation of that jewel.
  10. The fact that Narcian and Bartre's weapons are basically ATK/DEF Bond 3 with an extra range (which means it can stack with ATK/DEF Solo) and penalty-defying effect makes them great as fodders.
  11. The next update of the demo (version 0.3) will be released around March 31st, featuring: Chapter 7, 8 and 9, which also features… More playable units! and… An FE4-style large map with multiple objectives! Support Conversations Rebalanced difficulty for certain maps Look forward to its release!
  12. You start saying "Interesting Maneuver" everytime someone does something clever.
  13. Enlightened Byleth or Grandmaster Robin would fit in IMO. Especially in Robin's case, he/she would prefer to be neutral in order to fit in any type of battle.
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