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  1. Doraemon, back when I was like 3 or 4 years old. From there, I began to watch stuff like Astroboy, Pokonyan, Crayon Shinchan, Dragon Ball, and other typical sunday morning, old-school anime shows.
  2. ...You want From Software to develop a Fire Emblem game? I'm IN! Fire Emblem: Burning Souls - Prepare to Lose Units Edition
  3. Driving. As an auto-enthusiast, nothing clears my mind like bonding with your car over a long drive, regardless of where you're going. Cooking also helps me regain composure whenever I have a lot on my mind.
  4. Deadly Premonition 2. Not from narrative or gameplay perspective, but due to how incredible laggy the game is on Switch.
  5. You can edit the enemy count limit in the game's database option. I just tried spawning exactly 100 green units and I don't see any problem with that. Maybe the demo does limit the number of allies.
  6. Not sure about that, but the enemy count limit goes up to 999, so it's probably the same with ally units.
  7. To quote certain Persona character: "I've been waiting for this!"
  8. If I can only pick one, then by all means, Altena. I'm a sucker for Wyvern/Dragon Knight older sister units.
  9. After a week of tinkering with the game here and there, I present to you...Dracoseal version 0.42 - The Definitive Edition! Here are the changes made in the current version: Added more Character and Glossary entries, now featuring Gallery entries as well! Added more skill icons! Added several new plugins that will enhance your gaming experience. Added a new title screen! Added more class descriptions. Renamed several skills; Close Def is now Pavise, Distant Def is now Aegis and Pavise is now Great Shield. Added a new, experimental difficulty setting: MADHOUSE MODE! Earlier chapters have been modified, some have additional convos and events! You can now view which unit you can talk to, and do so without accidentally spending your turn! Simon has his own Paladin charchip now to distinguish him from Peter. Chronos has his own Dark Paladin class now which can utilize dark tomes. Magic sword hit rates are nerfed. Some late-turn reinforcements are now more punishing to prevent grinding. That's all for now! See you again in version 0.50!
  10. After a month-long delay thanks to P4G being released on PC (and me playing Recettear), version 0.40 is here! Here are some infos regarding said update: Added 3 more chapters, with a total of 13 playable chapters including the prologue. Temporarily changed the skill trigger rate to a fixed rate due to a problem with the game itself. Added more weapons, these include Fury weapons, magic swords, Wo Dao, Short Spear, etc. Buffs and Nerfs to some of the weapons. Chapter 9 has been changed a bit; you can either win or lose said chapter. Some maps have been redesigned. The game now has darker, desaturated tilesets! Character bios are now more detailed and has to be unlocked one by one. Glossary entries have been added. Three new playable units! and many, many more... The game has now reached its 25% completion! Please look forward to its next update.
  11. So gonna pull for this one. Although I'm a bit sad that he's going to be an enemy-phase unit instead of a player-phase one...
  12. Hi guys, in two weeks, version 0.40 will be released! Along with the new chapters and weapons, there are some major changes and postponed features: Rather than 4 chapters, only 3 chapters will be released. This is due to a rather problematic issue that happened during the development of the chapters and their playtesting sessions, causing a huge delay in the development. Skills like Luna, Sol, Glimmer, etc will not be using the usual trigger rates which are based on the user’s stats. Instead, they will use fixed rates for time being. This is also due to the same problem stated above. Most units have received either nerfs or buffs. Changes are mostly kept to minimum, except for Thomas and Simon, who received lots of changes including newly assigned skills and tweaked growth rates. Magic swords, Fury weapons, Short Spear, Wo Dao, Hunting Bow, Cleave Bow and Hanna’s PRF weapon, the Hanna Lance will be featured in the update. Fire tomes and Wind tomes have been buffed; Fire tomes will deal damage akin to axes while the SPD boosts on Wind tomes have been increased. You can now change the formation of the team during battle preparations, although some maps will have restrictions. You can now heal green units. Enemies will now avoid engaging battles when they deal 0 damage and/or when they have 0 hit-rates.
  13. The Princess of Martin, Johanna. She will be a Lord version of the Pegasus Knight class.
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