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  1. What's the point of playing Classic if you're going to ignore character deaths? There's a reason Casual mode is a thing.
  2. I haven't tried yet, but I don't think you have to do anything special for Sothis. At the bottom of the choices is one that says ????? with a faded portrait of Sothis.
  3. Playing BL now, just got post-timeskip. Why the hell is Felix willing to still follow Dimitri after the Holy Tomb? The boar just confirmed his real nature in front of the whole class, so they can't pretend he was exaggerating about what he'd been saying this whole time. They had at one point planned that he would defect, and I wish they had stuck with it. Make him like Lorenz, when he leaves if you had him but returns if you defeat him later with Byleth.
  4. It's kind of a lose-lose situation. If everyone's a marriage candidate, people complain about shoehorned options like these two. If some people are left out, people complain because not everyone is equal.
  5. You don't NEED support ranks, they just lower the requirements for recruitment. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/recruitment/
  6. I wouldn't say it's entirely different. It's just that Edelgard's way of "making the most of her remaining time" is trying to remove the oppressive crest system while she still can, to ensure a better life for her people after she's gone. I'll also make a case that Leonie makes less sense than Alois. Alois sees you as a kid sibling, so he would do anything to protect you. I think if Jeralt asked him to leave the church to aid you, he would in a heartbeat. Leonie sees you as a rival for Jeralt's attention. She actually says to your face that you don't appreciate Jeralt. Given how easily she demonizes you for that, I could easily see her blaming you for his death. This last one will sound silly, but I'm actually going to make a case for Seteth joining you. Early on, he tells Rhea that while he trusts her judgment, he doesn't like the idea of a stranger with no traceable history being given such an important job. Then Lord Lonato makes his move. Then Jeritza, Tomas, and the newly recovered Monica are all shown to be infiltrators. And upon reading Jeralt's diary, he finally begins to distrust Rhea. I could see him thinking that if that many people are trying to taking Rhea down, combined with the knowledge from Jeralt's diary, then maybe she's doing something wrong and should be stopped.
  7. In a similar vein, any of the handful of times someone became Fortress Knight and gained Magic and Resistance of all things. Not that those characters really needed them, but still.
  8. Just the fact that they actually considered having Felix and Annette leave in Azure Moon (based on unused voice clips) means they're likely. People keep bringing up Dorothea, I can't see her turning on Edelgard on her own. She clearly respects and likes El, and I think she'd be more likely to avoid the conflict entirely than oppose her. Actually, that'd be another good topic: Who would refuse to choose a side?
  9. My interpretation was that without Byleth, she's willing to resort to more ruthless methods that she otherwise wouldn't. As the enemy, she uses demonic beasts, but as your ally she doesn't.
  10. Minutes after saying the opposite. Seriously, her C support she says you're ugly, and her recruitment line she says you're good-looking. Make up your mind Catherine!
  11. I like to think that Annette was just following Mercedes. They are BFFs after all. I don't think that excuse would work for Ingrid, though.
  12. In spite of CF's length, I support Edelgard in her mission. And BE is my crew, so I really don't want to kill them (and outright REFUSE to kill Caspar and Dorothea). I still get the option to spare Claude, too, since he's a good guy.
  13. First time killed her because I didn't know I could spare her. Second time spared her (and always will in the future).
  14. Nah, seems perfectly in line for him. Remember, he referred to House Vestra (or at least, whoever his allies will be in taking the enemy down) as "We who rule the shadows." I go with Slither myself.
  15. I've joked with people saying that all Byleth had to do to prevent the whole conflict is scold Rhea. I think the idea of a man screaming "DAMMIT RHEA I AM YOUR MOTHER AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" is just hilarious.
  16. Yeah, I just figured I'd save people the trouble of asking. Byleth gets one, too, so I can finally wear red. I also gave him the glasses since I wear glasses IRL.
  17. These house loungewear outfits are funny. Tempted to give them to everyone. Of note, everyone wears your chosen house, not their starting house.
  18. I got the impression that Lysithea was the prototype of sorts or the experiments done on Edelgard's family. IIRC Edelgard was experimented on four years prior to the story, so Lysithea was probably a few months to a year before that.
  19. Bow Lv5? If you've already gotten bows to A+ then just stick with that. You keep the battalions for NG+ so no loss there.
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