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  1. The thing about Dimitri is that even in Part 1, he's already full of anger. He outright tells Byleth that the only reason he's there is for revenge. It's clear to me that "Dimitri" was just a mask hiding the boar. But let's go step-by-step: first, he (correctly) believes Arundel to be responsible, hence all the research into Arundel's personal history in the library. Then after the Remire incident, when the mask is cracked and fading, he sees Arundel talking to the Flame Emperor, assuming (correctly) that they're working together, but also assuming (incorrectly) that they were always working together, even back then. It never occurred to him that the Flame Emperor would be his age. Then finally comes the reveal of the Flame Emperor's true identity. At that point, the mask is shattered, "Dimitri" is no more and only the boar is left behind. The boar has no rational thoughts, and ALL of the blame is shifted firmly onto Edelgard in his rage.
  2. With as little spoilers as possible: next time you are able, get Seteth/Flayn to A support. You'll learn something interesting.
  3. Yeah, I remember the first time I did the Seteth/Flayn paralogue, he's like "Fortunately I am rather young for my age. We pass for siblings quite well, don't you think?" My exact words were "...I'll be polite and say yes..."
  4. Starting to get down to the wire! Let's see if Dorothea can pull this off.
  5. I've seen fanart of the two, and I will never understand why. How can someone ship two people when the relationship would be, via both canon and differing goals and personalities, doomed to failure? I just don't understand. As for Edelgard accepting the offer of mercy, consider why she did suicide-by-cop on Dimitri in the first place. In her C+ support, she says she wants a world without "meaningless sacrifice". The "meaningless" part is very important. She considers her siblings' deaths meaningless sacrifice because it was ultimately for Slither's petty revenge plot. By contrast, she considers the casualties of this war meaningful sacrifices because the world their deaths created is supposed to be better for those who live through it, and their descendants. So their sacrifices have meaning...if she wins the war. If she loses, then all those deaths were effectively for nothing, and she can't bear the weight of that. That's why, in the 3 routes where she dies, she begs for death.
  6. That's what you were doing? I thought you were complaining that things didn't go exactly the way the % chance said they "should".
  7. Well Claude does say that taming wyverns is considered a rite of passage in Almyra, so of course all the most important Almyrans (meaning the named ones) get them.
  8. THAT'S HOW PROBABILITY WORKS. The chance that something might happen is NOT a guarantee of how often it will actually happen. Seriously, what is the problem?
  9. ...that's how probability works? I don't understand the issue you're having. A 90% chance is just a chance. It's not a guarantee. It never was, and never will be.
  10. That's just probability. Hell, I missed a 90% attack in 3H just the other day. The only time you're guaranteed to hit is at 100%. The only time you're guaranteed to miss is at 0%.
  11. You can actually READ GameFAQs? After a solid month of a dozen "Edelgard vs Rhea" topics a DAY, I had a very mild breakdown and quit the whole site. You must have the patience of a saint.
  12. Yeah, Claude in CF came across more like bargaining than begging to me. He was trying to show them that there's a real benefit to them if they let him live (and considering they still have to fight Slither after the credits, they may need it). As for Randolph, what bothered me about his "begging for his life" was that rumors must have been going around about Dimitri's savagery. What made him think telling the madman who's detailing how he'll torture him that he has family was a good idea? If Dimitri hadn't turned later he might've gone after them out of spite!
  13. Well, the more casual fans (no pun intended) may not know that New Mystery is a thing, considering IS couldn't be assed to localize it.
  14. Given that one of those sources is the church, who literally created a false history of the war 1000 years ago...I'm betting neither is true.
  15. All of this. If SS NEEDS to exist, then AM NEEDS an equivalent. By Gronder I was ready to tell Dimitri to f*** off, march his dumb ass to Enbarr alone and die for nothing, but the game wouldn't let me.
  16. I'll grant you that Conquest had better maps, but that's about it. I'm only going to address Conquest, because to me Birthright and Revelation are basically worthless. Gameplay: The unit customization is so expansive that no 2 playthroughs will ever be the same. I can completely ignore what a unit is "supposed to" be and make a team that is literally tailored to my exact specifications. And there's actually a reason to use silver weapons again. Characters: I have quite an abundance of favorites in both games, but even then the 3H characters have more depth. Even the tropiest of 3H characters has incidental details to their personality and history that make them feel more real. Story: lol no. All I'll say here is that for all its faults, I could watch 3H's story more than once without wanting to kill myself. Except the "twist" at the end of SS, that's some Gooron level BS right there. Presentation: I've never been the type to get hung up on presentation. I'm not a hardcore graphics junkie, so while I did notice some blurry textures at times, and occasional slowdown in the monastery, it's not enough to bother me. And the full voice acting is great.
  17. If you're proposing lift them out of the story with no other changes, it won't work. Edelgard turns against the Crest system because she sees what those who desire their power will do to get it, namely, Slither's Crest experiments. Without that, she has no motivation to do anything she does, and since she drives the entire plot, there would be no plot.
  18. Basically what Hubert said in his paralogue: Thales is so confident that he's in charge that he doesn't consider Edelgard a threat. Hence the bombing of Arianrhod: She bit, and he reminded her who holds the leash. As for after the war with Slither starts...all we really know is that several endings state that Edelgard won. The specifics are beyond us.
  19. Disagree. Literally the entirety of CF sets Rhea up as the big bad, with Thales relegated to a minor nuisance. There's a reason Edelgard delays her revenge to focus on the big picture. EDIT: I would, however, be up for a playable epilogue fighting Slither as DLC, because honestly, every route still leaves them open at the end. In AM you never even learn they exist. Some VW endings explicitly state that Slither's remaining forces and the remaining Imperial troops join forces for an offensive. If it happens in VW, it's fair to say it happens in SS as well. So imagine a DLC epilogue clearing out what's left of their forces. You would choose any ending you've already completed and get that faction's units in your roster.
  20. All I can really think of is an official "What Pokemon would be this FE character's partner" crossover. Not really sure what to do with it, though.
  21. The problem is they say that Gronder Field is incredibly foggy during the cutscene beforehand, but it's not actually a fog of war map. It would've been nice if there was some way to disguise who the third army was, and not reveal Dimitri/Claude's presence until you actually get near them.
  22. There's only 2 Bolting users. Take them out immediately and the map is much less of a headache.
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