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  1. God, Constance is so hammy and I f***ing LOVE IT. Definitely up there among best girls. Balthus and Yuri are cool too. Hapi I still haven't seen enough of her to decide.
  2. While it's clear we're never going to agree, I did want to address this right here. This is bad. For the first time you've said "You're wrong" instead of "I disagree". Don't do that. The reason I'm arguing not to diminish the routes is because I care about this story. I care about this world. I care about the characters. The game has managed to immerse me in its setting, and I love it for that. That's why the choices feel important to me. If you just flat out don't care, if you're only playing to get 100% completion, then I could understand you would want a golden route. But for me, that's not enough.
  3. I don't think we got a name. Obviously it would be an ancestor of Edelgard, but I think the only emperors we get the names of are Wilhelm (the first one, who fought alongside Seiros), Ionius IX (Edelgard's dad), and Edelgard herself.
  4. There's one early in CF. I wanna say Judith drops it but I can't remember for sure. CF will be my next run after the DLC (wanna get all Constance's supports first, and she needs El and Jeritza), so if no one confirms by the time I get there, I'll check.
  5. Fair enough. My immediate thought to such a scenario was more like "What can they possibly see in that asshole?"
  6. To be fair, I'm having trouble imagining a scenario where one could dislike a popular character while also thinking they deserve their popularity.
  7. Because some people like to feel like their choice matters. A game with multiple paths says "choose ANYTHING YOU WANT!" Adding a golden route means the game now says "choose ANYTHING YOU WANT but if you choose anything besides that one you're wrong." It doesn't have to literally be said, the implication is there. That's why IS reaffirming "no golden route" means so much to me. It's not that I don't trust them to write it well (although given that they still can't write an avatar well, I don't), it's that they understand now why one doesn't belong in this type of story.
  8. Having an objective right answer to a moral question defeats the purpose of such a question. I'm sorry you don't understand that.
  9. I was Caspar for a while in my game. Champion fighter, since he has neither magical talent nor tactical prowess. Lots of Str and Con, decent Dex, average Int, low Wis (he seems more naive than outright dumb).
  10. Save a screenshot on your Switch, post directly to Facebook, download from Facebook onto other device.
  11. It could just be his trust issues making it seem like a bigger deal than it actually would be, and/or just not wanting to deal with it.
  12. You haven't played CF yet, have you? EDIT: just for the record, not trying to change your mind on her. You're free not to like her. That's why I'm only addressing this one point.
  13. That could've been cool. You're right' he really is kind of stuck in the middle of the war, and it could've been cool to see Leicester tip the balance of the war towards wherever you decide to put them (instead of a single person being the deciding factor). He does to some extent agree with Edelgard's ideals, but not her methods, so both paths would make sense for him to take.
  14. As someone who's only played Casual, how does the scene viewer handle character deaths? Does it assume what you've done on your most recent playthrough of that path? Does it assume everyone is alive? What about mentions of deaths from an enemy that you've recruited (I know on CF after defending Garreg Mach, Hubert will specifically mention Alois' death, but I always recruited him)?
  15. He's digging into the church because he wants to know how and why Fodlan got so closed off in the first place. And given how the church is the big moral authority in Fodlan but a virtual unknown elsewhere, there's a good chance they're behind it, meaningfully or not. I think that's part of why he hands off rule of Fodlan to you after VW ends. Even though as Leicester's heir apparent, he is by all means rightful ruler of Fodlan (Edelgard's death means Imperial lords and the parts of Faerghus they control would likely join him, and with Dimitri dead no one's left to rule the rest of Faerghus), he knows that his rule would have heavy opposition from racists (not trying to make this political, but look at the sizable portion of old white people who freaked out when Obama was elected). He decides he's better off handing Fodlan to someone he trusts and can work alongside (even in CF he still seems to think quite highly of you), then later, knowing Slither is still out there, can swoop in and save the day when Fodlan needs them most. Then even his detractors would have to admit he's a good guy, and then he can make a formal alliance with Fodlan.
  16. No to Longbow. In most games I would say yes, but 3H has enough ways to increase your attack range that it's really not necessary. EDIT: Not to mention that Wootz Steel is better spent on brave weapons.
  17. Technically every character has a sidequest associated with them. And the ones that appear in Part 1 only require that you have one of the two associated characters.
  18. Well, OBVIOUSLY I'm expressing my own opinion on the subject. Everyone here has. And plenty of people have been agreeing with me. This is a topic of discussion, not an echo chamber. You don't get to exclude people just for disagreeing with your fanfiction-level ideas.
  19. Not to mention that because of how Part 1 works for BE, Catherine and Cyril are rendered practically unusable, and if you wanted Hilda, getting her is a pain in the ass.
  20. Just occurred to me: since the final DLC comes out Thursday, and I'm certain Yuri will be able to become a Lord, it might be worth putting that poll off for a couple of weeks.
  21. Literally the entirety of his personality is "I hate Edelgard". He interjects it into any conversation with even the slightest pretense.
  22. Because they look way younger than they're supposed to be. I think their shared past was originally supposed to happen earlier in their lives, but IS realized it didn't line up with when Edelgard would've been in Fhirdiad. That way Edelgard forgetting Dimitri would make sense (how well do you remember what you did when you were 6?).
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