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  1. I got myself to finish the first part of Naruto, and I just skipped 3 seasons of filler. The Sasuke Retrieval Arc really is as great as I've heard people talk about. Haven't seen the series give so much spotlight to secondary characters like they did here, and it was so good, I keep rewatching some of those scenes. The ones that stuck with me the most is Chouji's fight with Jirobo and Neji's fight with Kidomaru. While it wasn't quite as comparable, I'd say they rival the calibre of Rock Lee vs. Gaara in a few of those moments. Made me like those characters a lot more, it's like everyone got to be cool. And even if Rock Lee showed up very briefly, it was pretty badass until Kimmimaro jumped into the Curse Mark.
  2. naw, according to people, if you have any sort of activity on online forums, you're a 40 year old social pariah that lives in their mother's basement and lives off of McDonald's.
  3. Been here since I was 13, likely won't change if I come back sometimes. Doesn't mean I have to spend all day on it, like I used to.
  4. I don't think either are particularly "cool", but it's just I prefer one over the other. 🤷‍♂️
  5. jajajajaaj, why are you asking me. Is this some kind of rehash on my past.
  6. Sorry for turning your topic into a debate over Micaiah </3 

    1. ♠Soul♠


      But IT IS about Micaiah. 🤷‍♂️

  7. I found it funny when they used a Mary Sue arguement like "she can talk to animals" as if a literal shapeshifting being is the same thing. That was pretty silly.
  8. I remember like 10 years back, people generally disliked Micaiah in her original game. They hated how she was this "Mary Sue" character, and the acts she did in Part 3. I'm kind of surprised it's the exact opposite in Heroes, and it's clear she's really well recieved. I don't know if it's her design, or people haven't really played FE10... or just really shifted their mindset, or something.
  9. itt: people making really good and mature points in a non serious subforum
  10. I feel it's more of a curse than a gift. You can't see people for what they really are, and it's specially bothersome in a society that glorifies sex, putting so much emphasis on it in things like relationships. There's honestly very few times I ever felt like I was genuinely into a girl and not just sexually attracted to her, if ever (honestly, when I was kid).
  11. thanks Funny that you just encountered the right person who knows exactly what you mean, and I've been learning a lot about that. My dreams are generally pleasant, albeit really weird and nonsensical. I never understood these people with all this detailed and explainable realistic dreams.
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