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  1. I agree, she's definitely more likeable, and I really enjoyed how Sam's mother actually bothered to reach out to her on so many ocassions. You can see her slowly melting away at that facade, and she's definitely improving, and as is Robbie. And Sam really pushed the envelope a couple of times, even if Tori was no longer the aggressor. And talking about redeeming psychopaths, you borderline feel bad how Terry Silver played him towards the end.
  2. I like how a virtually high Harry Potter somehow manages to convince a professor of following him to a trip outside instead of getting punished.
  3. Loved it. Still love it, and I remember why. Everything about it feels so pleasant, from the dark overtones, the actual dark cinematography (everything looks more "depressing"), the music really helps, and I really like how the characters interact like an actual teen movie with their little stories and scenes. Harry's more funny here than in the others, for some reason. Snape is somehow even more likeable in this movie in particular. Professor Slughorn is a great teacher, and I wish I had such a nice professor. He invites his students over for dinner, he's very passionate about his craft, somewhat naive and easy to get along with. I actually kind of feel Harry is sort of a dick for taking advantage of his good nature.
  4. I started to realise, there's not a single moment I don't feel content when I eat food. And lately, it's like I'm getting a particular attatchment towards ramen (must be a Naruto phase). Even thinking about the "cheap" ones makes me feel joyful, and I really like the super red-coloured ones that are spicy. I also ran into one of those no-bake-cake videos, and I'm really excited into making one of those. And so, I realise, my life would definitely be of the utmost contentment were I to have access to the food I want.
  5. I barely play that mode for the 3 orbs, never had any idea there was even such a ranking over that.
  6. I don't think there's a minimum set amount, but chances are, if you're spending literal hundreds to thousands US$ on a celphone video game... it's a start.
  7. I'd say I'm immune to the power of boobs right now, but I'd be lying to myself. Leanne sporting a cleavage and midriff isn't helping. Regardless, I'm smart enough not to let that slip on my orbs. Where's Volug.
  8. Yeah? Gonna arrest me, officer Well, what if I don't want to forget him?
  9. It's more so about the paradigm sorrounding being attractive, like I feel those guys (or chicks) expect you to kneel for them or sum shit. Think of it, if you've been attractive your whole life, you basically get special treatment for free, and then you probably just expect it to be that way. It's not like I have something agaisnt them for being attractive, as much as said paradigm and social narrative sorrounding it.
  10. What's with your obsession about these "american prudes".
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