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  1. Imagine a site sort of like fehstuff where you can build your chibi and put any accesory you want and have them as a transparent gif to put anywhere.
  2. I always hear people say they fish for characters because of there art, but to me, nothing's ever compelled me more than the adorable "mini units". To me, they're the real charm of the game. They're adorable, and they also move so fluidly, it's like they're alive. Chibis alone have compelled me to build entire +10s, even if they're 5*-exclusives. Midori is my next one.
  3. Imagine closing a thread for saying a bunch of cartoon characters are cute.


  4. Equestria Girls has literally the best waifus. And it's a children's cartoon. Fluttershy is obviously best girl.
  5. Been waiting 7 months for Katarina to come back wtf.
  6. Where THE FUCK are the plegian characters.
  7. That's a thing, lying isn't inherently a bad thing, and people need to stop making it seem like it's the only way to lie. You mentioned the perfect example, and it's obvious you have no bad intention in mind when you lie about that. And to that specific point, it's part of the reason I tend to not answer that "question". In fact, I want to experiment on just telling the truth about it.
  8. People make it seem like it's a sin, when everyone virtually does it or has done it some point- a lot of which isn't even for malicious or deceitful reasons, just simple convenience of life (i.e avoiding a waste of time arguement). If anything, I think brainwashing people into believing it's a "bad" thing or a sin is sometimes a way of using it to your own covenience, so you are able to take advantage of their honesty. As long as you don't make it an actual habit, there's nothing wrong with doing it sometimes.
  9. Why is that even like a huge spoiler like it's something relevant to the story.
  10. jajjaajajajaj relatable Don't even see why GK wouldn't be "optimal". They have access to the whole weapon traingle and better promotional gains, with the added weakness of armour effectiveness (which isn't even that common). The only thing it's losing out on is extra mobility, but it's not like faster maps is necessarily a direct correlation to playing "optimal" or effecient.
  11. It's a really good game, I don't understand the bashing of it. But then I also think Awakening was a really good game, regardless of how it compares to other FE games in terms of difficulty. If Pair Up makes it so easy, play without it. I did a HM run and it actually resembled a Hard Mode.
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