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  1. But is that really case, or is that mostly your theory? To me, the only time he might've used it is to counter Tarlokk's own using it against him. If run of the mill chi blockers are trouble to most benders, I can't imagine what Amon can do.
  2. Yeah, it's a mixture of all those things that won me with Korra. I mostly knew her from her appearance. She used to be "she's pretty i guess" to "Why am I crushing over this reckless tomboy girl". The voice definitely helps, too. I was going to say the voice actress did a great job, from being able to portray her vulnerable side, and her obvious reckless side. The expressions of characters are definitely there, and Korra has a lot of them (the funny smug ones): You got a chick who is dropdead gorgeous like Asami, but somehow I still like Korra better. She can't fly but it doesn't change that she's saved the team like 3 times in S1 alone. She is too powerful. : D I mostly see Tenzin as this funny guy that's basically Korra's babysitter, and you end up finding it funny how he always has to clean up Korra's mess. He's definitely a character I'd much rather have on the show. I find it weird how he always addresses Aang as "Avatar Aang" and never "my father"... yeh I made it I felt something similiar, but very briefly. Think about it like this: Even though he could've just used his powers from the start, he stayed true to his ideal and conviction and fought with his raw skill and hand to hand.
  3. I haven't watched the first Avatar in a long time, but I feel Korra held up really well in Season 1. It does really well as a sequel (if you can call it that).
  4. After years of having neglected the series (for...no real reason???), I finally went on Netflix and watched the entire first season. It was fucking great. Felt like a very natural progression from the first series, and I really like how they changed the scenery to basically resemble an early 20th century setting. At first I wasn't liking so much the idea that metal and lightningbending is a lot more common now, but at least metalbending is limited to the police. Stuff: - Amon is an excellent fucking villain. Dude is a beast. He was basically holding back the entire time, and he was beating people without his real powers. They should really add him to Nick All Stars. - Korra is...really hot. Like, wow. I knew she wasn't ladylike, but for some reason, she grew on me quickly. Maybe it's her personality? - Naga is really OP for no reason. Why do we even need Benders, she singlehandedly took down three mechas at once. - The series as a whole reminded me of when I used to watch Avatar as a kid. It really has the same feeling. Characters are fun with a lot of expression. They keep that feeling of knowing when to have comedy scenes and when to really get serious. - Lin Bei Fong is an absolute badass and is totally Toph's daughter. Easily, one of my favourites. - Amon and Tarrlok's whole backstory was tragic, and I wish they'd just start over in peace. - The final scene where Korra regains her powers gave me chills, especially with the characteristic Avatar theme song.
  5. It's like one of the few books I ever read, and it was around 5 years ago. I still remember details of the story and some of the characters, and I really like how it continues into a series. I like the dynamic between Jonas and Gabriel. He was just a random baby he picked up and decided to "save", and he had absolutely no reason to do that. It was a risk and a carry for him, and he did it anyway, in spite of not even being sure of what was going to happen once they got out of the community. I never even got into the series after that, but I've been curious about it for a while, namely Gathering Blue.
  6. I'm too scared to give up those amazing stats and effects. ]: If I had to, probably Amity Blooms by a landslide.
  8. I haven't had any expectations of him, and I'm normally pretty indifferent over CYL characters, and it doesn't help I haven't even played Three Heroes... but this guy is growing on me. He's a really cool unit. I like how original and creative he feels. The others are just "jaja kill" and slap every skill and effect into their weapons/skills, it's just so obvious and braindead. Gatekeeper is really fun and really plays with strategy. I was thinking of saving up, but I already spent 250-300 orbs trying to merge him up. I'm pretty convinced:
  9. Is Plegian Katarina coming back in 5 days (Double Hero banner thing)? v,:
  10. my latest collectible The Countess
  11. Imagine a site sort of like fehstuff where you can build your chibi and put any accesory you want and have them as a transparent gif to put anywhere.
  12. I always hear people say they fish for characters because of there art, but to me, nothing's ever compelled me more than the adorable "mini units". To me, they're the real charm of the game. They're adorable, and they also move so fluidly, it's like they're alive. Chibis alone have compelled me to build entire +10s, even if they're 5*-exclusives. Midori is my next one.
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