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  1. Why. Teletubbies aren't adorable to you.
  2. I mean, who wouldn't want an adorable Teletubby bodypillow to sleep with?
  3. Barney and Teletubbies body pillows. You're. Killing. Me.
  4. CUTE!!!!!!


    1. eclipse


      Caeda's relevance in SD was her Wing Spear, not a sword!

  5. He probably thought it was official merchendise.
  6. I don't feel well and whole. Something's wrong. (,:
  7. I have an actual physical copy of FE9 in Japanese. I only wish I could play it on the actual console... there's a certain unique taste to it. It's not the same playing it on an emulator, or even a Wii. I also enjoy the dialogue, so I have to patch it.
  8. Too much Heroes for me, and I barely have been playing any of the other, actual FE games. I am close to beating FE10, a game I haven't played in years (slacking off in Part 4, 4-3). The other day, I saw some FE8 discussion, and it reminded me of how fun the GBA games were. FE8, in particular, my first FE game. I still remember the music, which I still get to hear in Heroes in some maps. - I'd like to finish FE10 so I can move on to Hard Mode, already. - I'd probably pick up FE9, as well. I never really beat Maniac Mode. - Got to around 3/4s (I assume) of Conquest, but I was basically stuck by Ch.21, and I don't think I remember a thing. I have the actual GBA games, so I could probably give them a go.
  9. For that price, they shouldn't have to be making you wait that long...
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