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  1. Hey ! Happy guy who share my birthday !

    Hello !

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Well, wherever you are, happy birthday. I know it didn't end well between us but even then I can wish it. And a happy birthday to Bananas too (since her profile doesn't allow comments).

  5. Goodbye, Seph...

    You're the first person that got banned that I actually cared about.

  6. wat

    u got banned

    no wai

  7. I don't think anyone is particularly pleased.
  8. Hey hey hey hey hey

    Poo comes out of your buuuuummm

  9. I'll invite good old Crash back.
  10. How long have you had that SSBB profile picture up?

  11. No, you broke up with her because you didn't really care about her and didn't even ask for her opinion.
  12. Seph


    Translation of the spoilers for anyone who's interested:
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