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  1. The Fetters of Dromi doesn’t have recoil when you dance, only if you get into combat. Also the tier list assumes no DLC (which I disagree with but that’s what it is).
  2. You can do this in Thracia. Not sure why they removed it in Binding Blade, especially since it’s otherwise so conducive to ironmans, and status staves aren’t as rare as FE7 and FE8.
  3. The thing I'm most excited about is seeing what the localisation is like. I probably won't be getting it though because of how archaic it is, but hopefully it means FE2 onwards are coming (I would honestly buy Gaiden).
  4. I agree, but I think FE12 (and FE3 actually) has it a lot worse. Some tracks like Liberation and Dark Emperor Hardin deserve to sound really cool, but they sound weak and feeble in FE3 and FE12 (but at least they have official covers that sound great). Overall I think Shadow Dragon sounds pretty good, but there are a handful of tracks that would be significantly better on a better sounding console. However I definitely think that GBA music would be improved the most from an upgrade, especially FE6.
  5. Yes obviously their stats are excellent and easily surpass everyone else’s despite their poor start. But I don’t consider having high stats to be exceptionally broken in Shadow Dragon when one-rounding is either close to impossible or very easy, mostly depending on your weapon rank. The fact that they can ORKO with irons/javelins/whatever is great but to me that doesn’t qualify as broken. Also, just to clarify, when I mentioned other units being even better than Wolf and Sedgar I was talking about units in other games, not Shadow Dragon (so like Sigurd or Seth who basically warp the game around them).
  6. I would argue that the fact that you "have" to use him makes him not broken. It means the game was designed in such a way that the resources you have been given allow you to have an easier time overcoming these challenges. It's hardly breaking the game to use someone with good durability to take a lot of ballista hits, so why is Wolf broken? Is it because his stats are really good? Plenty of units have good stats without being broken, and in better classes no less. Shadow Dragon isn't a game where you can have one or even two units do everything, but units like him and Sedgar just make it a lot more manageable.
  7. Yeah I just checked now and even if a unit dies you still keep their slot. As for Frey and Norne, you definitely get their slots on Normal which is the difficulty I just checked, but again I think you get them even on the other difficulties.
  8. I'm fairly certain it's option 2. Also, whenever you don't get a recruitable unit, even if you didn't even go to their chapter in the case of the gaiden units, you still get their reclass slot, so you can still have 6 fliers even if you missed Minerva.
  9. I want to see a really good post-game or NG+. I liked Three Houses' because it cut back on the tedium like building professor level and gave options for building units in ways that would never work in a NG file, but it didn't really change the experience of the game, so I want to see something that changes a lot (although it wouldn't work that well with multiple routes). Have you tried FE4 or FE5? They don't have exactly what you describe, but inventory management is very important in both games, and in both there are 7 item slots for each unit's inventory. In FE4, managing inventories is a lot harder because you can only trade by selling and buying stuff to and from the pawn shop in castles, which can be quite difficult because every unit has their own gold pool, and you only sell things for half their value. This sounds like a pain and most people will say it is, but I personally didn't mind it because weapons and items are very potent and freely trading something like a 50 kill Brave Sword or the Paragon Ring would be ridiculously broken. The one thing I don't like is that you have kill boss who drop items with the unit who wants the item if you don't want to go through the Pawn Shop process. FE5 is much less restrictive, and the weapons and items are a lot more limited because stat boosters are permanent and weapons and staves can't be repaired without using the Hammerne/Repair staff. However, you can trade an infinite amount of times on Player Phase which is very useful considering the scarcity of weapons compared to most FEs, and trading Crusader Scrolls to units close to levelling is fun. Capturing is the main way of getting weapons and you need to trade with enemies that you've captured to take their stuff. Thieves can also take whatever they want from enemies as long as their faster and have higher Constitution than the item they want to steal (Con can also increase on level up unlike GBAFE). Also unlike FE4, being able to trade normally lets you trade another unit's inventory so they equip a better weapon for Enemy Phase (for example, using an Armourslayer on PP but equipping a magic sword for EP). I definitely think both of these games had more in-depth inventory management than FE7, and Mines and Light Runes didn't really exist - there were only 4 Light Runes on Eliwood Mode, 3 on Hector Mode, and 5 Mines (and 1 of the Light Runes is mutually exclusive with 1 of the Mines). I think she does in her supports with Dorothea, in particular the A and B.
  10. I think the best thing Ashe does is give you Boots in BE. He can be a Sniper, War Master, or something like that I guess, but he doesn't do anything better than anyone else does.
  11. Yuri has Windsweep so you'd probably want him attacking in situations when you'd use Dance of the Goddess (fighting bosses in endgame chapters). He also has banes in riding and flying, so you'll struggle getting him a mount.
  12. This is actually really cool for Dedue since he uses Gauntlets which are brave and he also learns One-Two Punch which gives him a follow-up attack (I assume that would still be available even with Wary Fighter, although I don't know how One-Two Punch works against Quick Riposte).
  13. Some monsters are weak to swords, lances or axes so I would say it's that. Hapi does effective damage to all monsters as well.
  14. I personally would love to see remastered or remade Tellius games because for me Path of Radiance is the most inaccessible game in the series, which is a series with Famicom exclusive games that are only in Japanese. As it stands I don't have a 3DS either, but I guarantee I'd have an easier time getting one of those than a GameCube.
  15. Jeritza also has both types of magic (he learns Thunder, Thoron and Death).
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