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  1. This run F!Corrin with a Cav talent is the mother of Ophelia. I was (and still am) going to pass elbow room. I do know about Early Corrin and Jakob and used this pairing to prep for hard mode Classic. But since Jakob wouldn't get any new classes with a Cav talent, he might marry Beruka instead. (Iffy at this point as I'm running out of deployment slots and Jakob is becoming less and less essential to my main team. With Elise I was going to pair NIles since I'm using both of them all the time and I've never used Shining bow Nina, so I want to try it out. (Nyx was benched after chapter 10, didn't have use for her afterward cuz Odin was doing well as my dark mage nostank) I was trying to use MyCastle as little as possible, but I admit I used the Seed of Trust on Effie and Arthur and purchased a heart seal. So I haven't been grinding supports that way, and I'm trying not too but might for some pairings like Laslow x Charlotte and Niles x Elise The big reason for the Ophelia design was I got hyper-focused about not locking myself from being able to beat the endgame. Thinking about it more objectively I realise that this isn't necessary and I can probably reach the benchmark with either Corrin or another brave weapon user. On hard mode I only used the rescue staff on chapter 23 (similarly to how Deltre did that map) and endgame, so maybe I'll save all my rescues and plan another way to beat the endgame. I still want the satisfaction of that final boss kill. It looks like recruiting the children as fast as possible seem to be the best answer, so I'm going to get Ophelia now.
  2. Percy would be a long term wyvern, while I'd dip into zerker for axefaire and malig for trample. He might even stay as a berserker idk yet. He has to marry Ophelia since that is the only way she learns trample without inheritance, and all the skills mentioned plus a bunch of other stack are necessary as she will just barely reach the threshold I need to ORKO Takumi with lightning. Ophelia has to end as a sorcerer with capped magic and speed, her statue max, and if im going to 1 turn rescue skip endgame, she needs to have S rank tomes. Honestly I'm starting to think that this may be too much work and Percy can probably get the kill as a berserker with max strength, a brave axe, and the stack I mentioned above. But Ophelia would still end as a sorcerer anyway, just maybe not with all the stack. (Still would help with chapter 25 via calamity gate abuse) If I decide to ride or die on Ophelia I will probably recruit her before 18, just so I can get 3 of the malig skills done early and spend most of the time with sorcerer growths. If I dont, then I can get ophelia at chapter 19.
  3. Hey guys, so I've recently been sucked back into FE conquest by watching Deltre's playthrough. It was the second FE game I played (started with Awakening very original I know) and having played every game since then I really want to beat lunatic. So far I am at chapter 15 but want some input before I proceeded further though. First, when should I recruit Ophelia. I plan for her to be the Takumi killer and am going full in on stack (Life and Death, Trample by marry Percy, maelific aura, Vantage from Odin, Elbow room from +mag -luck avatar as mom) They have S ranked atm. I don't know whether or not I want to wait until after chapter 18 or before. I need her to get all these skills in a timely fashion and especially with marrying Percy, but on the other hand waiting until later gives me Offspring seal bases and Insta sorcerer access to kickstart her stat growths, and I can save paralogues for her and percy to grind supports. Another thing I want to know is whether or not I should early promote percy. I have him at level 13 (Effie mom) and saw a post that showed how units early promoted gain exp a lot faster (I think it was Zoran). He is currently the same or worse than my Beruka in stats but I really want to use him as a long term wyvern lord or possibly even a zerker. Is early promoting percy the way to go on this? Thanks in advance for any and all inputs
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