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  1. Ohhh that's the chapter where the player has no setup phrase. And starts with literally with just 2 units. Yeah I'm lucky my protag had white magic dodging and is enlightened because Claude couldn't fight those guys worth scrap. Might have been the only time hard was actually hard. I've heard that players have recruited nearly most of the cast to their house. If that was the case for you then I could understand it becoming tiresome. The only character recruited was Bernadetta holyshitIloveberniesomuch very fun little archer girl. I have like 15 quick dialogues to go through every month so its not too bad. Especially since I really like the characters so I look forward to it.
  2. I can agree with some of those gripes I'm finding hard to be really easy I can't imagine people actually struggling with the game on other difficulties. I was hoping that maddening would serve some kind of challenge after I'm done my first play through but from the sounds of it I might not like it. I'm actually pretty engaged with the story and well I wouldn't call it a masterpiece or anything its still decently fun story with some good work put into it. However what ruins it the most is the protagonist Byleth, he is what Corrin is but a hundred times worse. Absolutely no personality and is the most special person in the world, dear lord its awful. They doubled down on self-inserting cutting the quality of the whole game. The 40 minutes of downtime can be avoided with seminars and resting. Don't really need to play optimally when the game is so easy but I do it anyways because I like the explore option.
  3. Hiya, is there a non spoilery reason why you dislike Three houses? I'm on part 2 about 3 missions in. Haven't beaten the game yet.
  4. Now that I'm playing Three Houses I finally get to understand what the buzz is about with him. He's got quite the personality, more then what I was expecting.
  5. For me most Smash bros matches were fine on connection but definitely try to avoid anything with more then 2 players.
  6. Alright so I'm hearing lots of bad about the manga but is the anime okay? I've also only watched season 1. I'm curious to know what makes it so bad.
  7. Nah I'm good, if the recruit window is hard to miss then I have no need to spoil myself. Noted thanks, so every 5 STR is benchmark for slightly higher AS. That makes it really easy to calculate atleast.
  8. Thanks I like being presented with the formula So if I'm reading this right, the division of 5 means that having lots of Strength doesn't take off that much weight. Example a 5 STR, 10 SPD character, with a 10 weight weapon with only will take off 1 point with their STR but 10 STR will take off 2 points of Weight instead. This is pretty clever because it means that characters with high strength won't be able to completely negate heavy weapons and double like crazy. What happens to in between numbers though? Like 12 STR means a number of 2.4 minus the Weight. Does it get rounded up\down from half?
  9. The weapon triangle is gone in this game right? What's the difference between each weapon now? The weight on a weapon, does it affect speed or does it work different? How much is require to double an enemy? For recruit able students, the game only list that they would be interested in (strength, bows) but that doesn't really tell me much. Do I need to have like 20 strength and B in Bows? Is this even based on my Byleth's stats or is it something else. Yo! So it's just like SoV? Dang I maybe I should use the wiki... Thanks you everyone for the assistance so far.
  10. I just beat the bandits at Red Canyon and helped children commit their first kill. I picked Golden Deer, and am making everyone learn and use bows. Nah its good, actually i am curious about a few things. Do all characters that have a support with Byleth, recruitable? Include Seteth's little sister and byleth's Father? Also are classes weapon locked in game? Can I make any combination like a swordsman that also shoots a bow uses white magic and can be on a horse?
  11. I can recruit professors? Dang that's cool but don't tell me anything else. I want to avoid Wiki's and Serenes forest for this game until I beat it once. I wanna learn stuff on my own, its not a big deal if I miss stuff because if I like the game enough i'l replay it and find all the secrets. Thanks ❤️
  12. Very nice! ❤️ I don't own the game, I'm borrowing from my brother. Its a weird thing but I don't tend to get around to new games in general till 2 years after.
  13. I'm just gonna share this here After so long I've finally gotten around to Fire Emblem Three Houses. I'm pretty happy with it so far
  14. I won't be able to make a full list of ten but here's a few i would not want 1. FE character, while I know its unfair that we only have the sword fighters from FE. Even if we got a different type of character that fights with spear\Axe\etc.. I still don't think I'd be too hyped for it. Maybe Manekete character might be interesting but I'd rather we just get something that feels new. 2. Pokemon has the same problem as FE 3. Fortnite Yeah that's it, at least that's all I can think of atm. Even as a fan of Fire Emblem I'm still tried of seeing FE on the roster.
  15. Bold to assume they're even all that affected by gravity. Yordles are small, weightless spirits. Big heads aren't a problem. Being incredibly light makes them easy to pick up though. The position of their heads serve as their focal point and or centre of gravity. When animating them, the artists put a lot of focus on the big head. _________ You are now in charge of the designing the next Fire Emblem protagonist! What's their class, weapon, gender, hair colour, etc...?
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