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  1. It's just incredible how much a large portion of a political party is coddling a petulant child. It's also kind of sad that it's news that Biden won't shield Trump from the Jan 6 committee.
  2. Ah Climate change. South Park nailed it when it comes to the skeptics:
  3. It's hilarious. Here's the article he was referencing. https://www.studyfinds.org/vaccines-salad-growing-plants/
  4. New right-wing vaccine take: Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are using reverse psychology to kill off Trump voters. Get vaccinated to own the libs. Lol
  5. I would chalk it up to blind disobedience of the government. It is mainly because the government is pushing for the people to be vaccinated and then you have grifters gaslight their audience by making them suspicious of why the government insists on the vaccine.
  6. I read that some of those lawsuits are from people that don't even live in Texas lol. The GOP has loved to claim that frivolous lawsuits are rampant yet here they are making legislation that makes that a reality.
  7. Not if you want to feed your confirmation bias or are trolling. Personally I have nothing against him commenting on the thread. He just comes off as an NPC with how much he seems to take at face value from the right-wing media. On the point that was quoted earlier, I'd have no issue with immigration being halted while we're still dealing with the pandemic but the right uses that as a talking point and only cares because it's related to immigrants while you have all the BS regarding the vaccines. Specially vaccine requirements by the private sector.
  8. American Politics is a rather entertaining clown show.
  9. Politifact definitely does have some preference towards the left but it's more like Left-center than just straight up Left. Nonetheless, you'll still find more false claims by if you do your own research, among Republicans because they have to lie or pretend they're not guilty of the same shit they accuse Democrats of in order to make any actual argument. They can continue to do it because there's people dumb enough to buy it and not see the self-admittance of how shitty the Republican party actually is when they basically say it out loud.
  10. When you try to unseat a corrupt douchebag but just can't do it because your party is chock full of worse douchebags. You'd think that'd be telling of something about that party...
  11. Some do but they're grifters and they get money out of it while others do not because they choose to reject reality and find comfort in the inklings of "truth" found in their victim mentality. The American right has been on a race to the bottom for a while now.
  12. It was the right decision when Trump called for it and it's still the correct decision now that Biden's done it. The blame game behind it is just the parties going through their motions.
  13. Lulz, they took down a page that was boasting about Trump bringing Peace in the middle east shortly after this fiasco https://web.archive.org/web/20210615230810/https://gop.com/president-trump-is-bringing-peace-to-the-middle-east-rsr/
  14. I'm seeing comparisons to Jan 6 already.
  15. They in fact are, I saw a story the other day of veterans who vote Republicans being upset at these changes. This was discussed before in the thread but for whatever reason, the Republican party itself just seems to think that the easier it is to vote and the more people that vote, the more likely it is that they will lose. They can deflect and say it's to "make the elections secure" but the evidence of fraud I've seen has mostly come from their own voters lol. I think it's rather telling of the party if they truly believe that more votes = higher chance of losing for them, it should be straight up admittance that they know they're a failing party and are just trying to latch on to power but it doesn't seem like a lot of people see that.
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