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  1. It’s been a while, just saying hi!

    1. Dr. Tarrasque

      Dr. Tarrasque

      Hello Sask, how are you?

    2. James Bond

      James Bond

      I came back to reminisce, but then I saw the place was kind of empty, I remember FftF to be livelier. How about you? Has the forest (and life) been treating you well?

  2. Dead on arrival at Senate. Let's not even pretend there's a possibility it'll pass.
  3. Brave/Hero Sword and Elite/Paragon ring are the best tools for that. Look for opportunities to steal cash with Deu, specially from village raiders as those usually hold 5k gold.
  4. 1. Who doubles frequently? 2. Who is frequently on the frontlines, on their own fighting enemies or killing off key targets for your strategy? 3. Who can go from just failing to kill enemies to actually killing enemies in 1 round with that boost? Vanessa and other Pegasus Knights tend to fit this pretty well due to their low STR growth and bases.
  5. So basically something that conceptually, nobody would really oppose because fundamentally it seems like the right thing to do but unsurprisingly, it's a veiled way for the assholes in the country to bring back segregation in some shape or form. Typical. I'm fairly certain a majority of people and even among Democrats there is support for School Choice (hell, I'm not against it either, but now it makes sense why the Republican side wants to own that so much and pretend like only Republicans support it.
  6. Hmm, yes. Bribery = thinking for yourself.
  7. They would if the protests were about improving wages, making healthcare more affordable, making it easier to vote, etc etc.
  8. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(jqlck4rsa5liufqedwk0ugu0))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=2021-SR-0086&query=on Basically, because they're protesting things that GOP gets behind on these days (anti-vax, anti-race discussions), they're arguing that any investigation into threats and harassment of school board officials is a violation of Free Speech No one puts a bigger target on Free Speech than the right with this kind of shit lol And supposedly, the school board has been asking Biden for help and that's why the DOJ is involved
  9. Never seen him use it. Saw this video some time ago that tried to make him but lol
  10. GameXPlain made a video regarding the in-game timer:
  11. They've been fine with fucking their own voters to induce more damage onto blacks in the past. They're probably fine with fucking this up if they can pin it on Biden and hurt his agenda.
  12. I mean that's supposed to happen. You gotta have the Biden shutdown to go along with the Trump shutdown.
  13. It's just incredible how much a large portion of a political party is coddling a petulant child. It's also kind of sad that it's news that Biden won't shield Trump from the Jan 6 committee.
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