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  1. Some in the Republican base. Marjorie Taylor Greene is in congress. Doesn't matter what's been established, folks these days just want to keep hearing more of what they want to hear.
  2. No. The original is a bad game, while the sequel, "Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge" is much better. The Curse of Darkness story can't exactly happen as a result of how things went down in this series. If the rumored side-story or other Castlevania happens, it is likely with a different generation. Who knows, maybe they'll do Lament of Innocence's story or the 1999 story that hasn't been directly portrayed in a game yet.
  3. The Stiletto is also only 8 MT in a game where effective damage is only 2x. I'm leaning towards the thinking that it gives the unpromoted magic units a niche. If tomes only hit at 2 range in that game, it would've made more sense but still be pretty bad.
  4. I've played all 3. I'd recommend them in this order... Hollow Knight > Ori 1 > Messenger. I would however put Ori 2 above Hollow Knight but still have to say that Hollow Knight would have the most "bang for your buck" in terms of hours you can spend on the game.
  5. They did via the zero tolerance policy and got away with sterilizing women they captured... they also tried using the bible to justify why they're locking people up the way they did. By definition, the detained people do not have to be killed for it to be considered a "concentration camp", just detained and denied due process and this is typically done for political reasons. If they think it'll help them win an election, the Republican party will callously push for legislation changes to appease religious zealots and their worst impulses. Let's take for example the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott... He just signed a ridiculously strict abortion law that allows for private citizens the go ahead to sue abortion providers, you know, like persecuting witches. Earlier this year, he killed the mask mandate just a few days after this polling. In the aftermath of the Texas winter storm that has recorded about 200 deaths, his first instinct was to attack the Green New Deal because politics. There's politicians in the Republican party basically selling their constituents that getting vaccinated is depriving them of their freedom. I'm seeing polls usually ranging with 40% Republicans saying they won't take the vaccine and Democrats being like 5%. The party doesn't care about its constituents, they only care about holding on to power. Remember the winter storm in Texas that resulted I didn't "conveniently" forget anything, do I have to point out every single regime/governing body that's done it in history as opposed to using the most commonly known similarity for brevity? My intention isn't to defend the left, I'm attacking the current culprits, be they left or right for what they've done RECENTLY. It's not like that shit is even left or right, it's just Authoritarian garbage and either side is capable of it. Hell, the Biden administration's current handling of the border situation but it is a mistake to say it is the same as it was under Trump as the latter deliberately chose to separate kids from their asylum seeking parents and mocked those that follow procedure. Even for the conservatives in the US, I would argue that they should wish for the death of the Republican party as well because the politicians themselves see it as a losing party and to continue either losing to the democrats or maintaining the current deadlock means that the actual problems they're dealing with (low wages, inflated costs in just about everything, healthcare). The sooner the Republican party dies, the sooner you can have a second party that isn't entrenched in the Southern Strategy and may actually appeal to more than just mostly white old people.
  6. It's par for the course for such campaign promises to not go through since the Republican politicians are highly adverse to any government spending that doesn't involve military and giving money to their rich donors. You do realize that for legislation to pass, enough people in congress have to be for it and there's too many assholes there being bribed into avoiding any tax increases at all costs right? Their constituents' desires be damned. I'm expecting Biden to have less legislation changes/success than Trump did but that wouldn't make him a worse president than Trump and a simple thing for that is simply: If Trump isn't "all that bad", then I pose the following question: Would you be okay with strangers serving the government taking away your kids for years and potentially never being able to find them just because you sought help from a supposedly 'humanitarian country'? Being locked up in concentration camps just like Nazi Germany because you wanted help?
  7. Just dropping this here for those wondering why there's so much blind support for Israel in the US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmWL0I3oytw
  8. Hope the public doesn't have high hopes for a jail sentence on the cop for this one.
  9. Verdict was a surprise. Leftists and folks threatening/suggesting there should be riots if there was no conviction need to calm the fuck down and while Maxine Waters' speech on the matter was a little divisive, the GOPers looking to censure need to sit down and shut the fuck up. My money's on them getting no prison sentence.
  10. I believe this is said bill itself.
  11. Yeah and I do it every time I run a Sigurd solo. It may not be and I threw it out there because he's kind of the closest thing to a super-boss you want to avoid dealing with given his high damage and alternative option of speaking with Lachesis.
  12. I've done the following (comments in bolded text): Other such things I would add... 1. Unlock Ashnard in Path of Radiance 2. Rout Chapter 14 of Thracia 776 to the point of seeing 0 enemies on the map 3. Kill Eldigan in Chapter 3 of FE4 4. Recruit Xavier AND get the Member Card in Thracia 776 5. Beating the Kitsune chapter in Conquest without a reset or unit lost the first time you played through it on hard difficulty or above.
  13. I mean sure, at the time there probably was little to no data but the notion that the orange clown and the rest of his Republican circus calling it the China virus wouldn't lead towards an increase is just silly. Stoking animosity towards specific groups of people is what the right does best in this country. Just watch, they'll exploit the fact that the recent Colorado shooter is Syrian American.
  14. There was skepticism of this? In this thread?
  15. "Boring but Radical" - Ted Cruz on Biden administration. It has been lovely to see the GOP squirm, from their random flailing to find a good scandal on Biden and the obsession with cancel culture to their fears of the Filibuster changes/removal accelerating their party's doom.
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