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  1. Of those 2, Linoan. Tina's class promotion only uses Light magic of which there's not much so you'd just be promoting Tina for the increased staff rank really. Good options for Paragon at this point I would say are Eda and Miranda if you're planning to use either.
  2. If there's a profit motive to it, it is likely that they anticipate some of the people using what is currently free but normally premium will pay to go back to the "premium" stuff after things are back to normal. On the rare occasion I go out these days, I'm not seeing people wearing masks at all here in Austin Texas.
  3. What the electorate wants is SUPPOSED to be primarily what the politicians representing them should fight for but it is most certainly not the case in the US... you've been asleep if you think that.
  4. You'd still have Sothe, Jill and Zihark, Nailah, Muarim. Granted, not the case if you bite it early on but if your run is done that early then you could literally just get back to where you died in no time lol.
  5. Supposedly yes but it doesn't appear to stop this. For non-monetary cases, well I think that would depend on the claims by the defense and the prosecution in court but I'm not the lawyer, Shob is. Because left, center and right doesn't really matter to some folks. There is however plenty of disdain for the current establishment and what a response like that can boil down to is just wanting to say 'fuck you' to the democrats pretending to be moderates/center for imposing a candidate that shows no interest in undoing the fact that our politicians are bought, which is something folks from all sides of the spectrum will tell you. Put it this way, our current politics is a disease, Trump is the symptoms of said disease just getting worse and worse while Biden is a treatment that will alleviate the symptoms for the short term and Sanders would be the first step towards finding the cure for the long term. That's probably what it's like to some people and some would rather say "take your stupid treatment you're charging me money for and shove it" and look to finding a real cure than to keep getting charged for temporary relief.
  6. The polls do suggest this... I'm 30 and I voted and I'll still reluctantly vote for Biden over Trump even though my vote won't matter in that instance.
  7. Unfortunate but unsurprising... I knew that eventually the establishment would centralize on one candidate and they did it just in time for super Tuesday. Joe appears to be the one that Trump wants to go up against in the general election. The 2 have clear mental health issues but Trump gets a free pass on it from his base. Not to mention the man is essentially Hillary 2.0. As for the debates, they've been stupid but they highlight how shitty the media covers our politics (I mean look at this shit, reminds me of wrestling commercials) as well as put the candidates in a position where they have to fess up about mistakes they've made in the past. I don't believe the impact is significant enough to matter when it comes to the votes for the nomination because most folks made up their minds before the debates began, but continued exposure to these candidates makes it easier to see what we can expect if they do beat Trump (or whether or not they'll lose to him) and Biden's been consistently confirming my thoughts on him.
  8. Missed this one. Did you really? What's really there to talk about? The incompetence of the administration has been obvious throughout the years, Michael Cohen testified that Trump just ran the campaign to boost his brand and never expected to win the Presidency, the VP thinks the Coronavirus can be prayed away and the party backing the current president thinks you can ignore problems noted by science and things will work itself out. Anyone who thought this administration could take such things seriously and prepare hasn't been paying attention. If there's anything to expect, it's for infected people to be quarantined and left to die with no significant help unless they're a rich donor. To the most loyal Trumpists, there is no real problem with the Coronavirus other than it being propped up by the media to hurt Trump's reelection. That's spot on actually. I assume that Biden is supposedly more popular than Hillary because he's male and doesn't have as much negative baggage as Hillary did (BUT HER E-MAILS) but he's definitely easier for the Republicans to attack due to the Ukraine fiasco. They haven't found any real substance on that but they'll keep investigating it and make it Biden's equivalent to Hillary's E-mails while ignoring the nepotism under Trump. There's no real telling which candidate will actually beat Trump but the polls generally favor Sanders above the rest and he will indeed get more non-voters interested in participating... the question then becomes how many "moderates" buy into the fear-mongering from the right-wing of which we can many from those aged 65+ and being the incumbent does a lot for him. It's the attacks against him, they've mostly backfired and made him more popular because with any politician that's been around for decades, you can dig up dirt of awful decisions they made and things they did. With Bernie, that's rare and Bernie's willing to admit when he's made mistakes like he did in the most recent debate. On the other hand you have Biden who sometimes seemed like he was playing the Trump tactic of "nothing you did is wrong if you don't admit it". Biden is definitely Hillary 2.0 in this primary.
  9. I'd sooner wager it on the richer donors requesting that he step down so they can funnel all the money to Biden to stand a better shot of stopping Bernie from getting the nomination. Bernie apparently raised 46 Million in February. If there's a lesson to take in from Bloomberg, it's that those at the top still believe that you just buy a nomination and election so it would make sense for the top donors to centralize their funding (as well as Delegates, people who voted Buttigieg might move to Biden) onto one candidate than to split it onto several. The corrupt portion of the Democratic party hasn't learned the harsh lesson of how much money in politics is despised. The Republican party doesn't have that concern since their base won't truly understand the damage from Trump until it's too late and a large portion of them are still all-in for the guy.
  10. There really is a Trump tweet for everything
  11. No, fuck that. If we're going to stay stuck in a 2-party system with the Republican party remaining as it currently is then we certainly don't want what is currently supposed to be the lesser of 2 evils to stoop to their level of hyper-partisan garbage as well as reinforcing the "both sides" narrative the mainstream media loves to push out of fear from the Republican base. Primary shitty Democrats to improve the party and hold them to the standards of where we should be instead of where Trump and McConnell have lowered the bar to. Hammer the facts of their failures and the work that the recent Democratic presidents have had to do to clean up the Republican messes. Make it as clear as possible to the masses that voting for Republicans like the ones we have today is to vote for a regressive party bought by the rich. Most importantly, run on good policy and be mindful of regular Americans because seriously, that Carbon Tax is something the Democrats should consider ditching unless their goal is to give Republicans shit to seize on in the future.
  12. The evidence points to most of the Democratic candidates not moving at all. People like to think we in the US currently function as a Centrist country but are we really? Obama was viewed as conservative by folks in Europe and our right-wing party is a place literal Nazis feel welcomed in and are able to win. What policies are actually so far left that we end up becoming Left instead of just going to the center or getting close. Is moving further to the right like we are with Trump any better when that's just resulting in hypocritical lawmakers and "pay 2 legislate" garbage these motherfucking politicians should be locked up for instead? What if AOC is correct when she says the current Democratic is indeed "Center-Right". Based on what I've seen so far, going with a "moderate" candidate is playing for the short term and setting up Republicans to win in the next cycle because the moderate candidate will just spend most of their time cleaning up and getting nothing done. Here's an idea: Fuck the current Republican politicians. They're pieces of shit still claiming to be the party of Lincoln while cowering before a wannabe dictator now that they're finally reaping what they've sowed with their use of the Southern Strategy. They're the party that makes Nazis feel welcome, the party that wants to elect their voters instead of having people vote, the party where "consensual rape" has been conceived. The sooner this country realizes that the current politicians in the Republican party are owed nothing but scorn and more blame for the problems in the country over the last 40 years than the Democrats, the sooner we can start getting politicians focusing on actual issues instead of pandering to racists and abortion obsessed evangelicals. Obama tried to work with Republicans and they outright refused because the man is black and had no interest in legislation with him around. Biden thinking that he can work with them is a delusion in the context of getting anything necessary done in the country and part of Trump's appeal was that he seemed different than the other Republican nominees because he promised not to cut social security as well as some non-wall related campaign promises that were actually good but as well know, they got conned. Oh and "shaking up DC", that was part of his appeal too.
  13. Well said, and let's not forget the classic: "Only a Centrist can beat Trump". The Democratic leadership hasn't learned the harsh lesson it needs to and their current use of the word unity appears to be a euphemism for "Submit to the status quo". There needs to be more emphasis on policy and how it affects the people of the country and less of the "left vs right" garbage. Destroy the Oligarchy first and foremost. Indeed. The Republicans will likely play the same way they did with Obama. As I've said many times in this thread, what needs to happen is to make it evident to the people of the country that the true "do-nothing" party are the Republicans. But that's why the person pushing change is a necessity to put into the presidency because at the very least, compromises WILL have to come from the Republican party if they wish to maintain their political careers. Getting money out of politics is an essential change that must come sooner rather than later and we're not going to see it from folks taking donations from the Billionaires and with Sanders it will be quite the uphill battle but at least it's better than what we can expect from the moderates/centrists: Cleaning up after Republicans. Remember, "Nothing would fundamentally change" if Joe Biden's elected. His campaign deserves to sink. That's looking like the most likely outcome with each passing day, specially after the most recent debate.
  14. Propose policy that the rich don't like and having won the popular vote in the states that have participated in the primaries so far. Really, they're just trying so hard to not say the quiet parts out loud and end up saying asinine shit like this instead. "I don't care what the people want, I'll take having Trump over Bernie in power because I'm rich and I don't want my taxes to go up" is probably what he would like to say and it would be less ridiculous than what he's said so far. I love how the fear-mongering of changes from Sanders' policies evokes more emotion than the fact that the Republican party would be disproportionately hurt by the removal of lies and misinformation on social media. Ignorance must really be quite bliss indeed.
  15. Evidently it's not enough since he still feels the need to buy his way into the primary election. The Iowa and New Hampshire results kind of validate his fears. Continuation of Obama isn't exactly the best thing to run on since Obama wasn't perfect and did engage in policies that we despise most of the politicians for (Tax cuts for the rich, money in politics, etc). Recall that some people turned to Trump after voting for Obama simply because they looked for someone to disrupt DC. Biden himself has run on the "continue the Obama" years and you've seen the results in states that are primarily white. Bloomberg's history with New Yorkers isn't even great and quite frankly, him spending on the election is just him throwing money away for achieving absolutely nothing unless the DNC is actually stupid enough to give him the nomination. If the DNC gives him the nomination, everyone involved in that decision should have their money and power stripped away and be forced to live as a working class citizen on minimum wage under Trump to truly realize the mistake they've made. Bloomberg is essentially a modern Republican: an old fart who's out of touch, has no interest in governance for the benefit of the common people of his country and just wants to profit off of our current Oligarchy with the man being an Oligarch himself. To the masses that don't follow our politics and haven't fallen for the Socialism fear-mongering, Bernie's biggest selling points are the endorsements from unions and lack of support from Billionaires. People were pissed about politicians being bought by donors back in 2016 and they're pissed off by the same thing this year. Everyone running in the Democratic Primary understands this but they also realize that without their Billionaire donors they would run out of money to continue their campaign and that's why you have folks like Pete Buttigieg trying to minimize the problem of his Billionaire donations and try to pass it off to the public as a "purity test that no human could pass". It does and the Southern Strategy has always been that way: it speaks directly to the woes of the white voters and points them to a possible solution, "the immigrants, black people are the problem"" even though behind the scenes, they admit that the country could use immigrants to do the jobs that Americans don't want to do. We can go on and on about why we suddenly went from Obama who to some people seems like a saint compared to Trump but at the end of the day, the answer just boils down to 2 things... 1. The Electoral College giving disproportionate voting power for the Presidency. Only the Swing states matter. 2. Cost and problems with our Education system which results in our less educated people opening the door to Demagogues like Trump.
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