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  1. I want to say "Skill only" but I don't have a problem if the luck involved is in simple terms like Accuracy in pokemon games. It's when you have the luck and RNG from the likes of Hearthstone where I find luck to be problematic in a competitive setting.
  2. Yeah no, don't give me that garbage. Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms removing right-wing crap that goes against their platforms terms of service IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT attacking Free Speech since you know, THEY AREN'T THE DAMN GOVERNMENT. Sure, they aren't explicitly trying to make a law but given how these are all men IN CONGRESS, they have no business trying to shut down media and scientists telling them that they're fucking wrong just because it's "biased against our conservative values". This coming from their current leadership is just more evidence of how fucking stupid many conservatives today are when it comes to the first amendment. No, I'm "up in arms" about it because IT'S A GODDAMN GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL ORDERING THE REMOVAL OF SPEECH. These days the conservatives constantly whine and bitch about how the left is trying to make the government more powerful and leading to the tyrannical dictatorship the 2nd amendment was made for and yet here you have a prime example of the kind of shit the founding fathers were talking about when they made the 1st amendment. Try complaining about social media platforms removing right-wing content after conservatives wash away the stench of their perpetual hypocrisy. I don't care where you stand on the political spectrum but you have to realize by now that the American right is complete and utter self-destructive joke that would embrace a dictatorship if they thought they could win a second civil war. If Conservatives want to be taken seriously, THEY should be constantly demanding their members of congress to proceed with impeaching that orange turd as their starting point.
  3. https://www.salon.com/2019/09/14/facebook-removed-doctors-fact-check-of-false-anti-abortion-video-because-ted-cruz-complained/ Wait wait wait, isn't this one closer to actually being a violation of the 1st Amendment than anything conservatives have been bitching about lately? What the actual fuck.
  4. I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me if it is by virtue of there being no rules/law against such behavior. A lot of the legislative process assumes that all parties involved are acting in good faith but as it has been shown by several Republican politicians, they're not. Democrats are constantly being surprised and blindsided when the Republicans break precedence and take underhanded actions like this and the Merrick Garland fiasco. It seems to be a smaller portion of them that see the reality. Republicans demonstrate their disdain for the system of government we have on a daily basis and at this point they simply believe that things have to go their way and if not, either take away power or have the offender cease to exist. It still pisses me off to no end that Biden thinks we should work with these assholes. They need to be removed from office and several them probably deserved it if they end up being assassinated... McConnell is certainly among those. The way the Republicans operate will draw ire from common people in the future and on the rare occasion that an attempt has been made on a Republican politician, the right-wing cries "RADICAL LEFTIST VIOLENCE" and plays victim with the claim that it's due to their "Conservative values".
  5. Republicans override a veto by telling Democrats that there wouldn't be a vote and then vote in their absence Each day, Republican politicians are making their removal more justified.
  6. John Bolton has been fired. He texted Kilmeade in the middle of a segment saying he resigned. Did Trump truly fire John Bolton because he disagreed with his warmongering? Did Bolton resign because he no longer saw opportunity to be successful in starting a war with Iran or Venezuela? I wouldn't be surprised if Trump fired him because he's the existing cabinet member that's praised/defended him the least as of late. Regardless. Bolton no longer being in that position is a good thing. I'd give credit to Trump on removing him but it's the same as thanking the arson for putting out a fire when they intentionally set it off in the first place.
  7. ^Source Details like this are ignored in favor of turning regular working folks against each other. https://www.nytimes.com/1982/02/21/us/harvard-to-increase-charges-for-tuition-and-board-in-83.html According to the above, Harvard's tuition, room and board was $10,540 and they announced they would increase it to $12,100 If we're to believe data data using the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, that initial cost of $10,540 before the increase and adjusted for inflation would be $27,4xx while after the increase it would be $31,4xx. Harvard's cost of tuition, room and board today is $67,580, possibly higher Median cost of rent in 1980 was $308, in 1990 it was $600 and in 2017 it is apparently $1,492 Minimum wages have been $3.10, $3.85, $7.25 in 1980, 1990 and Today respectively. Today, you'd average $1,261.50 per month or $1,160 per month if you assume 40 hours of work a week and strictly 4 weeks in the month. You're not even making aforementioned $1,492. Today, the rent cost is 118% of what you're making monthly at the minimum wage and that's using the average. My rent is $1.2k in Austin Texas for those finding that $1,492 to be BS or something. In 1990, you'd average $669.90 per month or $616 per month if you assume 40 hours of work a week and strictly 4 weeks in the month. You barely make it past the aforementioned $600. In 1990, the rent cost is 89.5% of what you're making monthly at the minimum wage and that's using the average. In 1980, you'd average $539.40 per month or $496 per month if you assume 40 hours of work a week and strictly 4 weeks in the month. You're not too far off from making twice the cost of rent on average. In 1980, the rent cost is 55.6% of what you're making monthly at the minimum wage and that's using the average. These calculations were done with the intent of favoring the right-wing's talking points against the income inequality issue that's being highlighted today. I hope this illustrates how heavily skewed people's buying power is today compared to what it was in the 80s. On to a different subject... Trump: I'm taking $60 Million+ Dollars allocated for Kentucky to fund my wall! McConnel: I blame the damn democrats!
  8. "Cops get away with it if they say they fear for their life. I bet I can too". Report on mental health of migrant children
  9. "OF COURSE Democrats are pro-mass immigration! More Minorities = more votes for their plantation of votes. They've tricked the Blacks into voting for them and now they're trying to add more brown people so that whites no longer have a voice! LBJ said it himself: I'll have those ****ers voting Democratic for 200 years". Long overdue
  10. If he's going to end up being a physical attacker, make him Brigand to get Death Blow. If he's going to end up using Magic, make him a Mage to get Fiendish Blow. Bow Knight will be more flexible while a mastered Sniper would be better for bosses or strong enemies in general.
  11. Odessa shooter had previously failed a background check "See? Gun Control won't stop mass shootings!" "This is why we need action on Gun Control! This loophole needs to be closed and background checks must be mandatory!"
  12. Just take it slow and make the Elites come to you, the only kill that's "urgent" in any sense is the Dark Bishop that will summon more demonic beasts. The swamp eventually dissipates, possibly after destroying a few of the elites (for me it seemed to have happened after I destroyed the one with Bolting up top). If your flyers aren't good enough and are lacking in Alert Stance+, then you'll want to remove the swamp before dealing with the Ballistae. What are Nemesis' stats on the difficulty you're playing? On Hard Classic, he can kill most of your party in 1 round easily as he's got 30 AS If I remember that right. The best way to approach the battle with Nemesis is to attack him with someone that can survive, back away and get healed to survive on Nemesis' turn. On Hard Classic, he moves and I used that to get him off that stronghold tile and drop his avoid. Claude would probably be your best damage to start chipping away at Nemesis here as he's got the most DEX and he can double the bastard on Hard Classic. Make sure you line up Hilda to give him that +3 damage per attack. Try to set it up so that Nemesis chases Claude to attack him at 2-range with Hilda right next to him, Claude will counter attack and you'll start the player phase with him having something lower than his starting 100+ HP. Continue attacking him with whatever deals decent damage to him and survives to surround him and add hit rate increases via linked attacks. Lysithea with Luna would be a good option as the finisher if she's one-shot by him since that should be 40 damage (48 if you've got Fiendish Blow and MAG +2 on her) and if she isn't one-shot by him, then that's even better.
  13. And here it is from the Golden Deer route just in case...
  14. https://splinternews.com/leaked-emails-show-how-white-nationalists-have-infiltra-1837681245 Vote out the GOP, fucker Conservative media.
  15. The Charlie/Chai case looks like it's already been resolved unless he's manipulating the evidence he's presenting. Other than that, it's still essentially a "he said, she said" case for anyone that cares up until the investigation/proceedings wrap up. It doesn't seem like anyone's pursuing legal action on him anyway so at the end of the day, it all doesn't really amount to anything but it sure does suck for him to lose some of his following due to incomplete information and it should server as a reminder to people that before making judgments, you should see the evidence and how the people conduct themselves on the matter. His conduct doesn't seem like it's from someone who's guilty or is actively trying to hide stuff.
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