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  1. Mitch has made the assumption, he called it a power grab by the Democrats
  2. Waking up on MLK Jr day, I found it ironic that today many folks get the day off observing the Birthday of a black man (January 15th) while in the Senate we have an old white turtle blocking election day from being a day that most people agree everyone should have off.
  3. Welcome to whitewashing 101. Just like how the South has a different interpretation of the Civil War history, we're going to have idiots try to whitewash how truly stupid the Trump era was and frame it as "Trump was the best president and he was only ousted by a liberal snowflake rebellion because they couldn't get over Hillary's defeat. And her e-mails". Assuming of course he is ousted instead of reelected in the coming future...
  4. And in the US, being white. For example, White Nationalists love the shit that Candace Owens spouts when it comes to them but they'll typically end any compliments by saying she'll never be one of them or just calling her something derogatory towards blacks. It's probably the same with the evangelical Christians that love Trump, they'll pretend they're fighting for their Religion when it's really for the "Christian Identity". This. EDIT: And his base demands a Civil War if he's impeached. Fuck this clown.
  5. It already is with his son, Trump Jr. as an example: That's a bit from the Mueller Report basically saying that they didn't pursue a conviction of conspiracy because to do so the prosecuting side has to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the people involved (in this case Trump Jr) knew that what they're doing is illegal. In simple terms, Trump Jr. was too stupid/ignorant to know that his meeting to get dirt on Hillary on that infamous meeting was illegal so they let him off the hook. How well does the defense "I didn't know it was illegal" work for commoners? It's a fantastical circus show really. One side advocates for policies to benefit everyone in the country which tend to be popular while the other side focuses more on calling such policies "socialism", toxicity of political correctness and anti-fat shaming, and ignoring simple problems that needs addressing like having to pay $6k-10k for childbirth while the rich just laugh and "both sides" everything.
  6. Wasn't it apparent that Trump would look to do whatever possible to get what he wants while shoving the responsibility for it unto others after Michael Cohen's testimony?
  7. Typically, you'd expect the 3rd games to usually be like 80-90% the same as the initial 2 versions that came out with some slight changes and additions. I think the season pass is overall a better implementation of these updates as you don't have to play through what you've already done again to continue and play the new content. Let's just hope said new content is good.
  8. Indeed. Occasional reminder that there are 24 states in which the Electors in said Electoral College can actually vote for the OTHER candidate even though their state was won by the opposition. The popular vote gap could be as wide as 6 million and the Electoral College could still give Trump the win without even taking into account what I've just said about the unfaithful electors. "But the same is true for the Democratic candidate, the Electoral College could hand the votes to the Democrat in states where Trump won." Electors tend to be rich people or related to current and former politicians. If they're to pull that kind of shit, they'd most likely side with Trump as he's making the rich richer.
  9. Probably back him. They're ready to move on with the rigged senate trial to acquit him, Lindsey Graham's been pushing for more aggression towards Iran, specifically their Oil. As always, it'll come down to what their rich donors want. If they decide that attacking Iran's oil benefits more than damage, the war is likely to come. Until then, they'll continue to spin Trump's idiotic moves that inch us closer to war as him defending the country and whatnot.
  10. Outsiders would probably see this as an echo chamber specially when people bring up right-wing talking points and get scrutinized for it because as I've mentioned before, right-wing talking points are idiotic and cause people to support things they don't necessarily agree with. Folks that identify themselves to be on the right or right-leaning that have posted in this thread also tend to just assume that those perceived as leftist here just blindly loved Obama. Personally, I don't really see where I fall on the political spectrum or really care. Despite the the notion that a "central government shouldn't have too much power" resonates with me, When it comes to US politics, I'm typically more supportive of the left-leaning policies because... 1. Proponents of deregulation are typically doing it under the Southern Strategy umbrella which effectively means "trick the stupid racist whites into hurting themselves but be okay with it by hurting non-whites even more". As an example, just about any move Trump has done that involves the EPA. The Southern Strategy should be political suicide at this point in time as the GOP even apologized for using it a decade ago but they still do and the echo chamber on the right is now trying to say that it's not a real thing. 2. The politicians on the right are effectively being regressive in that they're doing shit that sane people don't care about like the anti-abortion push to overturn Roe v Wade and do-nothings when it comes to things like Climate Change and Income Inequality. If the voters of these politicians believe they're doing the right thing, then they should try not paying their bills for a while and see how the strategy of ignoring a problem works out. At the end of the day though, it primarily stems from our politicians being bought. 3. The right's arguments are dumb ("It's your fault that your wages are bad" - Ben Shapiro) as shit and as already mentioned, they ignore the asinine mass shooters they're creating as well as flirt with the Nazis that are White Nationalists. They also fail to realize that the unfettered Capitalism they're trying to enable is bad for them too, under today's politicians, I'd be surprised to see the Poison Squad succeed in its attempts at making the food that's sold healthier. 4. The left is proposing things that work in other countries. Folks on the right argue that "it works in those countries because they are homogeneous and mostly white". 5. The right's obsession with religion, specially Christianity.
  11. I'd have more sympathy towards those bitching about the more toxic aspects of Political Correctness and "woke culture" if not for the fact that these same people tend to ignore Trump as well as try to the minimize the danger of people stuck in the right-wing media bubble which has consistently produced mass shooters and violent attackers. Shitting on the toxic left is super easy and there's a huge audience for it on youtube but those that are siding with the right (Hunter Avallone, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, etc) never want to look at the asinine shit they're producing in their echo chamber.
  12. Your Seth and Ephraim should dominate this chapter. Check the enemy range and take it slow. Consider just having all your units grouped together instead of splitting off into groups.
  13. If I remember right, Stone's a temporary status so you can probably just rescue the unit and place them elsewhere and the breath attacks from the zombie dragons pierce defense so you have to lure them with folks that have high enough HP to take the full brunt of the assault. Unless you've used up all the Sacred relics, you have ways of one-shotting most monsters (crippling the dragons if not one-shot) and should take advantage of that. Are you applying Barrier Staff/Pure Water on the unit you're baiting out the Shadowshot? Show us the stats of your best units to see what's up. I'm thinking your troubles probably stem from not understanding what defensive stat Shadowshot targets, the defense piercing done by Zombie dragons, things of that sort.
  14. Easy, it's just the same pandering to the player that is despised in Awakening and Fates. The characters literally say that they're choosing to follow the professor and while a select few of them can be seen as plausible (Petra for example since she's basically a hostage), each individual gives such a small explanation for their defection that it indeed makes it far-fetched.
  15. Trump may have just baited Iran to go to War with us.
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