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  1. Found this in the code of the White House's website <!-- If you're reading this, we need your help building back better. https://usds.gov/apply -->
  2. Either of you care to PM me the source?
  3. Fox News won a court case with the argument that the First Amendment protects their lying lol.
  4. The media created and exacerbated it. Behavior like what happened contributes to it in a way.
  5. Read up on the backfire effect. It is hard to accept but humans just don't respond well to facts as they should and it's unfortunately the norm lol. I don't care whether you feel guilty or don't. You and others are visibly upset about the false equivalency going on to which I'm also aware of and agree with you but the fact remains that if you wish someone wouldn't do that or you want to convince them otherwise, your approach was wrong. If you don't care, do as you will but don't expect things to change in that regard. I wasn't being literal and it's in reference to the instances where you reply with "I HATE IT HERE". I jokingly labeled that as a kicking and screaming because I get it and I understand how frustrating it is. Then do you acknowledge and accept that you hurt your cause? Then it should cease being a surprise to you when the aforementioned false equivalency comes up.
  6. Or perhaps It's ignorance created by all the misinformation put out by Trump and his followers. You're going to have people come in just to troll and you're going to have people that are just ignorant and are duped by the right-wing media, folks need to learn how to deal with the latter better.
  7. Yes and that's the problem. MOST people who end up defending Republicans on this thread aren't fully aware of what's going on and are often folks seeing the same rigged system that we do but they'll end up easily being turned into supporting Republicans because humans aren't exactly rational creatures, they're more likely to make decisions based on their feelings and in this particular case y'all come off as bullies dogpiling on one ignorant individual. I don't fucking care to defend anyone here. I knew the moment that person made their first post here that they would just wish they hadn't and leave. You can kick and scream all you want about how the Republican party gets off the hook so easily and how much the Democrats get sandbagged by the media and I agree with you on that but here's the sad reality: that is the world we live in and the right-wing has made a habit of picking up people who feel attacked by folks supportive of the left or Democrats. It sucks but you need to deal with it, adapt and change your approach if you ever wish to get people to see your side of things and that includes conceding when the left and the Democrats are doing something stupid otherwise you only make the shitty and false "both sides" narrative work that much easier to the apathetic and ignorant showing the slightest bit of interest in understanding US politics. If you want to educate people on the reality of the 2 parties, you need to play around how easy it is for the right-wing to win them over to their side if the individual feels alienated/attacked by you. Yes, there are Republican voters who are straight up scumbags, white supremacists and indoctrinated by Confederate friendly teachings but there's also ones that are just plain ignorant to the matter and may on occasion be willing to listen. Case in point: apparently that person voted for Biden and you gave the impression that you assumed she voted for Trump and may be an ardent Trump supporter. You lost here. I've shit on the media in this thread for their habit of playing the "both sides" card all the damn time, you'll never catch me saying Republicans of this time are better than Democrats and of the deaths that occurred yesterday, I would've preferred it for those deaths to have happened to the likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Trump, Mitch McConnell. However, y'all need to realize that it has become a trigger word for you guys because you are actually informed and your knee-jerk reaction is to respond with a sense of righteous entitlement because you actually follow what's going on and if you want your truth to be seen, you've got to adapt and learn to talk to those that are ignorant better otherwise the truth that they'll see will be the bullshit the right-wing spews.
  8. You guys aren't exactly helping. I understand the frustration with seeing the "both sides" talk but when it looks like y'all are just ganging up on one person when they're trying to say remember the not every Republican is a piece of shit, you're doing more harm and giving evidence for the actually shitty Republicans to work with and get more people on their side. I absolutely want to see the Republican party be destroyed thanks to the bullshit that has come from the Trump presidency but there's only 2 viable parties for people to choose and if what they can gather more from people who vote Democratic is memories of them being bullied, you're handing votes over to the side you want to destroy.
  9. We'll see if they actually do anything about it. All I'm seeing is talk, no action and I wouldn't expect any until some of the politicians actually die. They have the option of just impeaching the fucker again which really won't achieve anything but it sends the message "we fucked up by not impeaching and removing him before so we're doing it now". A message that doesn't sit well with the Trumpists.
  10. The instigators are pundits, government officials and the President himself so probably never. 1 person also died in the Unite the Right rally. The outcome of this will probably be much like that event: the left will remember and try to capitalize on it because of the death and the right won't really care because it was just one death and it is their voters. EDIT: No, don't expect them to use the 25th amendment. Republican politicians will still want Trumpists' votes.
  11. Even so, we can still expect those clowns to continue instigating the crazies and propping up violence. "They stole the presidency and then they stole the senate with that phony runoff" Btw, you gotta love how he suggests that they need Republicans with the Senate control to undo the system and yet they had total control during the first 2 years of Trump...
  12. Full audio of Trump trying to get the Georgia Secretary of state to basically hand over the state to him in the election.
  13. None of it surprised me. What does annoy me is how good the Democrats are at submitting to the Republicans. As you've said before, "Never underestimate the Democrats' ability to snag defeat from the jaws of victory". It should be obvious that the Republican party needs to cease existence but it is so difficult to get some people to see that given the Democrats' own corruption as it is true, both parties are corrupt and most people will just stop there and fail to see the differences in the extent of their corruption.
  14. "Democrats are still worse. They're Satan worshippers who want to kill babies and protect pedophiles. Just look at that California law".
  15. Those who don't like Trump have come to expect it. Those who support Trump will either have been duped into thinking those pardons are noble or they'll just brush it off because Democrats are worse.
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