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  1. LOL classy defense by a lawyer right here: https://www.theroot.com/alan-dershowitz-sure-i-got-a-massage-at-jeffrey-epstei-1836314016 @Shoblongoo, What do you think the Republican defense will be when an agent shoots down one of the detained migrants?
  2. Indeed. Omar would probably be thrown under the bus by the other Democrats though as she wasn't born in the US like the other 3 of the 4 Pelosi's not fond of.
  3. Did you get Harken or Karel? If you got Harken, he's probably a better fighter for you than Dorcas. Oswin may be past his prime at this point and there's the Valkyries to worry about which should make a case for getting Ninian/Nils into the battle to dance for Harken/Pent. Again, screenshots would help see which of your units would work better for specific sets of enemies (like tanking/fighting the Valkyries). Also, is this on Normal difficulty or hard?
  4. The Seth Rich conspiracy theory was planted by Russia. Another example of right-wing media taking fake shit from Russian and they still want to be taken seriously.
  5. ^This is the simplest answer. I would add that there's no problem choosing both Kent AND Sain. As for playing the games in general, you should look at the site's calculation pages and learn the arithmetic behind the damage so that you can calculate how much damage you can expect a character to receive if you position them in range of x enemies. IIRC, Blazing Sword's damage calculation is a simple ATK - DEF (RES if Magic), +1 or -1 ATK depending on Weapon Triangle disadvantage and finally effective weapons simply doubling the MT value on the weapon (in other games it's usually tripling)
  6. Probably not. Playing "the game" just resulted in some one-night stands, nothing interesting otherwise. I hate playing "the game".
  7. 1. In terms of looks? I dunno if I'd say that... Strangelove pulls off a love that makes him look like a villain. Wermher, not so much. Take Strangelove's glasses away and shorten his hair and then I'd say they look a little similar. 2. Nah 3. Ontario Canada back in January and will be back there the week of August 26 for work related purposes. I've been to Canada so many times for that same purpose that I had to get a work permit and I'm renewing it for the second time. 4. I find it's a simple motion to do but you can't expect it to execute 100% of the time. Because of the nature of the Dragon Punch moves, I typically spam it when under attack to get the enemy off of me. "360" moves are easily the worst to execute for me while "180" have been difficult for other people but easy to do for me. 5. Hahah nothing strange really, closest thing is getting extra cheese when I hadn't ordered it.
  8. In Street Fighter 3S? I think I could, would lose a few matches here and there adjusting to my current keyboard but after a while I'd end up winning most matches again. 4. Probably the lack of some of the "quality of life" improvements that newer games have made such as being able to use stat boosters in the prep screen and the obvious re-positioning of units before deploying. 5. I've been through many youtube channels to look at both sides after the first week of the Trump presidency. On the Left, I've seen channels like TYT, Ring of Fire, David Pakman and Kyle Kulinsky. On the "Center" I've looked at MSNBC, CNN, ABC. On the right I've seen The Red Elephants, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Fox News, Hunter Avallone, PragerU, Black Pidgeon Speaks, Laura Southern. On the Left, I haven't seen any of those channels as problematic and given how TYT is referenced a lot in a bad light, I do look at it in a critical light and when they say something that stands out, I look it up and they tend to be correct. My only issue is that there are times Cenk will throw out a percentage that I see as "This has to be wrong in Trump country" and couldn't find it when I look it up. Otherwise these channels always appear to use credible sources that have failed few fact checks at the worst and if they have a bias, they're honest about it and also seem to stand by their principles. On the "center" mainstream side, I don't watch these anymore the reporting is fine but the news anchors cover politics like it's a sport and they try so hard to be neutral because the right will attack them and they'll want to avoid that more than actually present what the actual problem with our politics is. Answer: GOP leadership, weakness and corruption in the Democrat party. On the right, everything I've listed is problematic, fraudulent and or full of shit. The one that's the least offensive is probably Hunter Avallone but that's due to not having seen much of his content as I've only stumbled upon it recently... looking at the videos he's put out though, the dude is probably someone brainwashed by some of those other folks mentioned and just resorts to calling everything on the left crazy and nitpicking on dumb things. Some of these pretty much lead you down the rabbit hole of the disgusting alt-right whether they intend to or not (looking at you Shapiro) and the cult following they establish is through lies of omission. Left vs Right or in general just how hypocritical and bad the Right is would be summed up in this video. 6. I guess Assassin's Creed which I never got around to and seems to play like (and killed) Prince of Persia. I'm probably dissuaded because it's an Ubisoft game and it's one those where it was at a point where it's released 1 entry per year. Mario is guilty of that too IIRC so I guess I shouldn't hold it against AC.
  9. Then as I said before, the answer is nothing: Food is any substance with nutritional value that organisms absorb for life or growth.
  10. Nah, there is a talk show on the station I usually tune in it but the only thing that stands out about is this "Second Date Update" segment they have on it. It's amusing to say the least. Political talk show on the radio is not something I would tune in to because the radio's on when I'm driving and it makes little sense to tune in to something you should put more focus to than just random brief times. 1. Uh I don't know much in terms of the substance so I'm inclined to just brush it off as people bitching about small graphical hiccups that don't break the game or cause you to reset and lose current progress. I own the PC version, may eventually get the Switch version just to have a portable version of the game. The news about the Switch version outselling PS4 and Xbone's combined is interesting though, seems safe to say that the Switch is far from a Wii U. 2. Assuming you're referring to Maximilien Robespierre, I'd have to say Bernie Sanders because politicians these days are mostly silent until they can find some bullshit to latch on to and rile their base. I say that loosely as Robespierre "campaigned for universal manhood suffrage, and the abolition of both celibacy for the clergy and of slavery" and only the bolded is something that is straight up similar. Other politicians just aren't all that vocal about anything of significance... look at the latest Republican outrage over some goddamn shoes. 3. I don't know, I don't really pay much attention to the distinctions among these subgenres. 4. Think I went to a Birth AD concert once. I don't usually follow any specific bands or artist, if you ask me to name songs with lyrics in them, you'll rarely find any one artist with multiple songs from them that I'm familiar with and enjoy.
  11. I'm presuming guilt of corruption on a man displaying every single sign of a corrupt politician in the context of an election, not a crime (because remember, it's lobbying, not bribery so it's legal!). The man's a shitty candidate as he currently regardless of the presumed corruption and the purpose of that is to just avoid being a sucker and steer away from a candidate that seeks to maintain the shitty status quo the people want changed. Yeah if he gets the nomination I'll probably end up reluctantly voting for him too. Reluctantly because who the hell wants to vote for the candidate the DNC shoves in our face when they've been apprehensive about their current Democrats being primary'd? Fuck these political parties.
  12. That question's incomplete man. Does it regenerate so you can eat from it endlessly or is part of the commitment of spending the rest of your life with it trying NOT to eat it? If it's the latter, the answer is obviously nothing. Otherwise popcorn for lulz.
  13. It's going good man. I miss Nightmare though, when I played my first 3 hours of "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night", I was instantly reminded of him. I'd gift him a copy of the game if he were around, it's the 2D Castlevania game we've been waiting for since "Order of Ecclesia" back in late 2009. I hope he's doing well. Hello little Kate! Has Mr. Sparkles been treating you well? 1. Mostly video games and tinkering with Computer Science related stuff. Raspberry Pi, Assembly, Parallel Programming, Unreal Engine. That sort of stuff. On the rare occasion I look for some indie concert nearby when I want some fresh air or go to a karaoke bar, look for some event related to board games to try (or just default to Card Against Humanity). I should probably make the time to go back to learning Guitar... 2. Yes. FE4 with the Project Naga patch and FE5 with the Project Exile patch are among 2 of the many games i'm playing recently. 2 months ago I played through Path of Radiance and the only thing that really stood out was that Boyd had 9 speed at level 20 and that's AFTER applying a Speedwing on him. Ditched him for Kieran. 3. I like Metal but I typically listen to whatever's on the radio when I'm driving, at home gravitating towards Instrumental music and tracks from video games mostly but every now and then I catch some songs on the radio that I'll repeatedly listen to for some time. For example, I heard "Youngblood" by "5 Seconds of summer" and I enjoyed listening to that one at work. 4. Chicken Breast with white rice, beans and fried plantain the way my mom makes it. Access to just about any other meal I'd like to eat is always there, mother's home cooked meals are great and rare by comparison. 5. In order: Typhlosion, Raikou, Gengar. 1. Somewhat. You made videos way back in the day so you're familiar with the shitty restrictions we faced back then: 11 minute max on youtube per video, Hard Drive space being expensive relative to today so you'd have to record using some compression codec and fix the audio/video desync using Virtual Dub (which I didn't find out about until after finishing most of my FE5 videos). Nowadays it's just so much better but I don't feel like I have the time or drive to commit to a consistent upload schedule. I once pondered making videos to debunk the PragerU garbage but the people that would actually need to hear that shit would be the ones already duped... 2. I was a user at GameFAQs during the early days of FE7. Serenes Forest was linked often and then I joined the forum to ask a question on how FE7 rankings work because the site didn't cover it very well. At least I think that's how it went down. 3. Yes, Austin. It is hot and growing quickly in population, most days I see the temperature at 95 Fahrenheit and we're not even at the hottest days yet while the traffic can get pretty bad if you don't know the hours so I tend to just work from home unless I need to go to the office. BBQ restaurants and Steak houses aplenty.
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