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  1. I believe this is said bill itself.
  2. Yeah and I do it every time I run a Sigurd solo. It may not be and I threw it out there because he's kind of the closest thing to a super-boss you want to avoid dealing with given his high damage and alternative option of speaking with Lachesis.
  3. I've done the following (comments in bolded text): Other such things I would add... 1. Unlock Ashnard in Path of Radiance 2. Rout Chapter 14 of Thracia 776 to the point of seeing 0 enemies on the map 3. Kill Eldigan in Chapter 3 of FE4 4. Recruit Xavier AND get the Member Card in Thracia 776 5. Beating the Kitsune chapter in Conquest without a reset or unit lost the first time you played through it on hard difficulty or above.
  4. I mean sure, at the time there probably was little to no data but the notion that the orange clown and the rest of his Republican circus calling it the China virus wouldn't lead towards an increase is just silly. Stoking animosity towards specific groups of people is what the right does best in this country. Just watch, they'll exploit the fact that the recent Colorado shooter is Syrian American.
  5. There was skepticism of this? In this thread?
  6. "Boring but Radical" - Ted Cruz on Biden administration. It has been lovely to see the GOP squirm, from their random flailing to find a good scandal on Biden and the obsession with cancel culture to their fears of the Filibuster changes/removal accelerating their party's doom.
  7. Lol that sound effect of their steps when they're back at the base. I'm gonna go with it being a "bad thing". Obviously the severity depends on the context but you usually see this phrasing in cases where it's evident that something took place that is regrettable despite good intentions or simply thinking that they were doing the right thing. What is interpreted as the "right thing to do" among the masses is corruptible and people who see themselves as righteous can and have amassed enough support to commit atrocities they know are horrible but are being done "for the greater good" or "the end justifies the means". There's also the element of selfishness and ignorance: Were your supposed good intentions selfish or selfless? What makes you think YOU know what is truly "right"? There's a lot more that could be said about it but I'll keep it brief lol.
  8. It's not necessarily about the outcome, that's a given that acquittal was going to happen not matter what was done. Not calling witnesses establishes a bad precedent for this sort of thing and you don't want either party to get away with an acquittal without allowing witness a second time. The Republicans would never allow someone to get away like Trump has with no witnesses being called and thus, the Democrats should've put the same amount of pressure. They're being too soft on the Republicans when they should be putting on the pressure to make them behave more properly. Their insistence on denying accountability on Trump needs to be with a drive to sink them instead of letting them "sink or swim". But of course I'm biased on the subject as I want both parties to cease, starting with the Republican party.
  9. 'Nuff said. Absolutely no reason why witnesses shouldn't have been called. The Math thing is completely stupid and it's just enough for Conservatives to throw a fit about it. Which side was the snowflakes again?
  10. Conviction? Don't even think of it happening, although it would be a delightful miracle if it did. What you should expect is the Trumpist Senators like Cruz and Graham to scheme with Trump's lawyers to make Trump seem like a Martyr being taken down by the Satanic worshipping Democrats. Republicans can grandstand and pretend that they will be "impartial" jurors but at the end of the day, you'll be hard pressed to find enough Republicans to vote to convict as it is political suicide with their base. I would only consider the possibility of a conviction happening in this case if a few Republican Senators had actually died as a result of January 6's events. If any of them are starting to feel horrified at what folks in their base are doing, they SHOULD feel the horror and reap what they've sowed with the Southern Strategy. The substance of the arguments is irrelevant as far as the votes is concerned, what they're really trying to do is mitigate the speed of their party's decline, hold on to power and save their asses from the cultists they have no control over.
  11. It is. Basically, your typical Wall Street investor was banking on Gamestop's stock to keep dropping so there's been a lot of short selling on it and then some people on Reddit caught wind of it and decided to coordinate the boom currently seen in order to fuck those investors as well as get a profit for themselves. Now said investors are crying foul about the market being manipulated while everyone else is just sitting back in delight and laughing at them given Wall Street's history and the tax-payer funded bail-outs. Short selling in simple terms would be something like this... 1. You borrow 10 shares of Gamestop 2. You sell the 10 borrowed shares for $1,000 and wait for the stock value to drop 3. You buy 10 shares for $800 4. You return the 10 shares you borrowed but since you bought them for $800 after having sold them for $1,000, you've made a $200 profit. Any short seller in this case is going to be pretty pissed because the exact opposite of what they speculated has happened and they're legality obligated to return the stock they borrowed which effectively amounts to them having to pay a large sum of money cause of some Reddit trolls when they had hoped to make easy money off of Gamestop's decline.
  12. Found this in the code of the White House's website <!-- If you're reading this, we need your help building back better. https://usds.gov/apply -->
  13. Either of you care to PM me the source?
  14. Fox News won a court case with the argument that the First Amendment protects their lying lol.
  15. The media created and exacerbated it. Behavior like what happened contributes to it in a way.
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