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  1. Is there a way to change my password, even though I've forgotten? I know what the Email attached to my account is, if that helps. I'm getting a new computer soon, so I'd like to be able to get that account on it.
  2. It's a team. Quite the play time, though. One too many mods, methinks. Next:
  3. Oooh, he has a personal bow! A pretty decent one at that. Very good. The Sacred Seals aren't important for me... At least at present.
  4. Dude like Pizza more than me. Here:
  5. More out of curiosity than anything else, what's everyone's favorite continent? Whether because of what takes place on them, or just for the geology.
  6. FE1 - Haven't Played FE2 - Haven't Played FE3 - Haven't Played FE4 - 7/10 FE5 - Haven't Played FE6 - 5/10 FE7 - 3/10 FE8 - 6/10 FE9 - Haven't Played FE10 - 9/10 FE11 - 7/10 FE12 - 5/10 FE13 - 4/10 FE14 (Birthright) - 3/10 (Conquest) - 7/10 (Revelations) - 2/10 FE15 - 6/10 FE16 (CF) - 4/10 (BL) - 6/10 (VW) - 7/10 (SS) - 5/10
  7. Tell him he needs to go back a few centuries. Or upgrade his gear.
  8. A country... populated by invisible zombies and a fistful of slaves. Does that really qualify as a country?
  9. Claude (King of Unification) of the Kingdom of Almyra Tourism Bonus from Trade Routes and Open Borders increased by 15%. Receive +50% the Quantity of Trade Routes available. Horses yield +50% Quantity and +1 Production. Wyvern Master (Cavalry) Ignores Terrain Cost, 5 Movement, Heavy Charge Horsebowman (Gatling Gun) Earns Exp 50% faster, spawns Generals 50% faster, can move after attacking, doesn't benefit from terrain, 20 Strength, 2 Range, 5 Movement, Requires Horses - - - Lorenz (Distinguished House) of House Gloucester Great Generals yield +10% Strength. Receive a free Great General upon discovering Philosophy. Receive +5% Global Production for each Trade Route you have with a City-State. Dark Knight (Knight) Yields Culture from kills, begins with Gloucester Knights (+1 Move, +25% Strength when Attacking) Tea House (Garden) +2 Culture, doesn't Require Fresh Water, Incoming Trade Routes yield +2 Gold for the Sender and Receiver - - - Ignatz and Raphael (Artist and the Beast) of the Leicester Merchant Association (LMA) Units fight 10% better and Great Artists spawn 50% Faster during Golden Ages. Great Works yield +1 Culture. Specialists yield +1 Food. Mercinary Military (Landsknecht) Doesn't require Mercenary Army, 18 Strength, Formation instead of Mounted (50%), Upgrades to Musketman Merchant Guild (East India Company) +2 Merchant Specialist slots, Specialists yield +2 Gold - - - Lysithea (Mastermind) of House Ordelia +1 Science and Production for each 5 Citizens in a City. Units require 33% less XP to earn Promotions. Sorcery Company (Trebuchet) Begins with Accuracy 1 and Sentry, doesn't need to Set Up to Fire Institute (University) +5% Science from Research Agreements - - - Marianne (Animal Friend) of House Edmund Pastures and Camps yield +1 Culture. Great Works yield +2 Faith. Mounted units receive +33% Strength when in Friendly Lands. Fortified Archers (Crossbowman) 1 Range (down from 2), begins with Fortified (+25% Defense, +1 Range) Orator's Stage (Amphitheater) 2 slots for Great Writings, +1 Theming Bonus when the Works are of same Era or Author, or +2 for both Era and Author - - - Hilda (Advocate) of House Goneril Great People spawn 25% faster. Gold gifts to City-States yield +20% Influence. Valkyrie Warrior (Longswordsman) Doesn't require Iron, Begins with Homeland Guardian and Bonus when Attacking (25%) Artisan Academy (Ironworks) +2 Artist Slot, +20% Culture in the City - - - Balthus (King of Grappling) of House Albrecht Wounded Units fight as though they where at Full Health. Units pay no movement to pillage. Dicer (Swordsman) +10% Strength when Adjacent to an Allied Unit, +5% more Bonus for each unit Flanking an Enemy Alehouse (Granary) +50% range for Land Trade Routes, +1 Gold from every 4 Citizens in the City
  10. Fair enough point, actually. Lancer = Mounted Anti-cavalry unit: 25 Strength, 4 Move, requires Horses, +33% strength vs other Mounted units. Regal Lions have over the Generic Lancer unit: +4 Strength, Charge (+33% Strength vs Wounded units), spawns Generals faster, and upgrades to Landship (First Armor unit) instead of Anti-Tank Gun. Huh... I thought she was adopted into the Kingdom. Never mind, I remember, she ended up with her mother at a church in the Kingdom, didn't she?
  11. As much as I love Telluis, I'd rather see the older games (FEs 4-6) remade first. That said, I personally doubt if FE 4 & 5 will ever be remade. As for PoR or RD, I will be happy when they do make it... Which I honestly doubt will be anytime soon.
  12. Eh, Maybe I'll think of some for the church. Rhea, Seteth... Maybe a Shamir's Dagda... So, a 'Royal Stable' then? If so, then Dimitri's Faerghus' uniques will be sounding a lot like vanilla Casimir's Poland. As I understood it, House Martritz was removed from the Empire/Destroyed... Wait a minute... Jeritza killed the Martritzes, right? Hmm... Do we ever get the name of the Baron who adopted Mercedes?
  13. That'd be quite funny. Another note for those eventual mods... And the Kingdom: Dimitri Dedue Felix Ashe Sylvain Mercedes Annette Ingrid Catherine
  14. Well, aside from a Fodlan map, I have some Civs theorized. I'm putting this here for 2 reasons: 1) I want to see if anyone has anything to add, and 2) it may motivate me to actually make them, in the future. Note to any moderators: I'm note quite sure if this should go in General or Fan Projects, given the following may eventually be Civ5 mods, and not a Fan Hack, Fic, etc. Without further ado: The Empire Civ set. Edelgard: Hubert: Bernadetta Linhardt Ferdinand Caspar Constance Petra I'll add the Kingdom and Alliance Civs latter.
  15. Either SS or VW. The Lions are the (arguably) strongest house, and Felix can easily dodge-tank if you made him a Dancer/War Monk. CS is barely a route, in my opinion, and Aelfric/Umbral Beast isn't very bad. In fact, the Ubral Beast isn't hard: you can 2 turn the fight. Not even counting the hell hole of a map, SS's boss is a problem, because she can devastate most of your units in one turn. Easiest way to get past that is to have a ~70-80 Hp unit with Healing Focus and a Rusted weapon (to drop avoid so she'll target the HF unit) and just bait her staggering blows. Problem is that she'll go for kills if she sees them. And VW's map is an extension of its' boss. Nemesis isn't a problem without the Elites backing him up. Yeah, he's strong, but not strong enough to fight your entire army. Counting the map with Nemesis is the only way he's a threat. My vote's on SS, for what it's worth.
  16. 1) Fair enough. 2) Fodlan appears to use the German form: Margraves Edmund and Gautier, for example.
  17. That's one of Fredericks crit quotes, yes.
  18. For reference: Emperor/Empress > High King/Queen > King/Queen > Archduke/Archduchess > Prine(ss) > Duke/Duchess > Margrave* > Count(ess) > Viscount(ess) > Baron(ess) > Baronet > Knight/Dame > Gentleman > Commoners The above ranking varies by country and time period, and sometimes a lower ranked noble will rise abouve his given power, obviously, but this is the typical ranking of Nobility. However, Margraves have certain privileges, like not having to pay taxes and having a larger than usual military force on hand. This is due to the fact (as linticular said) Margraves are tasked with keeping the border protected. So, more or less they just have a lower social-political standing than Dukes, but about the same capabilities.
  19. Let me correct myself: Ewan makes a better combatant than the other dark mage, and about the same as a Summoner. And I have used Summoners. They are indeed quite useful.
  20. The only one I have any like for is Jacob: Time to take out the trash!
  21. Vanessa's schtick is that she's available early on, has decent stats, and a good promotion. Sacred Stones, Fates, and Three Houses are the only FEs with a route split. Maybe SoV/Giaden, but that's pushing it. Yeah. It's only difficult if you handicap yourself. Like no S rank weapons, for example. 10 - 13 units is what I'd recommend. But to each their own. Lute starts out weaker, but ends up stronger. Slightly more Nino-ish? Not the best term, but still. Ross is OK because you can get him to tier 1 within 1 map, Amelia is just bad, and Ewan is better than the other available dark mage. Niemi is a growth archer and Colm is the better of the two thieves you get. Niemi's problem is that she has pretty bad bases, and Colm's is that his promotions aren't great. Garcia is Ross if he was a (Mini?) Jagen. Enough said.
  22. Playing as a strait up, vile, waste of a human being? Yeah, no. IS may seem mad at times, but even they wouldn't go that far... Right? At best we may someday get to play as the morally gray characters everyone adores/hates, for example like Arvis or Travant.
  23. FE8 is quite easy. More or less, you can just use whomever you please. If you're asking for the absolute best, aside from the ones Mir above me pointed out, Ephraim, Saleh, Dussel, Gerik, Cormag, and Tana are very good.
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