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  1. My unpopular opinion Lower difficulty levels in FE still can be fun for veteran FE players as a way to mess around and try suboptimal builds and strategies. Not every build has to be suited for Lunatic/Maddening/Hard. They just have to be fun to set up and interesting to use.
  2. I cant really bother to read the opinions of others regarding this as they are very long, but my personal opinions on it are as so: Fates' story on all three routes is very poorly done. As the next game after Awakening, I feel it takes two steps back in regards to story presentation and execution, while having a pretty interesting premise. It seems frankly a bit opposite to Awakening's story, which had a pretty run of the mill premise with extremely well-done execution. I would chalk this up to the writers/artists/etc having to produce content for three different routes in what was likely a comparably short timeframe, not to mention how Intelligent Systems might have been split up on work between Fates, Awakening DLC, and SoV at some point, not even mentioning any other projects they might have been assisting at the time. Being able to romance and have children with who is presumed to be your blood related or functional siblings is kinda creepy, and the optimist in me thinks this was a byproduct of them not understanding the ramifications of a story mostly involving familial ties being in a game where your character can romance damn near anyone as a selling point. Fates' gameplay is honestly rather nice on higher difficulties. Conquest on Hard Classic is painfully challenging but very rewarding, Birthright felt a bit too easy on Normal but could be enjoyable on Hard Classic as well. Haven't dived into Revelations yet but I assume its the same. The map design of Fates all around was phenomenal at points, especially that map with indoor/outdoor elements when it was used in Conquest, Azura sneaking around the map like she was playing a stealth game before she could meet up with allies. I think the gameplay of Fates' combat was a proper step forward from Awakening and its the only thing that keeps me coming back to it Overall, isn't deserving of hate, or being considered as the worst game by any stretch, but it deserves a lot of the criticism it gets.
  3. Currently playing Blue Lions Hard Classic on Three Houses, Dmitri has become the crutch to help smooth out my poor choices, being able to take out entire armies in the enemy phase like some freakish monster. Thematics wise, Dmitri being a crazed lone wolf who crits all the time as he runs into battle on his own fits pretty well with his character, so I allow it and take advantage of it
  4. Assuming he means a "mafia" type game, where there is an imposter in a group and the group ousts one person regularly based on deductions until they find a culprit, ie, Among Us, TTT, Town Of Salem, etc Issue is that afaik, Rhea and the church didnt know someone within their own ranks was responsible for the torment caused. Cant really try to single out a culprit when you dont know the nature of the problem Not to mention that would be a horrible way to do it anyhow, Dmitri was 2 chapters away from figuring it out on his own before Edelgard sped up the process
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